August 22, 2008

Friday Ruminations

The turmoil surrounding NYS Assemblyman Sam Hoyt is getting even more nasty. Hoyt's camp is blaming his opponent for orchestrating the controversy. I could be wrong, but wasn't it Hoyt that made the decision to sleep with women that aren't his wife? The spin doctors can't get you out of this one, Sam.

A secondary effect of the Hoyt controversy is the battle between Buffalo News writer Bob McCarthy and blogger Joe Illuzzi, who released the sexually charged Hoyt emails. Those of us who read the Illuzzi letter accept his website for what it is, but it's disappointing to see someone of McCarthy's reputation and character get sucked in by Illuzzi. McCarthy writes of Illuzzi in today's column that he is a "blogger with a reputation for demanding money from politicians and a conviction for driving a bank robbery getaway car." Come on, Bob, stay above it.

The Molson Concert Canal Series wraps up with rocker Jeff Martin tonight. Congratulations to the city of Lockport Mayor & Common Council for a tremendously successful series. And an additional thank you to North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos for opening his big mouth just enough to have the series moved to the Lock City.

John McCain continues to gain ground on Barack Obama, leading to several prominent Dems to call on BO to choose Hillary as his running mate. What would we do without the 200,000 jobs Hil promised Upstate? Oh wait, that promise was made assuming John Kerry would be Prez.

Someone who signed up for the Barack Obama VP text reportedly received the following message: "Barack has announced his VP candidate choice, and wants you to be the first to know! We are proud to announce: John Kerry!" It was a hoax. Apparently it's not hard to do.

McCain's Denver office got a scare when they received an envelope containing white powder.

Niagara County Community College is moving forward with its plans to three-phased hospitality and tourism training center project in Niagara Falls.

Have a nice weekend.


Frank DeGeorge said...

People like McCarthy, who is a very skilled report, just haven't figured out how their profession has been changed by the Internet. Hobbes breaks stories. Illuzzi breaks stories. It might not be old school journalism, but it is real time information for political junkies.

Barney said...


you are partly right.

I think Mr. Mccarthy completely understands exactly how his profession has been impacted; however, I don't think he likes or embraces the new reality.

The world where anyone can break a story, coupled with the fact that more folks are turning away from the traditional news outlets must scare him, because, he’s on the wrong side of the Paradyne.

Barney said...


This is the story you should of lead with - "Golisano Goes Bipartisan With First Endorsements "

I think this speaks volumes - an independent endorcement of canidates that are comitted to doing the right thing for NY State.

Oh my gosh - George D. Maziarz is on the list and Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte is NOT.

rob clark said...

The "Golisano Give away" scares me.

Barney said...


Why, he is playing by the rules of the game... Do you mean to tell me that you have not applied yet. I thought you had you sights on higher office.

Mr. Pink said...

Rob, I'm with you. This to me looks like a grand political plan for exerting undue influence over NYS politics wrapped up in the name of reform.

It makes me very uneasy.

Mr. Pink said...

But I do have to agree with Barney as well. He certainly has every right to do this so long as he plays by the rules.

tomslick said...

Let's list the name of the candidate Golisano did endorse for Delmonte's seat. He endorsed Paula Banks Dahlke. It's apparent that Mr. Golisano feels like many of us do that it is time to have our representative represent us and not Shelly Silver and his downstate interests.

Barney said...

The NY times article states that the PAC can spend an "unlimited" anount of funds to campaign for them. But not a dime to the canidate.

I'm woundering how big this bill will be - TV ads are a lot of loot. But they are powerful, a few of them may turn the table on Delmonte or at least bleed into her war chest.

Barney said...

pinky you can't have it both ways!

Mr. Pink said...

Sure I can. Politicians do it all the time!!!!

NY Conservative Campaigns said...

RE: DNC Convention
Hillary makes history!

Yes, Clinton did good in a showing within the Primary.
But....The Heart & Soul....The Leadership of the National Demercratic Party (John Kerry, Biden, Richardson and Good old Ted Kennedy).....
Threw the Clinton's over board as they (The Leadership) wanted to take control of National Leadership away from Bill & Hill. (Billary for short)

Result is.......Barrack Obama = A "Motivational Speaker who reads off of TelePrompTer's"......

He is an Illinois "State Senator" who did nothing more then pass "Baby Seat Laws, Did Park Dedications and hand out Little League Trophies to Children (That is what "State Senators" do best!)

The public knows Obama is a Liberal and an Unknown with baggage which will come out by the "Underground" in political GOP circles in October.

After being in the United States Senate for just One year this guy wants to be President of these United States? Give me a break.

I am NO Hillary supporter by any means, but a least she had some experience. The Dummycrats are proving yet again why they will lose an election in November.

Jim Kelly - NY Conservative Campaigns

NY Conservative Campaigns said...

What vote percentage did Biden get in the primary races, something like 1% (One per cent?)
And he is from the State of Delaware?

Another win for the Republicans on the horizon.

Jim Kelly - NY Conservative Campaigns