July 10, 2008

Breaking News-Leading State Dem Stands Up Rivera

Local hardball stings Albany heavyweight

Senate minority leader does a U-turn at fundraiser amid protest against Niagara Democratic chairman

By Tom Precious and Thomas J. Prohaska BUFFALO NEWS STAFF REPORTERS
Updated: 07/11/08 6:42 AM

The State Senate’s top Democrat got a taste of hardball politics — Niagara County style — Wednesday night, when he was greeted by a few dozen protesters who turned out calling for the resignation of the county’s Democratic chairman.

Senate Minority Leader Malcolm A. Smith of Queens refused to attend a Niagara County Democratic Party fundraiser in Niagara Falls after being confronted by protesters demanding the resignation of County Democratic Chairman Daniel Rivera for grabbing a female colleague’s nose.

Diane M. Roberts, the victim of the nose grab, did attend the fundraiser and later issued a statement opposing the protesters.

Rivera called the incident “a politically orchestrated hit job” for which he blamed

Gary D. Parenti, a longtime foe of his within the Democratic Party. Parenti denied any involvement.

Smith, the scheduled headliner of the $500-per-person event, waited for 45 minutes while a small group of pickets urged him not to enter the gathering in the Red Coach Inn. After a brief chat with leaders of the group, Smith said he would not attend and then drove off.

A video of the event, posted on the Web site YouTube.com, shows Smith telling an unseen questioner, “I came down here planning on going to the event, but I understand there was some roughhousing with a young lady, and the respect I have for women as well, that’s why we’re sitting back here taking a look.”

Protest organizer Kathryn Lake Mazierski of Lewiston, a former president of the state chapter of the National Organization for Women, said Smith sat in his car outside the event for nearly 45 minutes. Meanwhile, Mazierski, who worked on Parenti’s unsuccessful 2006 Assembly campaign, said she could see Smith working the cell phones.

The video then shows Smith standing outside a sport utility vehicle in the Comfort Inn parking lot, talking with Mazierski and Elaine Pienta, a Lewiston Democrat and Rivera foe.

As the conversation becomes audible, Smith can be heard saying, “We respect women’s rights, and I’m not going to cross the line for somebody who abuses women.”

Before leaving in his SUV, Smith added, “You don’t have to thank me. It’s easy to do the right thing.”

At issue was the recent resignation of Roberts, of Lewiston, as vice chairwoman of the county Democratic Party. She left her post after accusing Rivera of grabbing her by the nose twice and yelling obscenities at her during a conversation over a news release at an April fundraiser in the Niagara Club.

The video shows Roberts smiling and waving at the pickets from a second-floor window of the Red Coach Inn.

“Surprisingly, these individuals — championing women’s rights allegedly based on my personal situation — had not a clue who walked past them as I entered the building,” Roberts wrote in a statement she released Thursday.

“When advised later by a member of the restaurant staff that I was inside the building, one of the protesters made the statement that it did not matter how much I had been paid to attend! To be clear, I was not paid a dime to attend and went fully of my own volition.

“I am intrigued by the amount of attention this clearly political attack by political operatives has garnered. It is nothing more than an attempt to distract the voters from the real and important issues — job creation and the lowering of taxes to stimulate economic growth.”

Rivera said he did not fault Smith for refusing to attend.

“It was conveyed to me that he was basically intimidated and threatened,” Rivera said. “He was being spoon-fed political garbage by Gary Parenti’s political operatives. I’m not going to fault Sen. Smith. He was put in an extremely ugly position by people who have ulterior motives.”

Parenti said, “I had nothing to do with it. I’m not trying to take over the party. I have so many other things to do. I’m involved with [B. Thomas] Golisano’s PAC [political action committee]. I’m doing presidential [campaign] stuff. I’m active in the party, but I’m not trying to take it over.”

Parenti sued Rivera for libel after Rivera published a newspaper column during the 2006 Assembly primary campaign attacking Parenti’s criminal record as a drunken driver, allegedly through the use of sealed court records that Rivera might have accessed through his work as an insurance investigator.

Parenti won an out-of-court settlement; Rivera lost his job with the insurance company but is now working for a law firm.

Roberts suggested that the protesters would be better off volunteering at shelters for battered women if their concern is protecting women.

“My commitment to the Democratic cause — and especially to the Democratic female elected officials from this area — is as strong as ever and untouched by any personal issue which existed between myself and Chairman Rivera,” she said.

