June 3, 2008

Niagara Dems Face Continued Controversy

Niagara Times has acquired a recent email exchange between former Niagara County Leg candidate Robert LaBarbera and the Niagara County Democratic Committee Executive Committee. The first part was in the body of the email, the second, a Word document.

NC Executive Comm: Since Chairman Rivera neglected to pick up the certified letter of my notification of pending disloyalty charges against him, I am notifying you by this e-mail attachment. He recieved his copy as a member of the ethics committee, as he admitted to committee members who related this to me. I feel he is supressing my action, hoping it will go away. I am requesting a full county meeting to address this issue. I will entertain any questions from any of you.

Sincerely, Bob LaBarbera

(The Word doc)

Daniel Rivera, NC Dem Chmn

65 Sixth Avenue

North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Chairman Rivera:

In compliance with the by-laws of the Niagara County Democratic Committee (as amended 6/6/05), please be advised I am filing party disloyalty charges against you. I had discussed this with my Town committee chairman, Michael Moyer prior to his resignation from the committee. Since you are the accused, I am forwarding copies of these charges to the five member sub-committee (of which you are a member) that deals with these matters. This committee was appointed under the chairmanship of Cindy Lenhart and never disbanded during your chairmanship. I am requesting this hearing on the grounds you personally:

1. Lobbied to have my County Committee endorsement rescinded by the Executive Committee illegally on the grounds that I was endorsed unanimously by the entire Niagara County Democratic Committee and that only they have the power to revoke my endorsement.

2. That your decision was influenced by the fact that your involvement in the leak of details of sealed records during the DelMonte/Parenti primary was hitting the newsstands coincidentally at the same time my DUI arrest occurred caused you to seek party sanctions against me in an effort to deflect attention from yourself. You were implicated in this invasion of privacy and dismissed from your job at Liberty Mutual as an investigator.

3. Alerted the many unions and associations who endorsed me to withhold funding, forcing me to conduct a financially limited campaign, as well as compromising my job and my family to unjustifiable debt and hardship.

When I attended the “emergency (and illegal) executive committee meeting” called by you at Soos’ on 7/21/07, I left that gathering with no less than a 50/50 opinion on my stepping down. Within 24 hours you notified me of the “unanimous” consensus that I should step down. We all know this was not even remotely true. Despite that, you reported it to the news media immediately. If you’ll recall, I agreed to step down until I realized you had lied to me. I went door to door, appeared on LCTV to apologize publicly, while never implicating the party. I lost the all-important primary by 14 votes. I was successful in dealing with the DUI conviction, but couldn’t avoid the subsequent fallout from the publicity of “losing” the party endorsement.

I have the Buffalo News article (the only one that printed) regarding your involvement in the Parenti incident. You were successful in using my situation as a diversion to draw attention away from yourself. Had you channeled your efforts to standing behind me despite the adversity, you could very well have taken a seat in the last election. You even conceded to me that you would rather Sklarski ran unopposed than have me on the ballot. As we all know, we gained NO seats in a situation where it was extremely desirable to be a Democrat, and a challenger to the republican majority. Our party has been rendered dysfunctional under your leadership built on arrogance and self-promotion. You’ve blamed everyone but yourself for this horrendous showing.

Union officials and the Wheatfield Dems have confided to me of your successful efforts to discourage funding in an effort to ruin me financially. You scheduled two fundraisers opposite me. I was forced to cancel one, and ran the second with very limited results. Your actions forfeited our Legislative seat in the 6th District.

A Truly Loyal Democrat

Robert S. LaBarbera


Cc: Michael Rimmen, John Marcolini, James Page, James Joyce, Daniel Rivera

*Since Dan has not responded, or contacted any of the members of this committee, I felt the entire committee should be aware of this.


Anonymous said...


Clark Griswold said...

Interesting. Another member of Rivera's own party, a candidate at that, revolting against him. It would be even more interesting to see Dan's response. Assuming he actually steps up and provides some answers, which as we all know could very well not happen.

Larry S said...

And the hits keep on comin'!

