August 25, 2008

Wilson Baseball Hazing On ESPN

All we can say is "wow". Yesterday ESPN aired the segment on the Wilson baseball hazing, which revealed some stunning revelations about the case, the lack of supervision of these varsity baseball players and how the victims and their familes become pariahs in the community when they reveal such incidents. The following is the segment:


Barney said...

Slow news day

Frank DeGeorge said...

Even more disgusting when you watch this. This isn't hazing, this is assault. Throw the book at the punks and fire the coaches. Anything less is unacceptable.

Pirate's Code said...

This should be a must watch for anyone with kids and, frankly, a must watch for early teens.

There is an old saying that everything is funny so long as it's happening to someone else. Here is the proof that it can, indeed, happen here.

Slow news day, barney, or is this your way of denying this story?