July 1, 2008

Don't Go Away Mad Roberson, Just Go Away

So Bob Roberson is once again suing Niagara County for what he says he is owed from the Sewer District, in the neighborhood of $18,000. Why does it seem this law firm just won't go away. For those of you who don't remember, Roberson is partners with one of our very favorite attorneys, Eddie Shoemaker. Their legal billings in the Town of Somerset are the stuff legends are made of.....legend in the fact that the public was never actually able to see detailed bills.

Actually, those opposing Roberson should be leery. I'm not claiming there is a direct link, but consider the following facts:

1) Dan Engert, a Niagara County Sheriff, was overwhelmingly elected to the Somerset Town Board last year.

2) Engert immediately begins questioning the Town's legal billing procedures and has several heated exchanges with Bob Roberson.

3) Suddenly, Engert is on the end of an ethics complaint at the Sheriff's department filed by another sheriff's department employee (this ethics complaint was summarily dismissed but not before Engert had to answer several press inquiries.)

4) Turns out this sheriff's department employee is married to someone who works in the County Clerk's office in Lockport.

5) And who is the Deputy County Clerk in charge of the Lockport office....well looky here, is Wendy Roberson, Bob's wife. And it turns out the two families vacation together.

Bet you never read those details in the Buffalo News or Niagara Gazette.

There probably isn't a link, right? Sometimes these things just happen, especially in small county like Niagara.

But I'm glad I'm not the one opposing paying Bob is $18K.


Anonymous said...

...so there should be a section on our tax bills that reads "This is the amount that you paid for Bob Roberson's lawsuits against Niagara County:___"

fat tony said...

When is enough enough for some of these pigs. And big kudos to Hobbes for giving us the story behind the story on Engert. You would think the local press guys could do a little bit of digging on this stuff.

Whatever happened to journalists looking to see if the person making an allegation against a public figure had an ulterior motive? I thought that was journalism 101.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage. Where is the ethics complaints against Wendy Roberson. Why doesn't Wayne Jagow get off his ass and realize what is going on in his own department. Talk about being asleep at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Great catch Hobbes. I find that underlink interesting...you never see the papers really digging deep to find out if there could be another motive. I agree with fat tony...I thought it was a part of their job to find out information. The Tonawanda News is proly too busy printing sound off about Walmart to look into things like this!

WilliamWallace said...

Wow...great use of taxpayer money, surprisingly not being written about in the papers.

Truth Detector said...

Last anon, Jagow is likable but it's clear he's been running out the clock for years. He's a glorified party planner while his deputies, particularly Roberson, run the whole show.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you can connect the dots on this Roberson - Engert thing, but deny the obvious connections between George, the Henrys and everything that is wrong with Niagara County ...

Anonymous said...

agree with the last post, hobbes has a selective agenda

Anonymous said...

Really, George & Henry are the problem. Last time I looked, Henry didn't smack women around the way Rivera does. Henry didn't abuse his position to dig up dirt on opponents and then get fired. Rivera did.

Rivera brought us Soos and NT is living to regret it. Rivera got in bed with the NCCC unions and then stuck it to them at budget time.

And by the way, did I mention Rivera likes to bully women?

Anonymous said...

Is that the best you've got? Accusations of selective agenda? We should ignore a blatant abuse of taxpayer money? Is that the Democratic platform? The new Democratic slogan for the upcoming election year is: "We don't abuse taxpayers as bad as others do!"

Of course Dan Rivera is just stupid enough to use it.

Anonymous said...

sorry crumbs, dan is not going to stop the dem's this year no matter how much you want to make it an issue. give it up it work for getting rid of cristy but its not going to make people forget what a shit job the gop is doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey hobbes if nccc is such a great school how come none of your big shot friends send their kids there? You just use the school payroll to give jobs to flunky's who cant find real jobs. Its more of a trade school than a real college no matter what the idiots say about what an asset it is for our county.

Larry Castellani said...

Interesting deduction Hobbes! …but what I’d really like to know and would give vast sums to find out is how you get wind of all this juicy stuff. Vast sums!

What I just can’t come to terms with, however, is whether all this mini-corruption is worth the effort? Is this politics or soap opera?

Anon the last: Those are fightin’ words regarding N-trip. Over 20 years ago I taught at UB as a graduate student and was offered the opportunity to teach a graduate school course by my advisor. Graduate school, not undergraduate. I taught there for three years. Now I have 20 years additional experience but because I don’t teach at UB you think I’m a smuck. Further evidence that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about regarding the quality of N-trip: My office mate, Dr. Yu Liu, received a Guggenheim Fellowship last year. If you don’t know, it’s the most prestigious fellowship in the world. Many faculty at the Ivy League schools never get one. Dr. Liu is a great teacher and outstanding scholar. You should be so lucky to even have a conversation with him let alone study with him at any level. And I don’t care if you have 10 Ph.D.s, if you take my philosophy course at N-trip you will learn something quite new and valuable.

If you took my course at UB I’d be a hero. The same course at N-trip is considered not worth the tuition. Strange logic, no? No, I wouldn’t vouch for all our faculty. But I met some faculty at UB who are also sleepwalking through their careers.

Well, that felt good.

Anonymous said...

Ha -- I'd like to know where these "scoops" are coming from as well. It probably has something to do w/ using analytical skills, something which the US&J journalists are incapable of demonstrating.
Some of the partisan bickering in this thread is absurd for an outsider like me; you're saying the same thing except you're placing the blame at the feet of the opposing party. I would think that all of you are correct when it comes down to it, though; in fact, none of these people (on both sides of the aisle) seem to be particularly beneficial for the county. As a registered Democrat, I'm embarrassed by the likes of Virtuoso and Kimble. Conversely, I'm not impressed w/ Maziarz, who is a constant source of discussion among posters to this site. It seems like a waste; all of that power and influence and yet it's all for the purpose of acquiring more power...so pointless for the rest of us (esp those not in the loop)!
Anyway, I hope Hobbes continues to shed light on these issues (even if it's critical of those elephants...ahem).
Of course, if you all want a soap opera, you could move to where I lived a few yrs ago; we had a lesbian state legislature rep who did cocaine while in office and was in default on her home mortgage b/c she left her partner and their adopted child to pay all the bills.

LC --
What an exciting opportunity for your colleague. I'm glad to hear the faculty there is so well represented. I taught (part time) at a community college for a few years in the south. I never realized how valuable that avenue is to so many people. I'm actually impressed w/ the number of PhD's at NCCC compared to other comm colleges. You're right though that faculty bodies are much like student bodies -- some winners, some losers, and a lot of in between. Kudos to you for taking pride in your work.
-- Morgan P.

Anonymous said...

I should stipulate that the lesbian state rep was NOT in NYS. I don't want to start a bunch of unfounded rumors.
Have a great holiday weekend all.

Anonymous said...

Good to see some intelligent posts have returned to this site. I'm tiring of accusations of Rivera hitting women and the GOP running the county into the ground.