August 15, 2008

Friday Ruminations

The nasty campaign between Jack Davis & Jon Powers for the 26th Congressional District seat continues to make headlines. GOP Chairmen from four counties also chimed in on Powers' record on War Kids Relief. Not shocking stuff, your usual political wrangling, until Erie County Dem Chair Len Lenihan joined the conversation. Lenihan, in attempting to defend Powers, said "I wonder how many people at that press conference put their lives on the line in Iraq." Okay, stop right there. If that's going to be your typical response every time someone questions your candidate, go bury your head in the sand for the next three months, because we don't want to hear it. Yes, he was in Iraq, but that is far from a qualification to be a Congressman.

Update: Courtesy of Buffalo Bean, we've come across the Jon Powers citation that he was given on October 23, 2004. The officer noted that Powers stated to him, "What are you f*cking looking at you motherf*cking cop?" And this guy wants to be a Congressman? Good luck with that. (Click on the citation to view).

Barack Obama's campaign issued a 40-page rebuttal to a new anti-Obama book.

This morning on the radio, two personalities were recapping last night's Bills game in Toronto. One described QB Trent Edwards' play as Elway-esque (a reference to one of the greatest QBs of all-time, John Elway), while the other said that Edwards looked like the second coming of Joe Montana, the greatest QB of all time. Nothing like over-exaggerating things, guys.

The fact that Niagara County Manager Greg Lewis had his credentials renewed by the International City/County Management Association made news this week. Obviously there's no connection between credentials and performance.

Mike Hudson details the dog days of 2007, when NT Mayor Larry Soos' wife wanted to sell hot dogs at the NT concert series. It's pretty funny, and knowing Soos, completely believable. What a dog-eat-dog world we live in.

The Niagara County Leg is set to consider a resolution to downsize the Leg - in 2011. They need to think about this one. The public defeated a referendum on this in '02. Maybe the public should have the opportunity to decide if they want to lose representation. Of course, this issue will be all the rage in the county now, while the other 20 layers of government, including 11 school districts, don't get a mention.

A couple of former Mt. View employees who were busted for cocaine possession earlier this year were in court recently. Makes you wonder if all the stories of sex and drug parties among the employees at Mt View were just stories.

White people are projected to lose the majority in 2042. Does that mean that I, as a white male, will be able to go before the Supreme Court and fight for my rights under Affirmative Action?

Good news that you'll never see in the three daily newspapers: Only 35 markets out of 150 across the U.S. showed increases in median prices in the second quarter and Buffalo was among those advancing, showing the stability of the WNY housing market. The WNY market increased 4.7 percent to $108,200, up from $103,300 in the same period of 2007. By the way, on Long Island, the second-quarter median price for single-family homes was $466,600; it was $479,800 a year ago.

Gov. David Paterson, while decrying the fiscal crisis that NY is in, is adding 45 troopers at a cost of more than $4 million to protect him. Do what I say, not as I do, huh Dave?


Anonymous said...

Did our county manager's creditation come from clown school? If not, it should have because that is how acts and dresses.

Anonymous said...

At some point do our cities say that they can no longer afford their own police departments? That would certainly be a reduction in government. But then the State and County would need to help pick up the slack.

Hondo said...

Closing Mt. View was the best thing the legislature has done over the past 10 years. Now let's get that prime property back on the tax rolls. And yes, the sex parties between employees there are happened - frequently.

Otter said...

I love Davis & Powers beating the crap out of each other, it'll make it even easier for Lee to win. Keep it up, fools.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hudson should lay off Dan a little - why put an end to this GOP windfall.

Anonymous said...

Good point....

Anonymous said...

Ouch...bye bye, Powers.

Anonymous said...

Put a fork in Powers.

Larry S said...

