July 7, 2008

Monday Ruminations

Sabres owner Tom Golisano is reportedly going to dump millions into Senate and Assembly races this year, possibly including the 142nd district race. So he's going to put up a million dollars on a meaningless seat that in no way effects the balance of power in a district that's going to be gone in three years? The Sabres could really use a top-notch defenseman; maybe the millions would be better spent there, Tom.

New York State Senator George Maziarz, who traveled throughout Western New York last Wednesday with new Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, is pictured with Skelos in the New York Times.

New York State Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith is scheduled to be in Niagara Falls this week for a meeting with local politicos.

In what should be a lively exchange,
GOP strategist Karl Rove and former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will debate the issues of the presidential campaign Sept. 26 at UB.

While some have cheered the Supreme Court ruling supporting congressional candidate Jack Davis' challenge to the so-called "Millionaire's Amendment," the Rochester D&C highlights the dangerous influence of billionaire candidates such as Davis and Golisano.

Kudos to North Tonawanda businessman Frank Budwey for fighting to protect his grocery store business by attempting to stop the development of a Super Wal-Mart in NT. But we have to ask, why is the outrage always over Wal-Mart? Why not Home Depot, who runs small hardware stores out of business? Or Rite Aid, who runs small pharmacies out of business? Or Walden Books, who runs small book stores out of business?

The moronic quote of the year goes to Bob Roberson. Roberson, who unsuccessfully sued Niagara County two years ago because the county refused to pay him more than $17,000 he thought he was owed as former attorney for the county Sewer District, is trying again.
Roberson's award-winning quote? "Are they going to spend another $30,000 to fight my lawsuit?" What are you insinuating, Bob? Are you insinuating that because you believe that they owe you $17,000, they should not spend $30,000? It's called principles and standing for what's right. Look it up.


Anonymous said...

I would invite anybody who does not think that a shift in the majority of our State Senate would not be a nightmare to listen to Malcolm Smith speak- he could be our next majority leader.

I bet that it would be difficult for Bob to find any book on ethics that has the plastic removed.

There is a reason that many businesspersons remain bipartisan or non-political: I used to admire Tom Golisano, now I don't. In fact, I don't really like him and it does influence my thoughts about spending hundreds of dollars to see a single Sabres game.

Anonymous said...

I thought that it was a little bizarre that the paper would give a front page story announcing an announcement. It once again goes to show how biased the leadership of the paper is. If it was a Rep announcing that they would be having an announcement to announce their secret candidate, it wouldn't have gotten 2 lines.

Larry S said...

I agree with the first anon. If anyone in WNY thinks that the Dems getting the majority in the State Senate would be a good thing, they need to get off of the crack pipe.

Pete M said...

Rove vs. Edwards? I'd pay to see that. Then again, it'll probably be pretty congenial, but I'd still go.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't afford Brooks Orpit but you're going to give the ultimate political hack Steve Pigeon millions to run around with and spend on political campaigns. Nice.

And the fact, this isn't about good government because Steve Pigeon has never been about good government. This is about power, ego and money.

Watch this backfire.

Anonymous said...

Tom Golisano can spend HIS MONEY any way he sees fit. Wasting it on elections or some bum hockey player who cares, unless your a beer drinking idiot who watches sports.
How many more times is niagara county going to be sued? No wonder,the idiot long haired lawyer you have now can't even get James J, without someone feeding him with a rubber spoon. Hire another buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot long-haired lawyer?

DS said...

Ah Frank Budway.. you seemed like such a respectable guy that ran a good company. Now we know that you're the type of trash who resorts to BS lawsuits to try to reduce your competition.

As it stands, Walmart is the only company that wants competition, and wants to come to cities like, say, Lockport. Because you know, we're not fancy enough for the overpriced goods from Wegmans. So we're stuck with the overpriced goods from Tops.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised at Tom Golisano - maybe he's thinking about being gov again. Needs to make a lot a friends in a hurry.

joe niagara said...

If people would just support the local stores these law suits would not be needed. But people around here are the cheapest(but not the brightest) in the country and would drive 6 miles to save a nickel.

DS said...

Joe.. show me a 'local' store.

Now show me a 'local' store that has the same products and price as a 'non-local' store.

So, how are people idiots because they want a better selection at a lower cost? If you ask me, the idiots are the ones overpaying, don't have any choices, and are HAPPY about it.

DS said...

OBTW.. Joe.. so you support BS legal wrangling in order to reduce competition?