September 9, 2008

Primary Day

Today is of course Primary Day across the state. In Niagara County polls are open from noon-9PM. The races to watch include:

The 26th Congressional District Democratic primary, which pits Jacks Davis, Alice Kryzan & Jon Powers vying for the seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Tom Reynolds. Our bet is on Davis to win the primary. The winner will face GOP candidate Chris Lee in November.

State Senator George Maziarz has two primary challengers, Brian Grear on the GOP line & Don Hobel on the Conservative line. Maziarz will win both primaries. By the way, I caught Grear's commercial last night, why is he standing next to a Niagara County Sheriff's vehicle? Did someone authorize the use of county property in a paid political advertisement? Worse yet, did someone NOT authorize the use of a county vehicle to be used in a paid political ad? That cannot be kosher.

State Senator Antoine Thompson also faces a primary challenge from upstart Mark Grisanti in the 60th SD. Grisanti, although an impressive candidate, will come up short in his bid to unseat Thompson. Why, who the hell knows since most people in NF have no idea that Thompson is their Senator.

In the 142nd Assembly district, incumbent Mike Cole faces primary challenges from Jane Corwin, Leonard Roberto and Jeff Bono. Living in the district, I've followed this one closely, including the very negative turn that this race has taken. Based on nothing but political instinct, I say Cole takes the primary.

Regardless of who you support, GO VOTE! That is, of course, assuming you have a race to vote in.


Paladin said...

Heh. Grear is performing at about the same level as Crazy Don.

Quite an accomplishment.

Paladin said...

I take it back.

Grear is underperforming Crazy Don's level of support.

Grear is an even bigger joke than when he filed.

One wonders whether a certain common council president has committed ritual seppuku yet. Any volunteers to be his Second?