June 12, 2008

Whining Judges Win First Battle

So an old judge from New York City who stands to personally benefit from any pay raise given to the judiciary rules that the State has been wrongly denying the judges a raise and must address this horrible situations within the next 90 days or else.

Judge Lehner ruled that it's wrong to tie judicial pay raises to other issues (like this is the only issue in the history of democracy where that's happened. It's called horse trading, Judge Jackass.) and ordered essentially a 28 percent raise.

I hope the state appeals and appeals and appeals some more this ruling. Again, maybe judges deserve a raise. But the sheer arrogance of sitting judges suing in the court of one of their colleagues who then rules in their favor is so a gross abuse of power that I am actually ashamed for them.

Perhaps Upstate should sue over the lack of property tax relief, the lack of a good brownfields bill, the number of labor giveaways that have driven up costs. All of these issues have been held hostage in Albany too. Of course, the judges would laugh us out of the courtroom and say that only legislators can make these decisions.

Well you know what....only legislators can increase the pay of judges. The state constitution says so. So, judges, welcome to the band wagon of people getting screwed....only the rest of us can't abuse our positions to get what we want like you can.


dark knight said...

We should all be lucky to rule on our own pay packages. Hobbes is right when he say these judges are just so damn arrogant.

Their laywers. If you want to make big bucks go into private practice and work your tail off. If you want a life of leisure where you aren't exactly breaking your back, be a judge. But understand you have to live on a measly $135,000.

I've always thought judges were fat and lazy and this proves it.

Larry S said...

What a conflict of interest. One judge demanding for not only his colleagues, but himself. What a crock.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Hobbes. These poor judges are so unappreciated with all of the hard work they do for the people every day.

How can they be expected to put in those long, hard days for only $125,000 a year?

Hell, I bet some of 'em need food stamps just to make ends meet.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I don't think the judges deserve a raise. I don't think legislators deserve a raise. But regardless of the merits, pro or con, there is a process for getting raises. If you don't like it, to friggin bad.

The fact that judges spit in the face of the constitution should be enough to remove the whiners from office. As Hobbes points out, let'em go make money in private practice.

Anonymous said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go....

Anonymous said...

I think one of the problems is lack of objectivity. Some of these Judges work with corrections officers in Erie County and cops in Buffalo who make tens of thousands of $ MORE annually than Supreme Court Judges.

Carl said...

If they are so upset that Buffalo Cops make more than them, let them take the test and become cops.

sick & tired said...

While I much appreciate the option of being anonymous, as it frees me to add some things that I otherwise would hold to myself because my identity is mostly concealed, it seems that anonymity is just too much for some of the participants of this blog to handle.

While this space is advertised as a place for "civil discourse," it has devolved into anything but. It's one thing to criticize people's actions, or a view, its another to replace argument with invective, name calling and worse, no matter who they are.

Even judges, Parenti, Maziarz, Hobbes (Glenn) or whoever else seems to be the meal of the day for the piranha-like anonymous posters that seem to have infested these blogospheric backwaters. (very tortured grammatically, I know).

Although I do have a certain point of view, I tried always to argue the point, not the person. I've tried to back up my points with facts and as far as I can recall, I've not called anyone any names.

So with that, I will make this my last participation ever on this board. Its just not as advertised.

Anonymous said...

Whining bloggers too!!! Please come back sick and tired we miss you

Anonymous said...

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