June 10, 2008

Variety Check

In a shocking development, Niagara County Clerk Wayne Jagow says he will need 4.5 additional bodies at the county's three DMV facilities to process the enhanced drivers licenses that will be available in August. Please. Suck it up and handle the additional workload. If your employees can't handle it, I'm sure there are plenty of people in Niagara County that will take the job, with the additional duties. The public sector needs to know what it feels like to work in the private sector. More duties, more responsibilities, same pay. Deal with it.

Speaking of DMVs, why on earth does Niagara County have three? Geographically the county is quite small. In addition, licenses are processed once every eight years. Really, how often does your average person need to visit a DMV? Every candidate for local office touts "consolidation" in their campaign. Someone sack up, step up and bring a resolution to consolidate the county's DMVs.

Mitchell W. Brokob should rot in hell. But until he does, he's going to find the next best thing, prison. Even convicted murderers, rapists, arsonists, etc have a code for sexual assault of a child. Kudos to all of the police personnel that assisted in the arrest of Brokob, and here's to him getting what he gave 1,000 times over.

Kudos to the Niagara Falls Reporter for their piece on Francine Del Monte. The piece shows just how warped her priorities are and how little she really cares about the people she allegedly represents.

The Western New York job market appears headed in a positive direction. No thanks to Del Monte.

Today is Eliot Spitzer's birthday, should you want to send him a card. Or a stripper-gram. Eliot, meanwhile, is looking at his first big business venture since being disgraced from office, a vulture fund.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors are closing in on the disgraced governor. Their case is apparently so strong that they had no interest in a plea deal.

Hillary Clinton finds herself millions in debt with few options to pay it down.

WNYer Bob Wilmers appointment to head Empire State Development continues to draw accolades from Upstate business leaders. This can only pay dividends for our region.


Anonymous said...

First of all, the niagara falls reporter is piece of garbage. Second thing is we are happy Delmonte is road blocking that stinking plant. Let them build it in lewiston on top of the radioactive brown field, they can deal with the rats and smell.

Anonymous said...

What planet is the first poster living on?

Since when did Niagara Falls ever smell nice; it’s an industrial town. When was the last time you drove down Buffalo Avenue? Do you prefer idle abandon building to new industry? What is your solution, should we stay the course?

Maybe you would rather promote the grass root activity that has been flourishing in the City as of late - drugs and violence. Maybe in your world, NF would be better suited as the “gang capital of the world”?

You got to be kidding me with your “We don’t want these stinking jobs”. Maybe that’s why half the city is on welfare, people like your just want social city of paradise.

rufus said...

As a Republican, I am totally disgusted with Jagow and the way he has run that department. He's a nice, competent guy, but he has offered NOTHING in the way of reducing costs and doing more with less.

He is the biggest apologist for government in all of Niagara County. Sure, he talks a good game about smaller, smarter government but of course, his department is running at maximum efficiency and can't possibly do any more.

Of course, Wayne doesn't know any of this himself since Wendy Roberson is running the department. The same Wendy Roberson who is married to Bob Roberson of the infamous Shoemaker law firm. I tell you these people stuff their pockets full and still take more.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the first guy; the NF reporter is a valuable news source.

Sounds like you may have gotten caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Maybe you are a local 91 boy.

Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree on the consolidation of the DMVs. Whoever has the balls to bring that one will be a hero in my book.

As for Del Monte, she's a zero when it comes to delivering for her area. Some of you Del Monte supporters are more than welcome to refute my claim.

She hands a billion dollar casino to the Indians, all the while denying the people of this stare the opportunity to put legalized gambling to a referendum.

Do you understand that she DENIED the people to have a voice? Disgraceful.

Frank DeGeorge said...

Gee, we need a homeland security director. Then we need a new search and rescue team and a helicopter. Now we need additonal bodies to process enhanced drivers' licenses.

Looks like taxpayers are going to be taking it up the wazoo again.

Anonymous said...

Frank, don't forget the Clerk Sobjek they made up a job, beside being Ross's ball washer, what a waste. Yup repubican's sure are saving us so much money.

