August 27, 2008

County Consolidates, Newlin Whines

Here's a little bit of advice to Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin: Keep your mouth shut unless you are 100% sure of what you speak. Newlin, who earlier criticized the state for reducing the number of polling places, has since found out that the state had nothing to do with the decision, Niagara County made the call.

The county, which is reducing the number of polling places because of rules governing handicap accessibility for voters and cost, has significantly reduced the number of polling places in the county's 12 towns. The cities will face a reduction next year.

Newlin, misspeaking earlier this week, overstated, "I guarantee you when Election Day comes there will be a lot of people who won’t know where to go to vote. It’s going to be mass chaos". Really, Fred? Mass chaos? Like when terrorists fly planes into buildings in the largest city in the country sending thousands of people fleeing for their lives? That kind of mass chaos? Or are you making a completely moronic overexaggeration?

Secondarily is the cost savings associated with the reduction in polling places. Virtually all county residents want to see a reduction in government. On these pages we've pushed for consolidation of the four water districts in Niagara County, consolidation of the three family courts in the county, and consolidation of the three DMVs in Niagara.

What do the two election commissioners do? Consolidate polling places. Fred Newlin apparently thinks the people of Lewiston are too ignorant to read their post card notifying them of their polling place. Nice call, Fred.

Stop the rhetoric. You either support consolidation of government or you don't. For Newlin, actions and words speak volumes.

As for the county, keep consolidating. Reasonable people respect your efforts. There are many opportunities for consolidation, one step at a time.


Clark Griswold said...

This seems to be an obvious publicity stunt on Newlin's part. "Mass Chaos" to describe some voters having to make a trip to a different voting location this election? Particularly when they are given ample notice and directions about where and when to go? C'mon Fred, lets focus our attention on issues that are a bit more pressing in both your town and the county in general shall we?

rob clark said...

I have to agree with Supervisor Newlin on people atleast not knowing where to go. But in the long run this will be a good thing for the Board of Elections. It will make there jobs easier, and save them (and us taxpayers) money.

Mr. Pink said...

What really irks me is that people will drive 20 minutes to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart but lo and behold it's the end of the world if you have to go 10 minutest to vote.

Is it too much to ask that people actually make a minimal effort to excersice the right to vote?