Mazierski said, “I don’t think Daniel Rivera, based on his conduct, is fit to lead the Democratic Party in Niagara County. . . . The only motivation we have is, Dan Rivera needs to go.”

On the local Democratic Party’s Web page, the evening was promoted as a “private reception” with Smith, who is in line, if the Democrats are successful in the fall elections, to become the Senate majority leader.”

Cort Ruddy, a spokesman for Smith, said Smith’s staff had been told about the issue.

“The protest was our first indication of how serious things were,” he said.

Asked if Smith has a position on whether Rivera should continue as county chairman, Ruddy declined to comment.

YouTube - Niagara County Dems Rebuffed (Part 1 of 2)

YouTube - Niagara County Dems Rebuffed (Part 2 of 2)


Anonymous said...

Well if the Senate honcho decided not to go in, there must be some truth to this very sordid affair.
Really, you just cant defend what the Dem Chairman did.

PottyMouth said...

Wow...what the heck is this guys' problem. I assume he had a stake in this fudnraiser. He should ask his chairman to be accountable and stop abusing women, then there would be no concerns (minus the chairman's inabilities to run successful campaigns)

Anonymous said...

How dare some boon from queens snub dan, its not like he cut off her head like OJ.

Anonymous said...

Another ploy by the crack smoking republican operative Gary Parenti to make the dems look bad. Why wasn't the other fake democrats there?

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the videos on You Tube? Who was that woman in the 2nd one near the end yelling at the protester?? Another Democrat who can't maintain their composure! She said something about who the woman's boyfriend was and a $2 hooker or something!! Dems making themselves look bad again.
I'll say it again, if any man tweaked my nose and cursed at me, there would be a big problem and I would never, ever say it was OK. It's absolutely degrading.

MyDemocrats=Phonies said...

RE: "Why wasn't (weren't?) the other 'fake' democrats there?"

B/c they were dems angry at their party chair and non-political people trying to stand up for women's rights...just as Malcolm Smith did by not enetering the event. Too bad other dems didn't have the guts to stand up for what they always claim to believe in....

Demo-crazies said...

that's right...Republicans are over the race and gender issues, but the dems are the ones that keep bringing them up (jessie jackson, hillary clinton) and continuing to abuse minorities. The democrats entering that fundraiser were as good as an endorsement of their Chairman's behavior. At least malcom Smith had it right...

gop shill said...

Q. How much of a man is Dan Rivera?

A. He snuck into the fundraiser through a backdoor to avoid the protesters.

Danny, way to hang DelMonte, Newlin and Lenihan out to dry. I bet Len Lenihan loves you today.

Anonymous said...

I 'nose' Len loves Dan today, same with Malcolm

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the GOP ever having such a debacle that would feature the Republican leader of the Senate. Think about it. Joe Bruno (now Dean Skelos) showing up at Suzanne's with protesters outside and Henry hiding inside it. Never would happen.

Dan, as if your electoral disaster last year wasn't proof enough, you are deadweight around the county Dems.

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop trivializng this into a political game of gotcha. All of this is noise distracting from the fact that a leading part official in Niagara County accosted a female leader of the party, driving her from her post. And yet, Democrat elected officials are silent on the issue.

Turk 182 said...

Last anon makes a point, but to somehow think this isn't or shouldn't be political is being a little naive.

Dan Rivera plays hardball politics. So when his well known histronics get him in trouble, it's not surprising that his political opponets are exploiting it to full advantage.

And you should never put your hands on a woman in a threatening manner.

Anonymous said...

Good to know Senator Smith is against any kind of roughhousing of women. This is serious stuff, but that YouTube video is damn funny. Another dem calling a protester a two cent hooker. You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the YWCA decided to stop shilling for the county Dems and actually took part in the protest? Do we need to file a missing person report for Kathy Granchelli?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news, Robin Schimminger was seen outside the event, but just kept on driving! Knee knocking...

Anonymous said...

Prediction: At some point, Francine DelMonte and Jim Voyteur tell Rivera he has become a distraction to their campaigns and it's time for him to go. He'll be out by mid-August.

GOP will cry at the loss of their punching bag.

Anonymous said...

Dan is also the North Tonawanda Democratic Chairman and will be at Canal Fest everyday next week. Maybe the protesters should show up there so that everyone in the Tonawanda's knows what a scum he is also. Oh by the way, I saw on youtube that their Mayor Larry Soos there last night also.

