July 18, 2008

Friday Ruminations

It's great to see that business, political and community leaders have banded together to build a twin ice rink and recreational facility in the city in the City of Lockport. Many of those who support the relocation of the YMCA from the city to the town are apparently furious over several developments related to the ice rink, including one YMCA board member who has resigned because YMCA Exec Director Mark Albiez refused to consider expansion to the former Jubilee building, the new home of the ice rink.

One has to wonder about the ongoing controversy surrounding the Lew-Port school district. They fail to get approval on a $10 million funding program related to the Greenway Commission, former board members being sued for actions during their terms last year, while being thrown under the bus by the current school board, the school district attorney is forced out after 20 years of service and while while a dozen of her colleagues were granted tenure status, one teacher, who appears to be being used as a pawn by warring board members, was denied her tenure.

Congressional candidate Jack Davis once again finds himself in hot water after giving two "consultants" $5,000 each. The problem? Those consultants are
the wives of the two men who will determine the Independence Party nomination for the 26th Congressional District. Of course Erie County IP Chairman Anthony Orsini says the payments and Davis’ pursuit of the endorsement are not connected, nor will the $10,000 influence the party’s decision. Uhhh huh.

Kudos to Buffalo Mayor for his efforts to reduce the number of take-home vehicles for city employees. Twenty of the Buffalo Police Department officers who take their taxpayer-funded vehicles home average $106,000 per year in salary. Of course, that didn't stop Union President Robert Meegan Jr. from telling Channel 7 that a detective may not be able to make it to the scene of a homicide because his wife has the car. You're making $106,000 a year and you have one car? Simply another negative reflection on public sector unions and their warped sense of entitlement.

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has raised over $22,000 in campaign contributions during his first six months in office, including donations from several top city workers. Sheriff's candidate Ernest Palmer has vowed not to take a dime from any member of the Sheriff's department. More candidates should take Palmer's lead on this one. Dyster legally can take donations from his employees, but it simply looks bad.

Kudos to Niagara County for opening the dialogue on transferring all State Supreme and Family courts from Niagara Falls to Lockport. In Erie County, if you need to go to Family Court, there is one location, in downtown Buffalo. Next on the radar should be DMVs. You get a license once every eight years, who's going to complain about going a extra few miles to the DMV once every eight years? Close the NT and NF DMVs.


Anonymous said...

Nobody has the balls to call out public sector employees: they teach our children, they protect our lives, etc. But there are thousands of qualified people in WNY that would love to be cops- just look at all the colleges offering criminal justice degrees. If they can't figure out how to own a vehicle on a measly $106,000 per year, then the city should find somebody who can. Better yet, if your job sucks that bad, then QUIT.

Anonymous said...

In the real world, that $ Dyster is taking from his employees is called "shakedown" $.

Anonymous said...

I work in Erie County, 30 miles from home. When I took the job, I knew where the job was located. If I didn't want to drive to work, I shouldn't have taken the job. These people are unbelievable. In this day and age of $4.25 a gallon gas, every employer should be pulling back the reigns, even you special public sector people who think you deserve the whole world. And more.

Anonymous said...

why does everything need to be in Lockport - why don't we shut down the lockport DMV or have more court services in NF and less in lcokport. It just seems to me that the county has a real eastern slant. It's getting to be like the update state down state issue. Don't be surprised if new alliance are formed because of this wedge issue.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon:

With respect to the courts, it is obvious that you have never been in the Niagara Falls courthouse. It can not be fixed. The only courtrooms that are any good are already located in Lockport. Doesn't that make sense to put the other ones there and actually consolidate services? And who is this inconvenient for- for lawyers? for judges? The question should be what is cheapest for the taxpayers. Everyone wants consolidation but screams bloody murder when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe I am ou tof the know - but I thought I saw a new court house being built in NF.

Maybe everything is already spoken for there?

But their a hell of alot of people in NF and the surrounding area to say - let just move it all to lockport.

Or let's make it fair - lockport gets the courts NF gets the DMV.

Does that work for you? if not, why?

Anonymous said...

Why complain about Dyster - is he doing anything illegal?

And who cares - the GOP has not influence in the NF - they have put out the white flag there.

Dyster is just fortifying against a challenge from within his own party - Sam’s the name being mayor will be his game.

Anonymous said...

Everything's in Lockport? It's the county seat, and more importantly, the geographic center of the county. That's why things are located in Lockport.

Anonymous said...

What an asshole, if the center of the county is a tar pit we should build it there. You people are morons, it should be built where people live not just in some field because its the center. Unless you want to move Washington to Iowa.

Anonymous said...

with the logic of the retards who post here, then the state capital should either be in a finger lake or manhattan.

Anonymous said...

that Dyster is a worthless piece of shit and he should go back to working at his beer store

Anonymous said...

Government takes direction from the people, and based on the arguments that I am reading on this blog, we should be concerned with the direction we are providing.

Anonymous said...

Albeiz has a big smattering of egg on his face today. If the old Jubilee building is good enough for a state of the art hockey rink and recreational facility, it certainly could have housed an updated YMCA.

Anonymous said...


Re-reading your post about “Niagara County Politics”, I do get the perception, or at least I’m left with the impression that maybe, just maybe, things would be better if the two sides of the isle were not so contention.

Yet you and your number one poster, Larry, have had a major “falling out” and like our two Parties, you guys are not talking or even debating the issues in an open civil manner.

I’m not sure if what Larry is claiming is true or not and I don't care because I do know that you have removed at least one of my posts and a few others from people that I know. And I do believe that you had every right to do so because these posts may have been a little bit over the line.

I’m truly sorry – I had a political madness moment. I think we all can relate to this, right?

However I do miss Larry and I’m still having trouble sleeping… counting sheep is really over rated.

I do know that Larry is willing to come back if he gets a small apology from you.

Let me help you out, how about;

“Larry I’m sorry that I removed your post, but I had to do so because it was stupid.”

Well, I can’t lie I ripped that one off from my neighbor’s kid, but I swear it’s public domain material.

I know that you are the Supreme Being on this blog - so you may not choose to do this for me.

But I really do miss Larry. His long posts about how today’s County politics are really rooted in Empire of the Great Ming, that was the ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644, following the collapse of the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty.

And I swear to God that I’m not a former student that got a *&^$ “C” on my mid-term; I just need some sleep already!


Reverend Right said...


love what you've done with the blog

nothing like preaching to the choir now, is there?

rob clark said...

Thsat would actually mean something if you didn`t post it as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

What do you say Rob Clark - it's only $100.00. Lead by example young blood....

Anonymous said...

As for the dyster fundraiser. It's the one and only thing he has accomplished in his seven months in office. I mean the idiot is still out headhunting for an administration. The people of Niagara Falls are not good enough for him because he can't bullshit them. He's a loser. 3 1/2 more years of total unrest.