September 26, 2008

Friday Ruminations

It has been reported to Niagara Times that Don Hobel, formerly a candidate for State Senate, may be under investigation by the New York State Board of Elections. Hobel had sent out a postcard mailer during his most recent campaign for office, but Hobel has not filed a financial statement with the state BOE, which would disclose the expenditure, a legal requirement. Word is that the BOE is planning to subpoena the mail house which distributed the piece. Stay tuned.

Please don't hold your breath waiting for the demolition of the Wintergarden and construction of the Old Falls Street. USA Niagara has a spotty track record at best. We don't need more broken promises in Niagara Falls.

The Niagara Falls Reporter is still up & running, despite rumors of its impending demise.

It had been widely speculated that NC Dem Chairman Dan Rivera was not going to nominate the wife of disgraced former coroner James Joyce to fill the position that he recently resigned from because Joyce was said to be challenging Rivera for the chairmanship. Alas, Mrs. Joyce got the nomination anyways, and they're all living happily ever after. There is joy in Muddville.

Oooops, looks like we were a bit premature in their living happily ever after. It's unfortunate that this internal strife didn't get the full attention it deserved from the press, but a battle between Rivera and NF Dem Chair Kevin Ormsby ended with Ormsby's resignation. At least that's one Rivera can chalk up to the win column.

Members of the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission are reacting harshly to a request to release the details of former General Manager Tom Garlock's severance package. Instead of launching personal attacks in the press, just release the information; problem solved. By the way, someone should remind Comissioner Tom Pryce of Lewiston about transparency and accountability as a appointee of New York State. He is making himself out to be a complete ass with his comments.

Eliot Spitzer is back.

Lastly, this is a powerful message to Barack Obama:

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John Restaino said...

That was pathetic theatre! Stick to the issues. Obama has never spoke out against the troops. As a matter of fact he is the one that cleaned up Walter Reed; While McCain did nothing for Veterans.