September 11, 2008

Fallout From Primary Day Splits County Dems

Fallout from Tuesday's debacle of a primary continues for the Niagara County Democratic Party. Chairman Dan Rivera is under serious scrutiny for his handling of the campaign of State Senate hopeful Brian Grear, as well as the implications of that race on the run for Sheriff by Democrat Jim Voutour.

Democrats are incensed that Rivera used $10,000 of the county party's money to fund a last minute TV ad campaign for Grear without going through proper administrative channels, including not getting the approval for the expenditure from the party's executive committee, a requirement in their by-laws. Some party officials are so infuriated with Rivera over this expenditure without approval that they are considering a lawsuit against Rivera personally to recoup the $10,000.

The Voutour camp is concerned that the negative ads that Grear ran against Maziarz, helping Maziarz to a massive 81% of the primary vote, will negatively impact his race in the General Election. Since there are so few races in the county this year, the Voutour camp perceives Grear to be Voutour's running mate in this year's election. Voutour is concerned that Grear will be a huge albatross around his neck in his race against GOP candidate Ernest Palmer.

Palmer, on the other hand, has Maziarz as his running mate this year. Palmer is said to feel good about running alongside a candidate that pulled 81% of the vote. This scenario, many Dems believe, has cast a long shadow over Voutour's campaign.

In addition, Democrats internally are expressing their deep concern with the process of endorsing a coroner to replace recently retired coroner Jim Joyce, who resigned recently after questions were raised related to his involvement with a chain of local massage parlors that were fronts for an international prostitution ring.

The interview committee to select Joyce's replacement included Joyce himself. The committee ultimately chose the wife of Joyce as their candidate for the position, leading many Democrats to assert that this is just another of the many "black eyes" that have been perpetuated under the leadership of Rivera.

With the Niagara County Democratic Committee scheduled to reorganize within the next two weeks, Rivera is said to face a serious internal challenge for the Chairmanship.

That being said, Republicans are hoping that Rivera maintains leadership of the local committee. One can certainly understand why.


Mr. Pink said...

You can already see the direct mail coming linking Voutour to Grear and calling for cleaning house at the Sheriff's department. Rivera's hatred for Maziarz is apparently stronger than his desire to hold onto the Sheriff's office.

lido said...

Realy, how does Rivera think he can use the party's money to fight his personal battles? It doesn't matter if he rasied it, it's not his money to spend unilaterally, that's why there are rules in place. Voutour has a right to be pissed.

Can we start an online pool to bet as to whether Rivera is still the chairman after they reorganize? No way he stays a chairman.

Barney said...

Grear is loaded - he has two vets. His net worth is way up their - this is just a game for him, sour grapes thats all.

So I find it really funny that the Dems gave him a dime, if he has a score to settle he should us his own monies.

I would be willing to be that the $10,000. (and maybe more) was part of the Rivera made with him.

I also believe that Grear was Rivera's second choice. Who do you think the first was?

Frank DeGeorge said...

Who was the first choice...Fred Newlin, maybe/

My free advice to Voutour is don't stand anywhere near Grear. The GOP is just dying to get a photo of the two of you chumming it up.

Mr. Pink said...

Barney, I have no idea Grear was loaded. That makes Rivera dumping $10K on him look even worse. Having said that, I can't see there being any organized opposition to removing Dan.

Has anyone heard any potential names?

Paladin said...

I hope that Niagara County's Democrats don't turn their backs on the excellent leadership that Rivera has provided thus far.

I hope he continues to lead Niagara County's Democrats in the manner he has. I mean that in the spirit of brotherhood.

Those of us who aren't Democrats shouldn't spit on Chairman Rivera. Instead, we should praise him. This great leader's name is being sullied by those who expect results. Shame on them.

May he lead the Democrats for many elections to come!