September 3, 2008

County Dems Infighting Continues

Niagara County Democrats have been thrown into further disarray with the disclosure that the county committee, lead by Chairman Dan Rivera, has given $10,000 to State Senate candidate Brian Grear.Apparently many Democrats are incensed that Rivera has given this money to Grear, a registered Republican, who has little chance of beating the incumbent, George Maziarz.

Much of the angst is coming from the camp of James Voutour, who is engaged in a hard fought battle with Republican Ernest Palmer in the race for Niagara County Sheriff. Voutour's supporters are enraged that Rivera would waste $10,000 on Grear when Voutour needs every dollar he can raise. Former Sheriff Tom Beilein, who helped raise money for the Niagara County Dems, is also infuriated that Rivera would send $10k to Grear over Beilein's hand picked candidate, Voutour.

This is not the first time that Rivera has made some questionable contributions, according to several Niagara County Dems. Last year Rivera caught some heat from county legislature candidates when he contributed $1,000 to Buffalo City Council candidate David Rivera while local candidates who lost their elections, such as Harry Apolito and Charles Naughton, were lucky to get $250 or $300.

Once again it appears that Rivera's inability to stay focused on the task at hand has gotten him in hot water. His complete and utter disdain for Maziarz has clouded his judgement to the point of dumping the overwhelming majority of his committees money into a race he has no chance of winning.


Frank DeGeorge said...

I bet Voytour will wish Rivera had that $10,000 left in the bank right around come the end of October when he and Ernie Palmer are fighting it out.

Golisano for Prez said...

Rivera and Grear are clowns. i hope the rest of the county and senate district sees that.

rob clark said...

That’s funny. I haven’t heard any rumblings. Voutuor doesn’t have a primary. He’s raising money, and still has 2 month’s till the General election. Who is to say that he will not get financial support from the county committee? This is just another post to "stir the pot". Lets stick to the issues at hand.

Barney said...
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Barney said...

Rob Clark,

you are the new spokesman for Mr. Rivera.

Paladin said...

Shhhhh... Don't say things like that. Rivera is the greatest chairman that the Niagara County Democrats have ever had.

I, for one, hope he has a LONG, FRUITFUL career leading that party. He's doing a WONDERFUL job. If the Democrats just stick with him for a few more election cycles, well, it's bound to pay off at some point.


Trust me guys. I've got your back.