August 1, 2008

Paterson's Public Enemy

In response to Governor Paterson’s action to preserve the power of Buffalo’s control board, the president of the Buffalo Teachers’ Federation, Phil Rumore, vowed to target any elected state official who does not vote to veto Governor Paterson.

Paterson’s argument is that local municipalities may feel some budget pressure and could use the assistance of a hard control board to help control spiraling labor costs.

We may feel some budget pressure? My school taxes have been crushing me for as long as I have owned my home. They represent our single largest source of property taxes and they are comprised primarily of compensation to the people Phil Rumore represents, who pay his salary with money earned from the taxpayers, the very people that he seems to hold in disdain.

So rather than spend the next several paragraphs criticizing Rumore and his juvenile tactics, I decided to present the top five comments that I have NEVER heard uttered by him:

5) We will work with our local officials to solve this budget crisis.

4) We will allow the city some flexibility with the manner in which it provides our benefits to save the taxpayers money, and we will ask for nothing in return.

3) We will do whatever it takes to help the community, even if it means concessions or a reduction in our lifetime health insurance benefits.

2) If longer school days will help the kids, then absolutely.

And the number one comment never uttered by Phil Rumore....

1) Eliminating MY job would save money and make sense.

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Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Taylor Law

Anonymous said...

what do you have against James Taylor?

Anonymous said...

Warm & Fuzzy on the exterior, but riddled with problems on the inside.
James Taylor / Taylor Law
Take your pick!

Anonymous said...

Its never been fair to categorize public labor unions in the same place as private unions. If the private unions can't cut a deal, the Company closes or moves out to wherever. The public unions have a captive "Company" that can't move!They don't have to compromise.They expect the legislators to just get more money to pay regardless of the community's ability to pay. They shouldn't have ever been given the power that they have. Rise up people. They're killing us!

Anonymous said...

Remember, the Taylor Law was never negotiated by any Union. It was a gift by the state that every municipality has to deal with now. The State giveth the State taketh away. The unions need to start negotiating and stop expecting free gifts from the State.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Gaughan has energized our entire region and everybody is ready to reduce the size of our government. But Kevin is picking the low hanging fruit by targeting 2 councilmen in West Seneca. Government is teachers, and school administrators, and firefighters, and everyone else whose job is funded by the taxpayers. When will someone have the backbone to demand reductions from the public employees and place the blame where it belongs? Don't picket the control board, picket Phil Rumore for screwing the taxpayers day in and day out!

Anonymous said...

Phil Rumore has reached into the pockets of the residents of Buffalo more than any one person- and he is given a free pass by the media.

Reverend Right said...

The Taylor Law prevents corrupt legislators from impoverishing the very people who actually serve the public in contrast to the legislators who make a show of serving the public. Witness the legislator who takes our money in taxes and then presents another legislator with an oversized check as if the money comes out of their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

Just for kicks, how about if we let PERB (Public Employee Relations Board) make the calls about what employees get, rather than the Rumores, Meeghans, etc. Keeping an eye on legislator corruption is one thing. Refusing to take a single health care provider and other cash-saving measures ought to be another.

Anonymous said...

That's right Anon, with PERB and the NLRB there should be no reason for the Taylor Law.

not_over_it said...

Are you kidding me? You have people here arguing for the Taylor Law?

Next thing you know you'll have people arguing that Ronald Reagan was a good president, that the harm he did to the middle class and unions by busting the air traffic controllers union was a good thing, and that George W. Bush did a good thing by cutting unions off at the knees with his first act as selected pretzeldent by limiting union's ability to lobby, while not applying the same standard to corporations.

*paging that criminal Jack Abramoff, paging Jack*

OK, it's bad if you pay someone who lives and works within your community a living wage and give them a voice about who represents them, but it's good if we give people a free licence to exploit people who thought they were coming to the USA (Hell yeah!) for slave wages in the name of filling the pockets of people who contributed to the Republican party?

Of course, someone that works in any capacity for the government is never, ever allowed to work on a political campaign during their working hours, and we all know that they aren't ordered to do so after they punch out. /snark.

So...what about WalMart directing their managers to work against Democrats and to inform their underlings about the scary, horrible implications about a Democratic President, who just might *shock and awe* give them the right to unionize?

They should be scared about their positions as cashiers ringing up crappy goods not made in the good old USA being sent offshore?

The point of the Taylor Law was to stop some unions from being able to legally stike, their biggest negoitiating tactic, and Ronnie and George expanded that as much as they possibly could.