Anonymous said...

Larry Soos waving like the protesters were there to warmly greet him. At least he didn't call anyone a pollack this time.

Fred Newlin seems like a smart enough guy. What must he think when he looks around the room at no-class bums like Rivera and Soos.

Anonymous said...

Q: Who was that woman in the 2nd one near the end yelling at the protester?? Another Democrat who can't maintain their composure! She said something about who the woman's boyfriend was and a $2 hooker or something!! Dems making themselves look bad again.

A: None other than Sue Needler your right Malcolm (Mal) Needlers sister-in-law.

"We are family"

Anonymous said...

Well at least Demsicrats still like women not men and boys like republicans

Anonymous said...

HAHA...that must hurt republicans feelings...they were told they like men and boys

Anonymous said...

Just popped in. The most important comment so far is the one regarding the YWCA. The more they stay silent the less relevant they really become.

It really is unnerving that they have said absolutly nothing.

Shame on them.

I bet if Henry Wojtaszek was the one that di this that Kathy Granchelli would have been all over this like a pitbull on a pantlag.

Anonymous said...

Fred Newlin had no problem pushing his way through that crowd... Nice job Fred.

Anonymous said...

tell me who the fool is, larry who wants to sit on a blog and change the US stance on iraq, or Niagara COunty democrats calling for the abuse of women to stop, beginning with their party chairman....
tag larry, ur it

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this, I would have not crossed through a picket line of women to go to a $500.00 fund raiser. How can you not talk about the elephant in the room.

We should list the elected officals that decided to cross the picket line - they need to be asked why, I'll start.

Fred Newlin - Lewiston Town Supervisor

Sean Edwards - Lewiston Town Board member

Anonymous said...

Francine DelMonte: NYS Assemblywoman

Anonymous said...

ri---rive---stuttering rivera was sweating a little on the news report today. He will need to pay for his abuse of women, pretending it was a nose 'tweak' is a joke. How about you slap her next time and call it a caress.

Anonymous said...

I watched the YOUTUBE video of the local DEMS in action. I think anyone who supports Rivera should be ashamed of themself. He obviously broke a moral code and should not be in power. However, as a Republican, I am happy that he is still in charge. I feel that he greatly helps those republicans who are running in the next elections. Your "leader" has not shown the restraint needed to be effective. I don't care if Diane Roberts still supports Rivera or not, what he did was wrong. At the very least, Very least, he should say I'm sorry and move on. At most, he should resign. Sorry Dems, but this story has legs and if I was a Dem, I would take action.

Anonymous said...

I posted the last blog and am commenting on Mr. Castellani's last statement. I do agree that this nation has it's problems with the "meaningless war" and "trans-national capital". This blog, however, is about Niagara County politics and the current issues. I suggest to you Mr. Castellani that if you are so vested in the "happenings" of global politics that you run for office. I sense that you have a strong political viewpoint and would be perfect as a politician. So I suggest that you make a difference and run.

Anonymous said...

why does your "breaking news" not contain the full on-line article?? Go get your glasses and read it again.......

Anonymous said...

Diane Robert is a hypocrite. She should resign as well.

Why, re-read her original letter to the democratic executive committee.

She states that she cannot no longer stand “physical and verbal abuse”.

These are her own words not mine.

But now she puts on a smile and waves to the camera – simply unbelievable.

I bet she believe's it was just a playful tweak too. If that's true I'd like to see her back in the Vice chair role - come on Diane, how much off a sell out are you?

Anonymous said...

The post does include the full on-line article.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for dan's YouTube response - come on dan go for it.

Anonymous said...

second to last poster also needs to get their glasses and also learn to read because the full on-line article is NOT in here.....trying to mis-lead people??

rob clark said...

Okay enough of this on sided GOP nonsense. Lets start from the beginning. Roberts and Rivera had an argument about politics that was private. No one was beat up, abused or attacked. This website only published 1 email between the 2 parties involved. That’s it. If they new the truth than they would realize that the two of them were in fact talking and this whole deal was an internal matter. Roberts is on record in 2 local paper stating just that. In fact she is also quoted saying that " she thinks Dan Rivera is doing a good job" But no since Hobbes is the GOP`s shit disturber this story has been blown so far out of proportion that we now have it on youtube.

