September 10, 2008

Shout Out to Leffler, Christy & Wojtaszek

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Scott Leffler and Tom Christy hosted Primary Election Night coverage on WLVL and WECK last night and did what I thought was a pretty good job. They were joined by Niagara County GOP Chairman Henry Wojtaszek who offered insight across the races.

Leffler played it pretty fair, offered good analysis and brought a sense of humor to the coverage. Christy worked hard trying to keep up with numbers across all the races and offered some very interesting comments of his own.

Hopefully, a few of the technical glitches that come with simulcasting across two stations will get worked out for the general election. Also, the guys should have a little better understanding of some of the districts...for example, when they were trying to remember what other counties beyond Erie comprise the Dale Volker Senate seat. Best to have that information ahead of time.

Those are all minor compared to what really was some quality coverage. A couple of highlights for me:

1) Wojtaszek responding to what he thought of Brian Grear's vote total by saying a dead candidate would have gotten more votes. Leffler self-admittedly was left speechless on that one. (81-19 Maziarz over Grear is almost unbelievable.)

2) Christy saying that Alice Kryzan's win had absolutely nothing to do with former Congressman John LaFalce's endorsement. When Leffler pointed out that LaFalce is 1-0 in races he endorse, Christy quipped that was far better than his Congressional record.

3) All three commentators discussing the impact of Kryzan's now legendary commercial depicting the bickering between Davis and Powers. They all agreed it was one of the best they saw.

4) Wojtaszek calling out Rivera's record for the night -- 0 for 3 --as Dan invested Dem dollars in Powers, Hobel and Grear.

Good stuff guys. Good stuff.


Sweaterman said...

I didn't get a chance to hear the coverage. I am wondering if Tom Christy was a little squeemish when he saw his candidate get mauled (Grear)

I did hear some of Henry Wojtaszek's comments on the news this morning. Very Well done.

Getting back to the 2 Maziarz trouncings.

To get a high number like that shows that:
1. The people are very happy with the representation that he provides.


2. They do not like it when someone runs out of spite.

Mr. Pink said...

I listened to chunk of coverage and agree with Hobbes that it was good.

Sweaterman is right...a rationale for a candidacy needs to be more than "I'm mad that I can't run for Sheriff."

Barney said...

I missed the broadcast - maybe it will be a really great iPod cast.

I can’t believe Dan was not invited to the party – is Tom Christy sucking up to the GOP now?

The mindless comment of the night award goes to.......Brian Grear!

He said "...he wasn’t surprised by the numbers voting for Maziarz, considering Republicans and Conservatives are his base...he remains confident that the outcome will be different in the general election..."

Can anyone tell me, why he believes that the democrats are now "his base" and that they will actually vote for him?

And when do you think he will realize that the primary was his only shot? He could not even carry his own home district.

lido said...

There is no gray area here-this was a complete and utter obliteration of Grear by Maziarz. For a 14 year incumbent to pull 81% of the vote is astounding. It shows two things: 1) A testament to Maziarz' tremendous popularity, organization and work ethic, and 2) What a joke Brian Grear has become. Maybe at some point he was a dedicated public servant, but now, he's lost all credibility to the point that I wouldn't call him to get my cat out of a tree.

I agree with Barney about the mindless comment of the night. What Grear should have said is, "Wow, what a dose of reality for me."

Frank DeGeorge said...

Grear went very negative and lost. Davis and Powers went very negative and lost. The campaign against Sam Hoyt was something beyond negative and Sam prevailed.

Perhaps the public is finally going to turn against the purely negative ads and demand something better from those running for office.

Richard Strongbridge, Ph.D said...

Don't hold your breath Frank.