September 19, 2008

Friday Ruminations

Last week was the seven year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. That evening, I watched "102 Minutes That Changed America" on the History Channel. It is the most jarring account of the day's events that I have seen. What was very telling were the reactions of eyewitnesses immediately after the attacks; comments along the lines of "just find whoever did this and kill them." I wonder if these are now the same people who oppose our fight against terrorism.

Kudos to Buffalo school officials. Due to declining enrollment and reductions in state aid, officials are looking to close five schools. Of course, the closures won't affect the sacred cow of teacher's benefits, but it will reduce overhead, thus reducing costs. Considering that the Buffalo school district has more students in it than all of Niagara County's schools combined, maybe someone in education should stand up and shout about the fact that there are 11 school districts in the county.

Jack Davis is done, as his final bid to stay on the November ballot was denied. He would not commit to supporting primary winner Alice Kryzan, nor has runner-up Jon Powers. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Powers to jump on board. A good portion of his website is devoted to criticizing Kryzan for the lies she repeatedly told about Powers.

Speaking of Kryzan, she'd better get some lessons in Politics 101. On her website, her tagline is "Putting Our Interests Ahead of Special Interests". At the same time, various endorsements from special interest groups are scattered throughout the site.

The Niagara County Democratic and Republican Committees each re-elected their respective Chairmen this week. GOP head Henry Wojtaszek was elected unanimously, Dan Rivera with little opposition. What the press failed to report is the contentious altercation at the Dem meeting between Rivera and Kevin Ormsby, the Niagara Falls Dem Chair. It's called investigative reporting. Try it once in awhile.

The press did feel it necessary to make big news of Lockport Council President John Lombardi's support of Senate hopeful Brian Grear, then report on the election results in Lombardi's Fifth Ward. Ouch, the humiliation.

It's not sexy, but the Great Lakes Compact is one of the most critical pieces of legislation for this region currently being considered by Congress. The objective of the compact is to preserve this treasured natural resource through a set of core principles. Get it done, Congress.

Lastly, the Bills look to go 3-0. Who cares, I need Randy Moss to start getting the damn ball.

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