September 24, 2008

Paterson to Upstate: Drop Dead

That's a strong sentiment, but how else can we react to Governor Paterson's decision to appoint a downstate political operative and downstate utility executive as the new head of the New York Power Authority?

Paterson appointed Richie Kessel to take over for Clarence resident Roger Kelley at NYPA. Kessel is close to Al D'Amato. He's close to Mario Cuomo. George Pataki put him in charge of the Long Island Power Authority where his record was spotty at best.

And now, he gets to oversee NYPA which means he'll have a huge voice in how power from the Niagara Power Project gets allocated. That can't be good for us.

We believe the NYPA headquarters should be moved Upstate where their operations are. There's no way Kessel does that.

We believe too much of our power is being sent downstate. No way Kessel reverses that trend.

This just simply isn't good for us. Legislators from both sides of the aisle upstate have expressed concern. Clearly Governor Paterson didn't listen.

Thanks for nothing, Governor.


Clark Griswold said...

Well between Paterson and our great Senator Hillary Clinton, we're sure getting a ton of attention....

Frank DeGeorge said...

Some people just never fade away. Kessel screws up LIPA so now he gets to takeover NYPA. Must be nice to be part of that inner circle.