September 8, 2008

Marren Plays Naive

A story in Friday's Union Sun & Journal by reporter Mark Scheer started with the line, "Common Council President John Lombardi realizes that he probably committed political suicide on Thursday." This after Lombardi decided that he would support a candidate other than the one endorsed by the GOP.

On Sunday, US&J editor Tim Marren, in his article addressing the issue, wrote "Why is this being called political suicide?". Gee, Tim, why don't you ask Scheer? After all, wouldn't you think that most people got that term from your paper?

And what's with the "oh gee, golly" routine? I mean, writing, "Does anyone else think those terms are a little insensitive. I mean were talking about politics here", is a bit over the top for a paper that thrives on accentuating every negative aspect of politics in the community, except when it comes to the school boards, which you're too much of a wuss to touch. (By the way, Business First has an excellent article on the riches being paid to school administrators in WNY).

The reality of the situation is that Lombardi is the council president. What you fail to see is that the council president is the acting mayor when the mayor is not there. More importantly, the mayor and the council president need to be on the same page politically and philosophically. The mayor picks the council president. If they are not on the same page, it's a bad situation for the mayor, in this case Mike Tucker, who relies on the council president.

You assert that there is "something to be said for a sitting Common Council president to say and do what he believes is right." Wrong. There is something to be said for a Common Council president to put his personal feelings aside and to do what the majority of his constituents want him to do. Of course, we'll have a better idea what the constituents want tomorrow when the primary is over.

Lombardi should resign as council president. Not because people are saying he committed political suicide, but because he and Tucker are so far apart politically and philosophically. That would be the right thing to do for the betterment of the city.

Marren, in the meantime, continues to pick and choose when he thinks it's a good time to play politics. Sorry, Tim, we know better.


Frank DeGeorge said...

The interesting thing will be what does Lombardi do when Maziarz wins the primary. It's one thing to pick sides in primary. Once the party faithful have spoken, does Lombardi line up behind the nominee or does he support the endorsed Democrat?

On a related note, who the hell gives a crap about what John Lombardi does, says, or thinks?

Barney said...

John Lombardi made a deal - he's carrying out his end of it now...

If things go his way we will see what the payoff is, else the man is done with the GOP becasue he's a backstabing beach. The Dems may love him now but they will never trust him and they dump like a cheap (fill in the blank).

rob clark said...

A deal? I thought George and Henry were thr only ones who can make deals?

Frank DeGeorge said...

Really, Rob? Circulating Dem petitions for Don Hobel only to have Don decline the Dem line but still run on the Con line and then substituting Grear...that wasn't any sort of backroom deal?

MP said...

"Lombardi should resign as council president. Not because people are saying he committed political suicide, but because he and Tucker are so far apart politically and philosophically."
-- Sorry, but that's not for you to decide or demand; the mayor and his council prez allegedly disagreeing on a county political race doesn't necessarily conflict w/ what they're there to do -- run the city! This partisan back-biting does nothing for the good of the county or the municipalities w/in it.
For the record, I never liked Lombardi; I remember going to his father's business when I was looking for a garage door and they never even talked to me b/c they were too busy screaming at each other in the driveway. Obviously, I left.
I'm not sure what his endorsement of another candidate means -- whether it has to do w/ back room deals, rebelling agst WNY's very own Napolean, or if he's just an idiot. However, I don't think his endorsement means that he and Tucker have diverging opinions on how to run the city, which is ultimately what they're elected to do.