Anonymous said...

Finally! A direct shot from within! Although I may not have agreed with his platform or arrest, I applaud Dan for doing the right thing now. BTW if this was Henry, every women's organization would have called for his castration as this would have been front page news. The Gazette TOTALLY DROPPED THE BALL. But then again, what else would we expect. 3 weeks late with some serious allegations, (facts). Oh, but another crackhead was caught stealing copper from an abandoned house.

gop shill said...

C'mon Hobbes...where do you keep getting this juicy stuff. Republicans are so boring or at the very least don't air their dirty laundry quite so noticeably in public.

Rivera has gotten a one-two punch two days in a row. I'm curious if Rivera ever grabbed LaBarbera's nose.

a democrat shill said...

I'm disgusted with Rivera for his handling of Diane Roberts, but I think he was on the side of good when it came to drunk Bobby's arrest. A party needs to stand for something and if you can't bring yourself to drop a candidate who gets a DUI in the middle of a campaign then you aren't cut out to be a chairman.

I guess Drunk Bobby is more about blaming others than blaming himself.

It's time someone started shilling for my side.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is about admitting he did something wrong because I believe Bob said he apologized publically about his mistake, but is about as always how Dan handles a situation. Instead of being a "MAN," oh wait a minute a real man doesn't hit or treaten a woman, and working with Bob on a agreeable solution he does just what any creep does and trys to ruin the guy, as any typical coward would do kick a guy when he's down, oh wait a minute again Dan also likes to kick a woman. For once in your life try to be a man and not a coward.

Clark Griswold said...

Shill, your point is well taken, but I think the problem here is how Rivera handled the incident from the time it occurred. It seemed like there were alot of things done behind LaBarbera's back, led by a Chairman who signaled a false sense of how other Dem leaders felt about the issue.

Anonymous said...

So Bob LaBarbara dealt with his DWI conviction? It is interesting to hear his spin on his arrest and conviction. Bob is so out of touch, he honestly believes that his insincere attempt at apologizing on LCTV, while criticizing Republicans, would erase the fact that he is an idiot and a scofflaw and a threat to innocent people. He is too stupid to realize that Edwina and that nut job Joanne Dickey don't vote in his district.

Anonymous said...

Hobbes, what is the climax to this whole saga? Wait I know Dan starts going to Dwyers in NT and gets in an argument with Baby Joe about the primary in the 61st District and Joe delivers the knockout punch. See ya Danny Boy!!!!!!

Frank DeGeorge said...

Like sand through the hour glass, so are the Days of the Niagara County Democrat Party....

Dan, I like issue discussion, so if you could avoid smacking anyone around or backstabbing any more people so Hobbes runs out of posting topics on you and gets back to issues, I'd appreciate it.

Then again...everyone loves a good soap opera.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I take it you don't think this is an issue for public discussion or scrutiny?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Labarbara is sure in denial about his problem. Rivera did a great thing by not subjecting the citizens of Niagara County to this accident waiting to happen. ob, AA, anger management classes, etc might be in order as your revisionist history shows an utter lack of a clear perception of reality.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I think this is a fine topic for discussion. I was being a bit snarky.

Honestly, I'm amazed at the Democrats' ability to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the two of them can get a 2 for 1 deal at a anger management class as is clear by the recent actions of Rivera.

Anonymous said...

One idiotic Democrat chastising another iodiotic Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I am truely and deeply shocked...that anyone is surprised by any of this. Rivera's m.o. for years has been to act the bully. He used to paint himself as the power behind the throne -- such as it was -- during the brief and lamented Dawson years in N.T. He tried to bully people then, and he continues at it today.

Glad that someone has the stones to call him out.

Funny Guy said...

If Dan was really pissed at Diane, he should have asked LaBarbera to drive her home.


Thank you, thank you very much. I'll be here all week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is harsh. Damn funny, but harsh.

Anonymous said...

No, if Dan was only annoyed he's ask LaBarbera to driver her home. If he was pissed, he'd ask Ted Kennedy to do the honors.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a play for power if I've ever seen one. Why doesn't LaBarbara get the drift, drunks don't make good candidates, even if the party chairman is guilty of battery.

