July 28, 2008

NYPA Leadership Turmoil

The New York Power Authority continues to remain in a constant state of chaos with the unexpected resignation of the chairman of the State Power Authority, Frank McCullough Jr. He leaves with two years left on his current term. His departure, along with the the forced resignation of NYPA CEO Roger Kelley, should be seen as an opportunity for Niagara County to have a greater say in the operations of the organization.

As we know, the Niagara Power Project is the biggest electricity producer in New York State, generating 2.4 million kilowatts.

NYPA states that economic development is a top priority for the New York Power Authority. Most people in our community would agree that economic development is a top priority for our region. As so many corporations are reliant on cheap electricity and an abundance of fresh water, it would seem that NYPA and Niagara County would be on the same page.

When Roger Kelley, a Western New Yorker, was appointed to head NYPA, excitement abounded. Then it quickly waned. Kelley was a disappointment as NYPA CEO, barely acknowledging WNY's significance in contributing to NYPA.

Let's hope that changes soon. Richard Kessel, former chairman and chief executive officer of the Long Island Power Authority, has been mentioned as a possible successor to Kelley. Even if the head of NYPA is from outside our region, it is imperative that Western New York, and Niagara County, have a voice at the NYPA table - our economic development future may depend on it.


Anonymous said...

If it ends up being Richie Kessel, we will have to chip in and buy him a map and a guide, because I'm sure he won't find his way to WNY on his own.

Anonymous said...

Hobbes this is it? You are either unbelievably stupid or just have your tongue tied up licking the GOP boots to notice the other 30 issues the county is facing.

fat tony said...

We should be watching all of this very closely because with all of the leadership positions in New York State now under the full control of downstate, I feel an even bigger screwjob coming regarding NYPA power.

Anonymous said...

yeh, fat tony is right they might take away the swing set.

rufus said...

I'd like to see some legislation that mandates a little more representation from WNY on their board. We'll never get what we truly deserve from NYPA but at least a little more say would be nice.