July 25, 2008

Friday Ruminations

For the first time in decades, the Buffalo Niagara region's job market has grown faster than all of the other 13 major metropolitan areas in the state. While the nation has lost jobs for six straight months, the Buffalo Niagara region has added jobs for six consecutive months. Good news indeed.

At the same time, hotel operators in Erie and Niagara counties are experiencing something their counterparts in the rest of the country are not -- filled rooms. Hotel occupancy over the past six months has risen significantly in both counties. Niagara Falls led the country in occupancy rates in June and for the first six months of '08. Great news.

The Buffalo Bills start training camp today. Our prediction is a 6-10 season. If they don't give Jason Peters a new contract soon, cut that win total in half. The Bills have the longest current streak in the NFL of not making the playoffs.

In case you missed it, the Niagara Falls Reporter front page has a picture of Niagara County Dem Chair Dan Rivera sneaking in the back door of the Red Coach in Niagara Falls during a protested fundraiser. Appropriately, the headline is "Back Door Dan".

Kudos to Gov. David Paterson for signing into law a new version of the Brownfield Cleanup Program. The moratorium that the state enacted earlier this year had threatened to derail several WNY projects. They can now move forward.

The New York Times has an excellent piece on the new brownfields law.

The death of a DOT worker by a distracted driver is horribly tragic. Best wishes to his family as they attempt to cope with this tragedy.

The cloud over disgraced former guv Eliot Spitzer simply will not dissipate.
The state Commission on Public Integrity charged four members of the Spitzer administration on Thursday with misusing the State Police as part of a political vendetta.

Shades of "Laurence" Spitzer's anger are evident in a chain of emails released by the State Commission on Public Integrity related to the Spitzer administration’s efforts to smear Joe Bruno.


Anonymous said...

People just don't get it- that cell phone call or text message could cost somebody their life. How would you feel if a member of your family died because somebody could not wait to read a text message about plans for the evening?

The roads become less safe with each added distraction. People on phones are worse drivers than people who are intoxicated. Let's put some teeth into the law.

And why the hell do the cops get to talk on their cell phones while they are driving? Are they less distracted than you or me?

Wesly said...

6-10? try 10-6. Hopefully

George Lodick said...

As a Safety Manager for a company that works on roads, I frequently remind employees about the hazards and how to flag traffic safely. While heighten awareness helps, the guy behind the wheel is a variable you just can't control.

In this case, it wasn't a cell phone. He dropped his lit cigarette on the floor. It's truly tragic. But, just how much safety can we truly regulate?

Cell phone and cigarettes are already on the hit list. A downstate assemblyman wants breathalysers in your dashboard that will be required for the car to start. So, how about biometric sensors that require your hands at 10 & 2 on the steering wheel?

I am sure that the government will make us safe. They're only here to help.

Anonymous said...

We need another law, lets ban smoking and driving. Those idiot smokers always are throwing the butts out the window causing untold forest fires. Good for the reporters front page, but why is it 3 weeks behind? The news is so old now, McCain used the back door too at the art gallery to advoid those idiot protesters, when is the reporter going to report that next month?

Larry S said...

I love the Spitzer emails. It shows just how warped this guy's mind is. Thank God he's gone. On January 1st, who'd have thought that less than eight months later both Spitzer and Bruno would be out of office?

Anonymous said...

More job growth - Thank you Seneca's

More hotels Booked - Thank You Texas

When is New York and Niagara County going to good for New York and Niagara County.

No Smoking - No Cell Phones, what about Big Mac's and French Fries, Makeup Kits, Curling Irons, Shavers. Oh and 10 and 2 is no longer the standard by the driving instuctors don't know why.

And Dan - what a waste of useless flesh.

And Anon your right Back Door Dan - Back Door McCain no differance. Well at least they are still in this Country WTG Obama

Anonymous said...

Could somebody please tell me why I have NOT read any reference to job growth in this region in the Lockport Journal. I think the local paper has some kind of agenda- only print the shit. But why?

rufus said...

The US&J only prints want is spoon fed to it by people like Tom Christy, Scott Leffler and Bob Confer...the last actualy having some reasonable points of view from timt to time. Tim Marren does not have the intellectual capacity to reason through issues and maintain any measure of editorial consistency on his pages. He is really a two bit hack.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I disagree. Tim Marren is not stupid; he just has some sort of agenda. I just can not, for the life of me, figure out what it is. It certainly can't be to sell more papers because I don't believe he is. Is he letting his own personal politics cloud his judgment? Is he letting his love of Tom Christy get in the way of his job?

rob clark said...

I for one think that Mr. Lodick would make a great candidate. No matter what party he belongs to. He`s both smart and honest. Thats hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Rob Clark,

"No comment..."