I may be naive, but one would think that in this day and age, politicos would make damn sure that their candidates are being completely forthcoming on any potential skeletons in the closet. Alot of people have put their asses on the line for this guy and this comes out now? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Powers spokesperson say that he was charged with jaywalking? I guess birds of a feather flock together; lying must come naturally from the Powers people. I didn't see jaywalking on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that when home owner's property values go up, they bitch and when the values go down they bitch?

Anonymous said...

Get ready, Sports Fans! This is the shortest piece I’ll ever write, I think.

State money for private investment in Niagara Falls Hotels spells something that sounds like SOCIALISM!!!!!!

Even Senator Maziarz is pissed! Go figure. Oh, wait that does make sense. It's not his people.

So all you propagandizing capitalists out there, please don’t bullshit anymore about the virtues of the private sector. You just love the people to take the risks for you don’t you. Whether it’s money or bodies, the poor and middle class are still taking it where the sun don’t shine. And by the way, did Bush’s daughters volunteer for that patriotic war in Iraq yet. Or are they waiting for the Iran fiasco to start?

And please stop trashing public money for public education. It makes no sense. Unless of course you need more of that education money for private investments.

By the way do we get to distribute the profits from that public money invested in private ventures with the public? Or do we have to wait for trickle-down dividends?

Gee, I just realized that for the hotel investors using state money I guess it is a "free market" after all. Ain't capitalism great when your lackeys are in office.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that when home owner's property values go up, they bitch and when the values go down they bitch? But no matter what the taxes always only go up every year for less and less.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the employees at Mt. View. Who the hell was having sex with them? or is that what the drugs were for?

Anonymous said...

Exactly the reason McCain should not be President. Not qualified and the war record is long past relevant.

Hobbes said:
Okay, stop right there. If that's going to be your typical response every time someone questions your candidate, go bury your head in the sand for the next three months, because we don't want to hear it. Yes, he was in Iraq, but that is far from a qualification to be a Congressman.

Anonymous said...

Cedar and Lee - I thought that was a "red Light" district?

DS said...

So, he said some bad words?


Ben said...


Substantive issues, including the state of the economy, the environment, education and domestic and foreign policy will be issues tackled at a debate of the 26th Congressional District candidates from 7:15 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2 in SUNY Geneseo’s 1,000-person Wadsworth Auditorium.

The 26th Congressional District, ranging from Buffalo to rural Livingston County, N.Y. -- site of the debate - has a population of 654,360, according to the 2000 census. Livingston County has a population of less than 10% of the whole district.

This debate will be decisive for the democratic candidates as the democratic primary is a week later on Sept. 9. Democratic candidates Alice Kryzan, Jon Powers and Independent Anthony Fumerelle have accepted the invitations. Democratic candidate Jack Davis is undecided. Republican challenger Chris Lee has declined. However, the invitation to the event is still open.

The moderator for the debate is 13-WHAM News Anchor Evan Dawson, who will be asking questions fielded from the community by a panel of community members. Each candidate has equal response time and a “bank” of time to draw upon for follow-up comments after each candidate has answered. NPR affiliates WXXI and WBFO will run an edited version of the debate on their regular radio programming.

Students have organized this event with the help of campus student organizations, faculty and administrators.

Senior Ben DeGeorge, registered as a “blank,” said, “Our mission is to provide a top notch service to the campaigns and all of the six hundred thousand plus citizens in the district. We also are striving to facilitate greater interaction and collaboration between district community members and students like us.”

Junior Michael Ansaldi, a registered Republican said, “This is a huge opportunity for us to become more involved in the political process. It shows that students with a forward thinking mind set can create something great that helps a lot of people. We hope that this event can become a long standing tradition for this district.”

Local community members are invited to attend. Seats are based on a first-come first-serve basis. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. A group of residents from a local nursing facility will be sitting in the front row.

Questions are being fielded by the event’s organizers. Have a question for one of the candidates you’d like answered? Send them to or to one of the event organizers.

Please contact event organizers for a reserved seat ( or 585.472.4170)