September 12, 2008

Joyce To Challenge Rivera?

While there are some who read Niagara Times who believe that we are driven by GOP inside information, the fact is that we receive information from both sides of the aisle that often drives the topics on this site. Yesterday we wrote about the turmoil within the Niagara County Democratic Committee, and where that turmoil may take the committee in light of its upcoming reorganizational meeting. Last evening Niagara Times received an email containing a correspondence that is circulating amongst NC Dems. The first part (bolded) is the text in the email to me, the second part is the attachment that is being circulated.

Dear Hobbes,

I received this today and I am forwarding it to you. On Tuesday night at the Next NC Democratic Committee meeting Dan Rivera will be up challenged by James Joyce for chairman. This is not a joke it is for real. Apparently Mr. Joyce has had enough of the my way or the highway antics that the current chairman uses.

As well as the fact that he hasn't won a race or really helped out a candidate running for office with anything that is of value.

A democrat that is lost in the woods

MANY Reasons Why Dan Rivera MUST GO!!!!!!!

1. He can’t even win in his own City as Democratic Committee Chair.
2. Other than incumbents that were firmly established prior to his role as chairman, what offices has he won?
3. Why are party donations sent directly to his house, and not to the Treasurer?
4. Rivera is also the Chair for the North Tonawanda Democrats, which causes confusion as to which committee the funds are actually intended, as happened in the case of the Joe Anderson monies being improperly applied to the Tom Beilein campaign in 2004.
5. Why does he continually work behind closed doors to undermine the party endorsed candidates? e.g. Dyster, Hoyt, Joyce.
6. Why is he content to give offices away, like the 26th Congressional District, County District Attorney, Niagara Falls Mayor, Legislator seats in the 6th & 15th Districts? This is tantamount to Party betrayal and should be treated accordingly.
7. Why do we support a leader who was dismissed from his job for exposed political wrongdoings and currently is employed by an attorney who has been implicated and censured in the past for similar election law violations?
8. The 2007 Committee filing with the NYS Board of Elections reveals a reimbursement of no less than $16,576.23 to Rivera, who has a past history of financial irregularities when he served as Niagara County Democratic Committee Treasurer.
9. Rivera has refused committee approved funding to candidates who do not use his hand picked vendors for printing & advertising. According to the 2007 financials filed with the NYS Board of Elections $24,854.24 was spent with Metro Group, of Buffalo. All the other vendors stacked up as follows: Modern Imagination-$2466.00, WJJL Radio-$1100.00, Kax Solutions-$1000.00, Impressive Imprints-$754.65, 2 Market on the Web-$505.00, LCTV-$300.00, MicroGraphics-$174.96.
10. This same 2007 filing reveals two more startling remittances. How does his employer: Canton, Lukcsid, Dolce & Panepinto merit $1500.00 from the Niagara County Democratic Committee, as well as $1000.00 for Friends of David Rivera of Buffalo?
11. Of the 100’s of Candidates endorsed by the County Committee, why were ONLY Charles Naughton, Art Pappas, Bob Anderson, Rick Morasco, Steve Fournier, Rob Clark, Bob DuBois, Harry Appolito, Nancy Smith, James Joyce, Jason Cafarella, Linda DiPasquale, Michelle Wheeler, Mike Pillot, Tom Beilein & Suzanne Needler given County monies. While some of these candidates could truly use the funding, many of these mentioned did not have an election, or were even candidates! In the County Legislature races, which have always been the yardstick for measuring County Chairman’s viability, only 4 of 19 candidates received any County funding. One was a republican, one caucuses with the republicans and one was a personal friend of Rivera’s who, unlike the other legislative candidates, received numerous mailings at the expense of the County Committee. Curiously enough, the largest donation was made to the candidate who turned on our party by caucusing with the republicans (Jason Caferella-$500.00). The committee as a whole approved none of these donations. These remittances were made solely to the discretion of Chairman Rivera.
12. ALL of Rivera’s hand picked candidates LOST in the 2008 primaries.

1. Rivera has displayed a pattern of abuse, particularly to women. What kind of man is this?
2. By commandeering the County treasury, he has silenced those who do not support him on the hopes of receiving funding.
3. He has shown a tendency to sanction anyone who does not adhere to his political strategy—a strategy that has proven totally unsuccessful. In addition to discouraging viable candidates, he squanders our treasures without committee approval.
4. The only Legislative race that was won, was won by a Democrat who caucuses with the republicans—in effect, we a lost seat.
5. He receives the endorsement of the area’s top tyrannical republican leader, State Senator George Maziarz. George states: “we’ve done very well with Mr. Rivera as democratic chair, and hope it continues.”


1. In the last campaign, we would have done just as well with NO County Chairman and would still have over $50,000.00 in the bank.
2. Our image has suffered from being a struggling Party in Niagara County to becoming a dysfunctional one, split by disunity. The press he receives is totally negative, destroying the party’s public perception.
3. Our party is led by a tyrant who happens to be a self-appointed political guru who not only can’t accept criticism, but conducts behind the scenes witch hunts in an effort to destroy any dissenter’s credibility as a democrat, rather than doing his job.
4. He perpetuates his own myth through his bullying tactics, both to the opposition and, sadly enough, largely to members of his own party. Committee members are reluctant to speak out against him, for fear of reprisals.
5. No positives exist……..Rivera’s GOTTA GO!


Frank DeGeorge said...

I never believed a serious challenge would be mounted to Rivera, but that last email is pretty compelling. Hobbes, you are like the Dr. Phil of the Niagara County political world....everyone opens up to you.

Barney said...

What makes anyone think that Joyce would be the good or logical replacement?

I would think that Diane Roberts, Jerauld Genova or even Ida Massaro on a short term basis would be better canidates.

Frank DeGeorge said...

Good points. The question always comes down to has the guts to step forward and take on the fight.

I'm not sure any of the names mentioned by Barney are willing to go after Rivear.

Jeffery said...

Ok so more people want Dan Rivera to go. Fine, in the face of a weak county party a little shake up at the top might not be a bad idea. Theres an arguement to be made for his removial. But replace him with a member of the even weaker City committee exec board, come on. But wait it gets better, James Joyce! Your out of your mind. This guy only gets out of an investigation by resigning, claiming it was a planned retirement. Then he interviews his replacement, one of which is his wife, and wow go figure he reccomends his wife. We need a leader who can unite the party. Not someone whos engaged in the same old divisive old boy politics of the past. If i had a vote for chairman, the last person it would be is James Joyce.

Barney said...

Rivera is in - He is the man