September 5, 2008

True Colors Shining Through

After talking about the infighting in the Democrat Party earlier this week, it appears the Republicans have some of their own. Lockport Alderman John Lombardi threw his support behind the candidacy of Brian Grear in what we believe is an ill-fated, bitter run against George not based on doing right for the community but attempting to settle perceived political scores over the sheriff's race.

Lombardi is certainly entitled to do what he wants, but it's amazing that Scheer and Prohaska give so much ink to these baseless charges. It's OK for Lombardi to back who he wants, but not OK for Senator Maziarz to back candidates of his choice. When the Senator makes a pick, it's thuggery, when Lombardi does it, it's bucking the system.

He's the real scoop. Everyone knows John Lombardi hates working for his father's business. He's been waiting for his dad to get out of the way so he can take over, something his dad won't do. This isn't speculation....Lombardi will tell this to anyone who will listen.

He's been begging the GOP establishment for a job for years. He's wanted posts in Lockport, with the County Leg, with NCCC. But this isn't the 1940's...patronage jobs just don't exist like they did and considering Lombardi can't meet the minimum education requirements for most jobs, he's pretty much stuck.

That's until the wackos from Oz came calling. You know the often-talked about theme park in Wheatfield that has no money, no rights to the movie characters and no chance of ever happening. Their all-star team includes John Simon, Tom Christy and now John Lombardi. This squad of winners meets each Friday for fish fries to discuss how imminent the Oz project is, and how they're all going to be masters of their domain when the project starts. This is the same group that tried to derail the new airport at NFIA because they thought the Oz team should run it.

So there's the real story...something you won't read in a Scheer or Prohaska article because they want you to believe Grear is credible.....which is interesting since Grear still won't release his personnel file.


Barney said...

I don't blame Prohaska, he just wants to sell papers and this stuff is an interesting read to most of us political junkies.

Grear has a good strategy – the best time to challenge a strong incumbent is in a primary, and even if the Senator wins he finds himself in a three-way race in November.

I don’t blame Lombardi, Grear base is out in the west, just take a look at the signage, it’s a good barometer. However, I’m not sure if Grear will be able to carry the Democratic vote in the fall.

I heard that the GOP committee vote was not even close – it was a landslide for Palmer. Too many questions still remain to why Grear did not join the search for that lost girl. And he does not the administrative experience, if he wanted to move on to higher office, he should have moved away from the road patrol years ago.

matt hamilton said...

Not only was it a landslide for Palmer, I understand all seven police chiefs in Niagara County voted to endorse him. What does that tell you?

Palmer's a pro, his experience dwarfs that of Voutour and Grear.

Grear brings nothing to the table..except bitterness and resentment.

Clark Griswold said...

Not to mention that Palmer doesn't have direct ties currently to the N.C. Sheriff's Department. What better way to clean it up and make it more effective than bringing in an "outsider" with an impeccable record as far as experience and arrests go as a Chief of Police in two different cities. Including Niagara Falls, which is not an easy job to say the least.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I startred reading the article and thought it was strange until I got to the part about Lombardi begging for a job and being disgruntled about not getting one. Any journalist worth his salt always asks about the motivation of someone making wild accusations before they print those accusations. Clearly, Lombardi is mad that he hasn't landed himself on the government payroll.

Shame on Grear and Prohaska for essentially glossing over motivation and printing this garbage. This is what passes for journalism today.

Pirate's Code said...

This shit is just too funny...

Lombardi takes the plunge, but makes sure he covers his ass by telling us that anything that every happens to him in the future will be George's fault because he took such a heroic stand. Horseshit. He thinks he's heroic by poking at the hornet's nest? Fine, but don't blame the hornet when you get stung.

And, I almost spit out my morning cornflakes when I read that Christy was part of this grand pronouncement. I thought he was a non-partisan observer of and commentor on the political scene?

Frankly, Rivera would have gotten a better return on the ten grand he gave Grear's campaign if he had bet the "over" on whether or not George gets 60 percent of the vote in either the primary or the general.

I'm guessing in November, Maziarz gets 65 to 70 percent...not because he's a thug or has a well-oiled machince, but because most people like him.

Mr. Pink said...

Hmm, Lombardi imagines he'll be primaried. I imagine so too. He thinks someone can be a better Senator than George Maziarz. I bet Senator Maziarz thinks someone else can be a better Council President.

Thuggery? Dirty politics? People running against people has another name...democracy.

Sweaterman said...


There will only be a three way is if Senator Maziarz loses his Conservative Primary. That will not happen. So it will be Brian Grear on the Democratic line and Senator Maziarz on Republican, Independence, Conservative and Working Families.

You do the math. After this Tuesday, Briar Grear won't know what to do with the huge ass kicking he is about to receive.

This move on the democrats part to give Grear $10,000 will backfire, bigtime.

Lombardi is an idiot. plain and simple. Maybe he should ask the scarecrow for his brain.

Paladin said...

Grear's greatest accomplishment was to make Don Hobel look like a serious political mind by comparison.

After Senator Maziarz gets through thumping him, what office will he decide to run for next? Maybe he can throw his hat into the ring to be Lyndon Larouche's running mate next time.

rob clark said...

Everything in this area goes through George’s office and you all know it. Why would someone who wants to run for office have to interview with the senator? I think that Lombardi is right.

The patronage comment about the 1940`s is funny but not true. If someone needs a job they just create one. Or remove someone from a current position that doesn’t tow the company line. Go ahead and run me on this one I know that the DEMS did the same thing. Its not sour grapes it’s all wrong.

Barney said...

why dies Grear need the money - I thought he was worth millions.