July 9, 2008

More Problems for Rivera

I had the feeling this was going to be one of those issues that would slowly boil and then get really hot. I'm referrng to Dem Boss Dan Rivera's run-in with Lewiston Dem Chairwoman Diane Roberts that led to her resignation from the county party's leadership. A leading women's rights advocate has now gotten involved and this doesn't bode well for Rivera. See below:

Picket seeks resignation of party leader
Democrat targets fundraiser today
By Thomas J. Prohaska - NEWS NIAGARA-->
NIAGARA FALLS — A Lewiston Democrat announced plans Tuesday to picket the Niagara County party’s fundraiser today to demand the resignation of Daniel Rivera as party chairman.
Kathryn Lake Mazierski, former president of the New York State chapter of the National Organization for Women, said she wants party officials to speak out against Rivera for grabbing the nose of Diane M. Roberts, Lewiston Democratic chairwoman, at a fundraising event in April at the Niagara Club.

Roberts resigned as vice chairwoman of the county Democratic Party after the incident, but said as she did so that she still supported Rivera because of his performance as chairman.
Rivera went on the offensive, saying: “[Mazierski] has alleged I inappropriately treated someone who says she still supports me. This regrettable incident has become fodder for people who don’t have her best interest at heart. If they want a public apology, I apologize to Diane Roberts, the [Democratic] committee and my own family for what they’ve endured.”

Rivera blamed the picketing plan on Gary D. Parenti, his intra-party enemy who, in the 2006 primary for the party’s Assembly nomination, lost to the incumbent, Assemblywoman Francine Del- Monte of Lewiston. Mazierski had worked on Parenti’s campaign. “I’m not going to resign,” Rivera insisted. “That would only help the person she is shilling for, which is Parenti.”

Parenti and Roberts did not return calls seeking comment on the planned demonstration, but Mazierski said she wants other Democrats to call out Rivera for his “loathsome treatment of women that makes him unfit to lead our party.” She also said she’s “not going to let other female leaders off the hook for their silence.” That, she said, means Del- Monte. “I think as the ranking Democrat in Niagara County, and one who has supported women’s issues and sponsored legislation to help the cause of women, she should be stepping up to the plate and making sure Dan Rivera can’t get away with this,” Mazierski said. “I said plenty of times this was a personal dispute between Diane and the chairman,” Del- Monte responded. “Diane has made it abundantly clear that she still supports the chairman. She hasn’t asked me or anyone else to assist her.”

Rivera charged that Parenti had entered into an “unholy alliance” with State Sen. George
D. Maziarz, R-Newfane, to oust him as the Democrats’ county chairman. “I fully endorse Mr. Rivera for Democratic chairman,” Maziarz said. “I hope he continues on for a long time, because the Republican Party has fared very well under Mr. Rivera’s Democratic Party leadership.”

During the 2006 campaign, Parenti accused Rivera of using his job as an insurance investigator to obtain information about Parenti’s drunken-driving record. Parenti sued for libel, and last year, Liberty Mutual, for which Rivera worked, paid Parenti an undisclosed amount to settle out of court. Rivera lost his job, but neither he nor the company ever has publicly said that was connected to the Parenti incident.

Mazierski called that a diversion attempt, saying: “That’s a way to deflect what the real issue is, which is Dan Rivera’s treatment of women. I don’t think it’s too much to ask her to do the right thing.”

Despite the Roberts incident, Mazierski, DelMonte and other Democrats said Tuesday they know of no effort to unseat Rivera, whose term as chairman will expire in September.
Today’s fundraiser is scheduled for 5:30 p. m. in the Red Coach Inn, 2 Buffalo Ave.


Joe Niagara said...

Why did I know the idiot hobbes would have another post about the other idiot Dan. More negative bloging, can't you ever find anything good to say about our county? Or if you must, there are plenty of other wrongs you can try to right, instead of the endless stream of turd blogs about Dan. First it was Chirsty now Dan, I guess Dennis better watch his back. No wonder the word hack comes up when anyone mentions your name.

Larry S said...

What the article doesn't mention is that Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith WAS scheduled to attend this event, but after hearing about the protest, decided not to come. It was on the NC Dem website that Smith would be attending, then abruptly pulled off the site.

Anonymous said...

joe niagara, if this was Wojtaszek, you'd be begging for more posts about this story. But since it's your boy Rivera, you don't want to read about it.

I for one am grateful to Hobbes for breaking this story a few weeks ago and staying with it. Rivera is a woman abuser who is not fit to represent the party.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that this whole mess would blow over and Dan Rivera would be quietly reelected as chairman. He is the best thing to happen to the GOP in a long time. My fear is that the Dems go out and find a chair who understands the issues, doesn't use juvenile, obnoxious campaign tactics, doesn't use Dem $ to settle personal vendettas and works to unify the Dems rather than divide them. If I could vote for Dan I would.

If Malcolm Smith refuses to come to the fundraiser then we have a pretty good idea about how Niagara County Dems are viewed by our State reps.

Anonymous said...

Please, I admire Wojtaszek, he does alot for local programs (Greater Niagara Ballet), but thats to high brow for the morons who read this blog. But to help the crack smoking Gary P. is a the real shame of this post.

Joe Niagara said...

Sorry that last post was mine. But come on, why not write something about how wonderful the new dorms are at NCCC, larry would be sooo happy.

Sweaterman said...

Well. Let's take this even further.

Late last Fall the YWCA of Lockport admonished American Concrete for degrading women and "poking fun" at domestic violence.

Where are they on the issue. Dan Rivera physically assaulted a woman and I have heard nothing.

It just shows you how political these organizations are. Shame on the YWCA.

Furthermore, why isn't there a quote from Assemblywoman DelMonte in today's article. Prohaska should write a complete article.

Sweaterman said...

Sorry. I guess Francine did respond. Just not what you would think a leader of women would say

rufus said...

One unnoticed thing in the article today. Rivera actually publicly apologized for his actions. If the nitwit had done that three weeks ago, all of this would have blown over. Instead he tried to spin his way out of it and made the situation worse.

rob clark said...

Larry, it is still posted on the NC Dems website. It is still on. Try as you may with this one Hobbes.

Anonymous said...

Nice point, Rufus. I caught the same thing. Rivera's original spin was that he merely tweaked her nose and he couldn't bring himself to say he never should have put his hands on her. Now, at the heat gets turned up, he finally, kind of, apologizes. It really shows how arrogant he is.

Anonymous said...

The long and the short of it is, no matter how everyone is trying to spin it or speculating who is pulling what strings, in the end HE DID IT and never put the issue to bed until today, he has no one to blame but himself.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

Comments here and the mainstream media seem to be dismissing the fact that the other part of the reason Diane Roberts resigned was the verbal assault rained down upon her by Rivera. The verbal assault cannot be overlooked, as it is just a traumatic for the victim as the physical abuse.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Sweaterman. Kathy Granchelli is supposed to be the voice for women in this community. She gets all riled up over what was supposed to be a humorous billboard advertisement, but a prominent political woman who gets physically and verbally abused to the point of having to resign her post draws no response? How hypocritical can you get? She's just another sheep bowing to political pressure.

Anonymous said...

The silence of the YWCA is deplorable. I guess our santicmonious bullshit stops when one of our political allies gets in trouble. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the YWCA is this as a ploy to discredit a good man and his blog is very childish. Now if he would of grabbed her ass that would of received more traction. Or he could of pulled a Clinton and just mouth fucked her. But as we know thats fawns job at the county building.

Anonymous said...

I bet Boss Tweed never apolgized for knocking a woman around. Ah, the good old days.

-- Dan