But lets be fair shall we. Maziarz is the one behind most of this. Along with Gary Parenti.I DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS HE WAS CALLING AROUND LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO PROTEST THE NIGHT BEFORE!!! The women involved in the protest were all a part of Parenti`s campaign the year before. Which makes me laugh because if you listen to them they are abusing everyone that was there. They never once let anyone actually finish a sentence. They woman in charge was foul moth and abusive herself. That’s a great spoke person you got their guys. Very professional.

Lets not forget the camera guys shall we. I know most of us have heard this one before, "I’m a student from Buff State". Nice try there kids. You are at most events filming things for George and Henry.

All I have read here is that some of us are bad democrats. Well who were the ones out there doing the Republicans dirty work?

One more thing, after watching your little films and reading some of these comments, I have a new found respect for Sue Needler. Just watching your so called "women’s rights leader" and how she tried to unprofessionally run Mrs. Needler is a joke. Good for Sue for standing up to herself.

So when do read news about a Crazed NY Senator being unprofessional at a town board meeting. Questioning a good power deal for Lewiston residents. Meanwhile the rest of us are stuck with a deal that his hand picked negotiator help set up. What about the one were a woman who has VOLUNTARILY worked on the NCCC Board of Trustee for 20 plus years gets the shaft. When are we going to read about stories like this? Never!!! Now you tell me who controls the media.

rob clark said...

Something I noticed while watching these was some very interesting editing. Where are the all of the rebuttals? I really like the one part in the 2nd part where the woman in charge is finally put in her place by one of her own supporters. I personally applaud that woman for asking her to act professional and remember that she ie representing everyone who was protesting.

Anonymous said...

If anybody (man or woman) ever needed their nosed tweeked - it's the blonde!

Anonymous said...

hobbes loves this shit, he had a hard on all night!!!

Former Dem said...

Geez, I'm amazed that it took more than 30 posts before someone tried to blame all this on Maziarz.

Rob -- if this is such a non-issue, why did Diane Roberts feel compelled to resign her post, referencing physical and verbal abuse in an e-mail? Are you suggesting that she blew this out of proportion, or perhaps isn't telling the truth? And if that's the case, why did Rivera feel the need to apologize?

Face it -- Rivera is a bully, always has been and always will be. He made this an issue when he "tweaked" her nose and verbally berated her. She made it an issue when she committed those acts to an e-mail.

Now, you want to cry "politics." Politics may be at play here, without doubt, but let's not forget that the art of deflection -- making the issue about someone or something else -- is also politics.

So, yes, it must be Maziarz' fault that Dan did something stupid and Diane called him on it. By all means, let's change the subject and hope this goes away. Politics, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you want to take that stance? Dont you represent any women? What does your wife think about your stance? Most women are raped and murdered behind closed doors too. Does that constitute consent, or a one on one private meeting? It seems as if your youthful age and limited experiences have gotten the best of you. Are you actually saying that the behavior of your "leader", a term I certainly use loosely, was even worth commenting on? You have some serious growing up to do. Didnt your mother ever tell you that before?

Anonymous said...

sounds like the dems are trying to make this a political issue to take the attention away from the real issue: that a woman was abused, admitted to it, resigned, called for the chairman's regisnation, then met with the chairman, francine del monte, larry soos, and needler, then 'suddenly' changed her entire story....

Anonymous said...

Roberts said she did attend Wednesday’s fundraiser where none of her “supporters” on the picket line noticed her. Roberts said Mazierski and others are simply looking to exploit the situation for their own political gain.

“I am intrigued by the amount of attention this clearly political attack by political operatives has garnered,” Roberts said. “It is nothing more than an attempt to distract the voters from the real and important issues — job creation and the lowering of taxes to stimulate economic growth.”

Roberts challenged those standing up on her behalf without her consent to turn their attention to use their energy to support Carolyn’s House, the Sixth Street complex dedicated to helping female victims of abuse or any other organization in the county where women who are “truly” abused find comfort.

Anonymous said...

“My commitment to the Democratic cause — and especially to the Democratic female elected officials from this area — is as strong as ever and untouched by any personal issue which existed between myself and Chairman Rivera,” Roberts said. “I suggest the energies of those who have unilaterally and for purely political reasons decided to interject themselves into what is a totally personal situation, be directed to where that energy may be useful and I challenge those crusaders of women’s rights to show they do not have a political agenda by acting on my suggestion.”

Anonymous said...

Ok it’s real clear that things are becoming a bit unraveled on this blog.