Anonymous said...

Who is Hobbes kidding? All I see is this blog is taking every opportunity to attack Democrats and this time, in particular, Dan Rivera. Instead of Niagara Times it should be called he "Republican Voice". From what I read, I am surely not condoning what Rivera did although I find it interesting that the problems with the Dems are always aired in this blog. Talk about power. You know why the Republican "dirty laundry" is never aired in public. Because "Boss Hogg" Maziarz wouldn't never let that happen. Your gonads as a Republican would be cut off first before you ever had a chance to release a letter like Roberts or LaBarbara did. And these two folks actions just work to puff up the Republicans. Good work you two dufes. Some of the bloggers talk about this so-called control and power that Rivera has. Calling him a "bully"! Rivera is a piker when it comes to his actions compared to Senator GM. Oh by the way, if this was Henry, it would not have made ANY press at all as they are all under his control.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the last blogger should take a biology class and a reading lesson or two or at least read what Roberts told the Gazette. Roberts is a woman and also did not release her letter to the press--it must have been done by some male who DOES go without the gonads to take responsibility for doing that.
The way I read the email she sent to Rivera, it sounds like she made your same point to Rivera, to not give GM the publicity the man who does lack gonads seems to need to survive day to day.

LaBarbera is just another guy who does not take responsibility for his own actions.
And maybe you need a spelling lesson too-- DUFUS.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I posted something last week about Hobbes becoming more reasonable. Apparently either I was wrong, or he took a step back. All the chaos going on in the Republican Party ... and it never seems to be mentioned here. What about the Palmer/Greer battle for Sheriff? What about the Cole endorsement ... that Henry later decided to "share" with Corwin?

I mean, Hobbes ... at least make an ATTEMPT to look even-handed.

Anonymous said...

get real, the only way this post wouldn't have been even handed is if he didn't make it. b/c I am sure people would scream bloody murder if they knew he knew about this and then didn't publish it. Its the same in the media, if you find out something and publish it, you're biased, if you don't, still biased. I appreciate some honestly in N.C.

Anonymous said...

Or what about the kanaroo court that henry's bro paul is now pursing against Joyce? Dredging up old news for potential investigation? Usually these board of inquiries are focused on answering a specific question, but this one seems intended solely to affect the politics of the coroner.

The old stories about Joyce have been vetted through several election cycles and the voters don't seem to think these are of particular concern.

So where is the outrage about wasting the county's time and money on unclear political agendas?

Anonymous said...

The last blogger has to be the only Joyce support left in the County.

Please turn off the lights after your done with your comedy routine.

Anonymous said...


Where is your video response?

I've been checking your web site and I don't see anything yet, are you still tapeing.

We need to see your talking points - I know you will give us all the "real" facts, so don't delay another day - please post your YouYube response.

J Joyce

Anonymous said...

No one here has defended Joyce. So anon. #19, do you think that the Joyce matter deserves a board of inquiry? And so what if the BOI uncovers something, do they have authority to do anything about it? The answer is NO. The only thing they will do is produce a report, perhaps even a "sealed report" that will somehow mysteriously get leaked to the press and be used as political ammunition. That is if they are able to uncover anything, which is highly doubtful.

You'd think the majority caucus would use their time more wisely to attempt to solve some of this county's problems, rather than just generating headlines.

Or perhaps they'll empower a BOI to investigate the circumstances of the failure to prosecute Dan Sklarski for collecting unemployment while pulling an elected official's paycheck.

Leave it to the prosecutors. if something that deserves punishment occurred, they will uncover it. Not the kangaroo board of inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, turn off the light when your done blowing smoke out your ...

Anonymous said...

Amazing. It's fucking Dennis who started this nonsense of board of inquries, of firing of letters to the AG, to the Comptroller, to anyone else who would listen.

And when these same tactics get shoved up his buddy Joyce's ass, all you dems whine about it.

Too fucking bad. He's going to jail just like Dennis' kid.