July 21, 2008

Golisano Supports Del Monte's Opponent

We've made it clear on the pages of Niagara Times that we believe New York State Assemblywoman Francine Del Monte is quite useless in representing the 138th Assembly District. Most of the district, which includes Niagara Falls, Porter, Wilson, Newfane, Hartland, Lewiston, Cambria, Wheatfield and the Town of Niagara, has been largely ignored by Del Monte during her nearly eight years in office. Her focus has been solely Niagara Falls, and the results of her efforts to beautify that city speak for themselves.

The biography on her Assembly home page touts the fact that she authored legislation to create the Niagara Wine Trail - in 2001. If you need to go back seven years to cite legislation you "authored", you've been pretty ineffective. Of course, the same biography states that the Seneca Niagara Casino "will soon be connected to a new 26 story hotel". Way to stay up to date, Francine.

Apparently we're not alone in our perception of Del Monte.
Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano has given the legal maximum of $3,800 to the Assembly campaign of Paula Banks Dahlke, Del Monte's opponent in this Fall's race. Golisano pledged $5 million of his own money to fund candidates who agree with his agenda of lower taxes, less state spending and government reform. Considering Del Monte's close ties to Manhattanite Shelly Silver, leader of the Assembly Majority, as well as the rest of the NYC puppeteers that guide her around, we're not surprised by Golisano's contribution.

Del Monte is a formidable candidate, handily disposing of Dan Bazzani two years ago. If nothing else, let's hope that this is a wake-up call for Del Monte that people are watching and she needs to stop catering to the interests of NYC.

Niagara Falls is a world-class destination. Do something with it. You're a Democrat, Niagara Falls has a Dem Mayor, a Dem State Senator and we have a Dem Governor. No more excuses, Francine, step up or get out.

But don't forget about Hartland in the process; Tom Golisano won't and neither will we.


Anonymous said...

Golisano is a whacko. He will not legally be allowed to throw $5 million into thse races. There are campaign finance laws. He should read them before he opens his pie hole. It just goes to show that money can't buy intelligence.

Anonymous said...

More than just the monies – this sends a message to the WNY community that Paula Banks Dahlke is the “right” candidate for us.

Obviously Tom Golisano has recognized that Del Monte has "sold out" to the down state party bosses. It the best course of action is to work to remove her from office.

Obviously Tom Golisano has realized that Paula Banks Dahlke will be good for upstate and good for the tax payer.

This is a huge endorsement.

Pete M said...

Hobbes, I agree that Del Monte should do more to show that she cares about her district outside of the Falls. Could you do her a favor and publish a map for her? I don't think she knows how to get to Hartland. Maybe she could get Silver to buy her one of those GPS navigation systems for her state-subsidized car.

Anonymous said...

Why dont that idiot golisano give money to the republicans, thats bullshit he only gives money to useless democratics. Who is the republican anyway? is dan running again? he sure got lots of the black vote.

Anonymous said...

Golisano a whacko??

Give me a break Dan!

What more does the man have to do?

Besides building a successful business in WNY and rescuing the Buffalo Sabres.

Come on- he just signed Ryan Miller.

Get a clue!

The truth of the matter is that Del Monte is a lazy politician that needs to go.

It time for a change in the “heart land” and that change is Paul Banks Dahlke.


Anonymous said...

Here is your gal paula's experience, With 12 years of interior design experience and five years of kitchen and bath design experience to her name, Paula Banks Dahlke has put her design philosophy to good use time and time again. A University of Buffalo graduate in art and design, Dahlke believes that, “A design should be a blend of image and function. A kitchen should be an extension of your lifestyle.”

A certified color consultant for 10 years, Dahlke’s lifestyle is a busy one. With three teenagers, Dahlke spends her free time restoring her turn-of-the-century home with her husband.

Wow you moron will get rid of one idiot for another. Good job hobbes

Larry S said...

Okay, so Dahlke doesn't have 8 years of failures to fall back on, like Del Monte. I'll take a businesswoman like Dahlke over a puppet like Del Monte any day. And while you're insinuating something negative about Dahlke, why don't you tell us something positive Del Monte has done for her district?

Big Daddy said...

Consensus: both candidates suck. Big Daddy's rule of voting: when both candidates suck, vote for change because maybe you'll get lucky.

Anonymous said...

I disagee, keep the one you got, because she already got all her friends jobs. So if now a new one comes in they got to start finding jobs for all their friends. And forget about changing anything around here, this place is one big shithole and it aint changing.

Clark Griswold said...