Let’s step back and take a collective deep breath people!

Three simple points:

I think we can all agree on one thing - Dan and Diane (and the DEM rat) started this ball rolling. I’d assume that the DEM rat has his/her motivation – maybe they don’t like Dan and Diane’s leadership.

Secondly, it's not a good idea to grab any body part on a woman that is not your wife - at least not in public. Correction, don’t grab your wife’s nose twice in a roll either, because she will sock you in the face. Maybe if Dan would have stop at the first grab and not went for the second twister Diane would not have been made enough to complain. Man how did that go anyhow? Dan, little lesson with some women – no means no.

And lastly this side show has been a real windfall for anyone that does not buy into their leadership.

So how do we put this to a much needed end?

If Diane is truly "over this" now or maybe she was “just getting too emotional” that day, or if she is really not a victim but maybe just over reacted because this was a private matter after all. Rob did poiint out that she has publicly stated that she has "faith in Dan’s leadership".

So, if this is the case why not apologize to Dan and the Niagara County Democrats for starting this whole thing. And then maybe Dan (out of the kindness of his heart) can re-estate her role as vice chair.

Again, if she would have been a good bitch and just kept her *&^$ mouth shut none of this stuff would have every happen.

The man that wears “wife beaters” and enjoys a good 40 oz for breakfast.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Big said...

Rob, Im still tring to figure out what you were doing there. You're just a town councilman right? I like how you portray yourself as being more important than you are. Its fun to watch. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link to the news video everyone should look at it again.

Especially the part when Dan is asked if "he grabed" her nose.

He's eye's go off to the upper right - this is a tell-tell sign of a big fat lie. That's why the TV people captured that angle.

The truth is, he did not like what Diane was saying at the mayor's event. So he grabed her, she complained "don't do that" and he did it again... Because he is the man in charge.

Anonymous said...

Rob will not answer that question, but you can find the truth on the Dems web site.

Rob is the DEMs "young blood" - he their rising star.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News again, hobbes is still an asshole!!!!!

Clark Griswold said...

Rob, you now have a new found respect for Sue Needler? That's quite interesting. She was being asked clear questions about why she attended the fundraiser, and since she was obviously frustrated by the fact that there were people around who were upset that she did, what did she turn to? Ridiculous comments about another woman who question her, who was not attacking her personally in the least, being a "Two-cent hooker". Wow Rob, what a showing of class and respect. Of course you have new found admiration for her. Wow. For being the so-called "New Blood" of a failing party, thats a pretty terrible assesment. Niagara County Democrats will clearly be in good hands if you manage to rise up the ladder. That will just help finish the job that Rivera has been working on for years: Completely destroying the Democratic Party in NC.

Anonymous said...

I know there are serious issues here, but that Rivera interview on Channel 2 is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Did you abuse her?
Did you grab her nose.
Long pause.
I tweaked it.
You tweeeaked it?

It was great theatre. Someone get Rivera some classes in media relations. He's a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Diane Roberts is a horses ass. She creates controversy, resigns her post, leaks the letter, and then runs away from it all.? How sad. I put her right up there with idiot Rivera. And I love the "oh shit" look on Newlin's face when he turns and finally figures out he's been played. Gotcha Freddie boy. Thought you were smarter than that. Oh, we'll see this one again...and again...and again.

rob clark said...

To the anonymous who asked me if I was taking a stance. I am. My stance is that this whole issue has made WNY look bad. All of it. In one way or another we are all guilty in making it look bad.

Abusing women is very serious. Unfortunately this issue was never about that. In my day job I see abused women everyday in the ER. This subject should not be a joke. And it should not have become Political.

Let’s look at this from another angle. We had someone here in Niagara Falls who might possibly become of the 3 People in a room that control NY State. What’s his first impression of WNY? That we are a bunch of This is a label for both sides of the isle. It doesn't matter what party you belong to. All because of a "POLITICAL PISSING MATCH".

One more thing, what is the problem of a "Councilman" attending a reception like this? I was working the event. But I was hoping to meet Senator Smith. Maybe even drum up some help for the Town I represent.

Anonymous said...

Rob Clark comes in with some reasonableness to this back and forth. All I would add Rob is that it's clear that Dan Rivera has committed the cardinal sin for chairman...he's allowed himself to become the issue and a distraction.

The Monroe County GOP chairmen did the same thing and got his head lopped off for it.

Anonymous said...