Anonymous said...

Corn for gas is a failed project, it figures this blog is 10 years behind the times. Maybe Sloma will let them have more tax free money and nothing ever get built.

Richard Strongbridge, Ph.D said...

As the population continues to boom in WNY and Niagara County soon we will see DMV's like Starbuck's, one on every corner.

Thankfully there are a TON of "certified pre-owned" buildings in the area.

rob clark said...

I will be the first to say that it is convenient that each city has their own DMV. But at what cost. I couldn’t` agree more. We should close at least one of them. Put on in between NT and Niagara Falls. With the other one staying in Lockport for that end of the county.

Part of our biggest problem in this area is unnecessary job creation. It is worse than a patronage job in my book. The Homeland Security Director position is just that. Almost every municipality in this county has some sort of person doing this job. Like I stated the other day put the money somewhere else. Another thing is the county already has or did have at one time a volunteer "search and rescue team". It consisted of professional and volunteer firefighters through out the county.

As for that piece of @$#@$ from NT who assaulted that defenseless little girl If it was my kid, an d I was the one who caught you. Well I’m sure you all can guess the outcome. But did anyone happened to catch his wife’s comments on channel 2 news .I cant imagine how she feels right now.

Anonymous said...

The article on job growth during a recession is positive news for our region. I will look for this in the LockportJournal. Okay, just kidding. I crack myself up.

Anonymous said...

Yea, pick on the DMV, make us forget about your hiring of Conflict lawyers who had conflicts and we had to hire more of the pencil necks to do their job.

Anonymous said...

Senator Maziarz, and his fellow Senate Republicans, sold out to the Donald Trump interests and voted against the statewide referendum for legalization of casino gaming.

The ethanol plant is just another effort to cash in on government money. If its a viable business, then it can finance itself and survive on its own profits. As for environmental concerns, if it is self-sustaining and comply with all the environmental impact statement processes, then it will be built.

if it wasn't so disturbing, it would be funny how some posters here will speak out of both sides of their mouths when it coms to government spending. More services for constituents, "bad." Corporate welfare, "good."

rob clark said...
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rob clark said...

okay anonymous with the lawyer comments has a good point

gop shill said...

Yes, make us forget Dan Rivera trying to orchestrate an 11th hour hiring of conflict attorneys with the help of Dennis Virtuoso after voters threw out the Dem Majority.

Now, with legal reimbursement rates nearly tripling, the conflict attorneys by any reasonable means save money. But better to score some cheap political points than actually stand up for taxpayers.

So, Mr. Anonymous, you think it's a waste of money...does that mean we should be paying by the hour and wasting more money. Because it's either one or other.

Truth Detector said...

Last anonymous you are wrong about gaming and owe everyone an apology. The Senate Republicans voted for it but it was Marty Connor and the Senate Democrats who switched their votes in the 11th hour in return for campaign cash from Donald Trump. I was in Albany at the time and that is irrefutable. Own up to your factual mistake.

Anonymous said...

B,S. truth, yer memory is foggy



Anonymous said...

more debunking of revisionist truth:

Anonymous said...


Where is the apology you owe me and everyone else?

Also, I have to wonder if your world-view will change because of this revelation? I mean, one who lives his life based on such a fundamental misperception of one's hero (Sen Geo) must certainly have cause to reflect and reappraise their own self image and alliances, no?

Anonymous said...

shrill you are saying? how come it was bad bad bad idea if dan hires conflict lawyers because it saves soooo much money, but now its sooo gooood to hire them? Can't be because you hired henry's ball washers could it?

gop shill said...

No, it's because the state increased the hourly cost per attorney a year later, making it more economically feasible. But why would you check facts. And why do you love the term ball washer so much? Could it be you've come to like GOP balls across your chin every November?

Anonymous said...

hobbes write more on the increases at nccc, but we know its for the kids, what a joke lewis should just quit, why is he getting paid? everything he recommends is rejected, we can have any idiot to cut a ribbon on fake bank projects we dont need him