Wow. Rivera, Clark, or whoever keeps posting these ridiculously immature and wasteful posts, give it a damn rest. Hobbes is pointing out FACTS about Del Monte's time in office. Either come on here and respond with something that includes at least A LITTLE SUBSTANCE or just shut up. All this fake police-beat nonsense has gotten quite old quickly. These type of responses directed towards people on this blog that are questioning the accountability of their ELECTED OFFICIALS is downright laughable. It simply points to why the Democratic Party as a whole in this area is such a joke right now. You see Danny posting a new blog on his own page every month or two bashing certain individuals over and over again; yet when one of his own is questioned based on the facts of her work, this is the only response him and his pawns can come up with. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Tom Golisano has already made a personal contribution of $3800.00, the legal limit, to the Paula Banks Dahlke Assembly campaign. She is running for the 138th Assembly district seat against Francine DelMonte.

Anonymous said...

Trying to avoid the legal restrictions of a political action committee, Golisano plans to amend his filing with the state Board of Elections to create a different kind of entity that will enable him to spend unlimited amounts for or against - but not on behalf of - state legislative candidates, according to his top advisor Steve Pigeon.

Instead of a PAC, Golisano will create an unauthorized multi-candidate political committee, which will act independently of all candidates (and still be called Responsible New York), Pigeon said. This committee will not make any direct contributions.

The Golisano camp had already filed paperwork with the state yesterday to create the PAC he unveiled this morning and said he would seed with $5 million….

…But, Brehm said, a political committee that is independent and not authorized by any particular campaign can spend whatever it wishes on ads, mailings, and signs.

Such committees, which deal with mandated free speech requirements, merely have to register what candidates they are oppose or support and how much it has taken in and spent.

According to Pigeon, Golisano will still establish a PAC called People for Responsible New York, which will accept donations up to $100 and will make campaign donations (adhering to the existing campaign finance limits) to candidates Golisano is supporting.

One thing that is not clear is whether the fact that Golisano has already spoken to some candidates, plans to have candidates fill out questionnaires and might meet with them after they do so would disqualify him legally from claiming his committee is independent and unauthorized.

Brehem did not have an immediate answer.

Golisano and Pigeon maintain they are merely seeking out the viewpoints of candidates, but will be working alone in deciding whom to back and how to spend Golisano’s money.

rufus said...

You can go back and forth on Democrats and Republicans. Attack Dennis or Clyde. That's the easy stuff and doesn't take much thought.

Here's an idea. Who in Niagara County is flying under the radar screen, using some measure of our tax dollars in a way that is producing little yet they are above any meaningful level of accountability. I'll go first:

John Percy: I agree with today's Niagara Falls Reporter. John Percy of the NTCC hasn't produced much of anything in the way of tourism with all that money he has been given. Time to give him his walking papers.

Anonymous said...

At least Francine has not had her house forclosed on and filed bankruptcy like her opponent! Boy I would want that woman in Albany representing me, not!

Anonymous said...

Delmonte helping only Niagara Falls? Would someone show me what she has done for the Falls? I must be missing something. I don't believe Delmonte helps anyone other then Delmonti. Only wish Delmonte had an opponent that could win.

rob clark said...

Griswold, you should know better than to think that I am posting anything as anonymous. I for one do not like the idea of Golisano being able to throw money around like this. I would feel the same way if he gave the money to DelMonte.

Its just as bad as taking money from all of the specail interest groups in Albany, or out of state for that matter.

Rufus, your right on with that comment. There are a bunch of people who fall under that category.

not_over_it said...

Francine cares about Niagara Falls? Huh. Could have fooled me.

Don't let anyone tell you that Francine and Shelly aren't worried about this, btw. I just happened to be walking by her district office early this afternoon when a guy who clearly works for the Assembly pulled up in a limo. He got out smoking like a chimney, waiting for poor little Francine to show up, which she eventually did.

Off topic, I have to wonder what Francine thought about someone smoking...

Gotta say, the frantic conversation was entertaining to watch, as they walked into the office.

I don't know what Francine did wrong, but she didn't get to have a ride in the limo when he left.

As far as the legality of what Golisano is doing, anonymouse, let's talk about that, shall we?

You know (I hope) and I know that he's not breaking any campaign finance laws with the fund he's created as long as he's endorsing the issues rather than the candidate, and as far as his personal funds goes, he can endorse whomever the hell he wants to.

Please, let's talk about illegally financing a campaign, hmmmm? How many "informational mailers" has Francine mailed out since she hasn't had a primary? Our taxpayer dollars are supposed to go towards a set amount (30 grand) per year that they're allowed to use per year, but that they don't have to. Last time Francine faced a primary there were 15 "informational mailers" which boiled down to nothing less than campaign pieces, and there's no way they cost less then 5 times, probably 10, what she was supposed to spend, on our dime.

Try a FOI request with the mailers, and the Assembly will tell you that it's none of your business.