I know the last post was you - we are just so sorry that your site sucks.

And it was a real pleasure listening to you wine about censorship on 1340 today.

Boo Ho nobody every reads my blog.

Follow these two simple rules and your blog will flourish;
(1) Don’t write down to people (no quotes from the 13th century) and (2) publish a blog every day.

Anonymous said...

Yea, larry you high brow NCCC flunky how dare you talk down to us. Maybe you should work out in the real world and you would not have all summer to bitch to hobbes.

Anonymous said...

Hey flaming Dem your right, how dare someone cut and paste that copyright blog...But oh wait isnt that what hobbes did?

former dem said...

Sorry you missed the point of the circular nature of the post. By pointing out hobbes error in violating a copyright, the anonymous poster did the same thing
At least hobbes credited where the info came from.

By the way, it's "you're right" and not "your right."

As I said...asshat.

Anonymous said...

Flaming Dem, you miss the point, its illegal to steal from newspapers, but not from blogs you dipshit.

former dem said...

Asshat -- did you actual read the post you lifted from Buffalo Pundit? It IS illegal to steal from blogs when, in fact, that blog is copyrighted. Scroll to the bottom of Pundit's site and you will see his copyright information.

And, to quote from Pundit's post (which you stole), "You hold an immediate, automatic copyright with respect to anything you create, whether it’s a writing or a drawing."

Now, I'm not an attorney, but Pundit is so I'm going to take his word for it.

Again, at least hobbes credited the source of his info. You simply lifted someone else's material and posted it as your own.

Your serve...asshat.

former dem said...

Sorry, that should ready "did you ACTUALLY read..."

Brain working faster than fingers.

Hobbes said...


I've had to delete several comments today that cut and pasted news stories of criminal acts from our local dailies but inserted political names for the people arrested.

This type of nonsense needs to stop. I'm not one to delete comments as you all know, but we simply can't have that type of stuff posted here.

Trust me, there's enough factual stuff going on in Niagara County political ciricles that we don't need to make stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Flaming Dem, Fuck the pundit, to bitch about being reposted with not taking credit who the fuck cares? Can hobbes really sue anonymous for reprinting his moronic blog?

former dem said...

Asshat -- Who cares? Apparently, you, since you saw fit to call out hobbes for reposting the News' story.

As Otter to said to Greg Marmalad in Animal House, "Gee, you're dumb."

And, btw, hobbes, you may want to re-think copying and pasting stories, in their entirety, from copyrighted sources, as well. Or you, too, could be getting a nasty gram from the Buff News attorneys.

Anonymous said...

here here larry graces us with his knowledge of liberal correctness, but Dan is the one who called it a blood sport

Anonymous said...

Dan Rivera did refer to politics as a "bloodsport." It was on LCTV. And not one Democrat objected to this. Now you reap what you sow. You see, he is your leader and he represents you- so when he is nasty, vile, belligerent and loathsome, and when he lies, misleads and uses negative attacks to win (or lose) campaigns, the Democrats are endorsing those tactics.

When Dan Rivera used obscenities toward Diane Roberts, the Democratic Party used those same obscenities through your implicit approval!! Good job Niagara County Dems.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, weren't the Democrats promised a leader when they elected Dan Rivera? Ask yourself this: Does a leader sneak in the back door when there is a controversy that needs to be addressed?

He's not even a leader, let alone a good politician, or even a decent human being for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Okay enough on Dan, let's bash Larry for awhile since Hobbes is even deleting his Anon post. LOL.

WilliamWallace said...

Let's keep in mind that the dem chairman is continuing to dance like he did in the news: http://www.wgrz.com/video/vplayer.aspx?aid=45971

Anonymous said...

Rivera's a phony and a great representative of the niagara county democratic party

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile over half of the NC Republican party is tired of the " George and Henry show".

Anonymous said...

If you are going to make up stories of politicians arrests...when you copy and change the name of the politician you may want to make sure all of the names are changed...you sure are a smart one...some idiot we've got here

Anonymous said...

Think those that went to the fundraiser paid 500.00? They were probably working the event as rob clark states. Complimentary !!

Anonymous said...

Francine DelMonte, 46, of Niagara Falls, was charged with loitering at 8:18 a.m. Thursday. DelMonte was walking on 19th Street Thursday morning and offered a motorist oral sex in exchange for money, according to the driver, who alerted police. DelMonte also was taken in on a warrant for a previous loitering charge.