September 25, 2008

Just Thinking.....

1) Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, the former gubernatorial candidate and head of the state's property tax commission, was supposed to a be a guest at the Niagara County Democrats golf tournament but declined at the last minute. This means Suozzi joins Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Senate Dem Leader Malcolm Smith who have stiffed Dan Rivera's events. Perhaps Kathryn Mazureski, the former head of NOW and frequent Rivera critic, has indeed convinced the state's Democrat establishment to stay out of Niagara until Dan is gone.

2) The Tax Foundation says that the Niagara County is the highest taxed county in the nation. It's not that we pay the most, but they take our tax bills, divide them by value of our house and boom, that number is high. But isn't the the lack of speculative value in our houses what has saved Niagara County for the most part from a the foreclosure problem plaguing the country? You know, the house you have for $100,000 here cost your friend in Florida $500,000 yet you pay the same in taxes or they pay less. Well, it turns out their house wasn't worth $500,000 and now they can't pay their mortgage. I'd rather still own my house then be out on my ass, regardless of what the Tax Foundation says.

3) Skewed viewing of the numbers from the Tax Foundation aside, we still have too much government and pay too much in taxes in all of Western New York.

4) Has anyone seen Brian Grear since he got crushed in the primary by George Maziarz? He's still on the Dem line for State Senate.

5) This economic stuff is well beyond my comprehension, but I'm pretty sure that if things don't turn around quickly, it will be Barack Obama by a fairly comfortable margin in November.

6) Jim Joyce tells people he may run against Rivera for Dem Chairman. Rivera's committee endorse Joyce's wife for coroner to take Jim's place. Jim chooses not to run against Rivera. Hmmm.

7) Does the GOP even have a candidate against Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte....oh wait, I've seen a few lawn signs. This one was over before it began.

8) What happened to this week's edition of the Niagara Falls Reporter?


Mr. Pink said...

I don't like my tax bill, but determing your tax rank based on the value of one's house is not a good measure.

And I know everyone rails against school taxes, but there's no denying our kids get a better education than those southern yokels.

Richard Strongbridge, Ph.D said...

Those southern yokels reap all the benefits as our "highly educated" youth goes south to find jobs and build up their tax base.

Lose-Lose situation.

rob clark said...

1. I don’t remember Tom Suozzi being an invited guest of the golf tournament.
2. I couldn't agree more with your 3rd and 5th comments.
3. Grear is still out there working for this seat. I do not think anyone thought he would win the primary. But November is going to be allot closer than anyone thinks. I do know that his press releases are being pretty much ignored.
4. DelMonte should have no problem getting re-elected this year. It kind of seems her opponent isn’t campaigning
5. I think the Reporter is on vacation this week.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I find the Joyce stuff pretty interesting. Joyce quickly realized he couldn't kill the king (Rivera) so he fell in line and took care of his wife. That's probably a smart political play.

Grear is a joke and the race will not be close. By "not close" I mean a 20-25 point Maziarz win. There is a base Democrat vote that Grear is guaranteed.

I hate my taxes but like Hobbes says, I'm glad I'm not getting my butt kicked by this mortgage bust. Wonder how the Tax Foundation feels about that.

Barney said...

Hobbs you are living on the edge - I'm surprise to see a comment that is critical of the GOP decision making process... Are you moving towards the center?