July 15, 2008

Hobel Declines Dem Line

New York State Senate candidate Don Hobel has decided not to seek the Democratic nomination for the line that he had previously expressed a desire to seek, even circulating Democratic petitions for the position.

Hobel seems like a pretty amiable gentleman. He frequently attends Wheatfield and County Leg meetings, always willing to offer his opinion. He has been a champion for transparency in government, often talking about the need for politicos to be upfront with the public.

So in reading the Buffalo News story in which Hobel states that he will no longer seek the Democratic line for the Senate seat, one cannot help but wonder if Hobel has any comprehension of the depths of his hypocrisy. As stated previously, Hobel circulated petitions for the seat, and submitted those petitions. Fine, most people are allowed that right.

With his withdrawl from the Dem line, the Democratic party leaders now have the opportunity to replace Hobel on the ballot, most likely with candidate Brian Grear. Once again, not a problem, this scenario plays out frequently in politics.

Hobel explained his decision to withdraw from the Democratic line: “Back a couple of months ago when they didn’t seem to have a candidate, [Niagara County Democratic Chairman] Dan Rivera asked me to run,” Hobel said. “A couple of names have surfaced that would run better campaigns than I.”

The problem with this situation arises when Don Hobel, champion of transparency, continues to explain how this scenario came to be. Hobel said the deal was in the cards for him to circulate the nominating petitions, then withdraw, from the time he agreed to have his name placed on Democratic nominating petitions for the Senate seat held by 13-year Republican incumbent George D. Maziarz.

In essence, he agreed to place his name on a nominating petition and have people circulate those petitions. He himself circulated those petitions to registered voters within the Senate district, all the while knowing that he would be withdrawing his name for consideration at some point.

Is this legal? Of course it is. Is it ethical for the man who stands at virtually every Leg meeting chastising the Leg for their lack of transparency to perpetrate such a fraud upon the voters who signed his petition? When you stood on the doorstep of someone who was signing your petition, Don, did you tell them that you had actually already cut a deal with party bosses to withdraw your name for consideration? For someone who is such a champion of transparency, I'm sure you were completely upfront with each and every person.

Then again, instead of being a concerned citizen working for the betterment of the community, you could simply be a shill for party bosses cutting back room deals.


rufus said...

Don Hobel is a hypocrite and a disgrace. Years and years of berating elected officials for doing things that HE thought we're unethical.

Now, he admits to essentially lying to every single voter who signed his petition.

Don, you have lost your moral authority to preach to the rest of us about transparency in government.

Don, you are the worse than any sleazebag politician...you are hypocrite in the image of Eliot Spizter, holding people to one set of standards while whoring yourself out.

Larry S said...

I'd love to know what he was thinking when he admitted that he had already cut a back room deal with Rivera.

One can't help but think that there will be a few chuckles next time he gets up to preach about transparency.

craig said...

Hasn't Rivera repeatedly harped on the GOP for cutting back room deals? Ahhhhh, the knife cutteth both ways, Danny Boy.

Someone releases the Roberts letter depicting Rivera's conduct and now a candidate announces to the press his efforts to mislead the public.


fat tony said...

What's even better is that Hobel is apparently staying in the race on the Conservative line. How does any of this make sense other than the fact that Don Hobel sold his soul to the devil?

I wonder what Don Hobel's personal hell looks like...probably an IDA giving away tax breaks to everyone but him.

Anonymous said...

Let the truth be told that Don is a nut case and in todays society he would probably be diagnosed with ADD (attention deficet disorder)as he demonstrates evry time he speaks at the NC Legislature meetings. OK I want him making decisions in Albany. However, the saddest part of this whole story is that a grown man in his retirement years when most young adults look to you for knowledge and experience has dipped to a level of having no self respect. What rationally thinking grown adult would associate let alone sell their soul to Rivera.
Hey Don do society a favor and please tell me you did not teach your children these same morals and values. But more importantly do not allow them to teach them to their children. I hope they realize these types of actions are not normal, which I can tell you are not, and they need not educate their children that way. When you meet with Brian this week make sure to mention to him not to teach his children those same values you and him share.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Don declined to run after he realized his lifelong ambition...to appear on Hardline with Hardwick. You've made it to the big time, Don.

I bet it was milkshakes on the house down at Friendly's for you and the rest of the three minute crowd.

Anonymous said...

When did the Legislature start allowing politicians to spew their rhetoric at our meetings? Even though Don Hobel has lost all his elections, he is still a politician: just a bad one. Ironically, the things he says about politicians apply to him and he has zero credibility.

dark knight said...

Dear Don Hobel,

I called Bob Freeman, czar of all that is about Open Government, and he said it was probably inapropriate for you to cut a backroom deal on this petition scheme with Dan Rivera. That meeting should have been open to the public.

As such, I have sent a letter to the Attorney General of New York State, the State Comptroller, the County's Ethic Committee adn the Board of Elections asking them all to investigate this matter.

I plan on using my three minutes at the next Legislature meeting to condemn your actions and your bastardization of our electoral process.

Rosemary and Margie must be aghast at your actions. I hope they shun you from their group.

Sane Taxpayers of Niagara County

P.S. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive that Don Hobel would have cut a deal with Maziarz, all that just to make Dan look bad. The King Pin is at it again.

Anonymous said...

That dog Dan still has a few tricks up his sleeve…

It really funny to note that Don, a Conservative, made a deal with the Democrats because in essence he was to lazy to build an organization to support him.

He got my vote – I’m sure this is just a blip in his record and he’ll work real hard for WNY once he’s elected.

Signed the guy whom just got a good deal on Enron stock.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Dan bitch slapped, I mean tweaked, Don Hobel's nose to get him to decline the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Don Hobel issued a statement that said even though Dan bitch slapped him, he still supported Dan as chairman.

Anonymous said...

No you miss quoted him Don Hobel issued a statement that said that Dan bitch slapped him and he liked it!

Anonymous said...

Where's Larry today?

I confess, I had to go over to the Niagara Journal blog to read his replies to Hobbes post.

Please forgive me.

And I want to report that I made it back here and I'm still a NOP.

However, beware they are growing in numbers - I think at their is at least three of them now.

DS said...

Hobbes... More Vandlism...