June 13, 2008

Friday Ruminations

Yep, they're at it again. The city and the county are battling over disbursements of the casino cash. No, not Niagara Falls and Niagara County, this time it's Buffalo and Erie County. I wonder who's going to play the role of Francine Del Monte, the role of wanting to send all of the cash to the city while completely ignoring the rest of the district.

Kudos to Niagara County Legislator Dennis Virtuoso for reigning in the Niagara County Community College budget by criticizing and voting against the spending plan. He is forcing the faculty to do more with less. It's about time someone sent a message to the faculty that their gravy train is over.

At a recent meeting of local assessors, assessment reform, including a potential shift to countywide assessing was discussed. County Assessor Bill Budde's thoughts on moving to a countywide assessor? “I think that’s got as much of a chance as a snowball in hell,” he said. Thanks, Bill, for saying what we know is true-no local government seriously considers consolidation, it's just a nice little buzzword that's tossed around at election time.

The Buffalo News blog has an interesting piece on George Maziarz and the Niagara Power Project.

I'm not much of a believer in omens, but something tells me that the Buffalo Bills will extend there current streak of eight consecutive years without making the playoffs, longest current streak in the NFL. Thanks for the distractions, Marshawn. I'm sure 89 year-old Ralph Wilson doesn't mind your troubles landing him a subpoena. All of the sudden Travis Henry & Willis McGahee don't look so bad.

The search for a Superintendent for the Lew-Port school district has turned ugly, with allegations of sexual harassment against one of the finalists. Then again, in this PC society, it only takes one nutbag to make an accusation which potentially ruins a career.

Kudos to AG Andy Cuomo for cracking down on pharmacies selling outdated products. I personally bought a dozen eggs at the Rite Aid at Linclon & Davison in Lockport about a month ago and they were nasty, bloody & veiny. Obviously they ended up in the garbage. Even worse, those putrid eggs got me yelled at by my wife.

Governor David Paterson lost control of a press conference with legislative leaders that was supposed to be about end-of-session priorities but turned into a snipe fest.

The head of Emperor's Club VIP (think Eliot Spitzer) pleaded guilty but won't dish dirt on Client Number 9.

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there, have a nice & safe day.


Anonymous said...

If Dennis took a stand that hurts the NCCC faculy I'll have to watch this blog to see how loquacious Larry feels about a Dem. who takes the "wrong" position. Could be interesting if I can translate it into english. How about it Larry, dumb it down for us or just stick to name calling.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

I saw Bill Budde's comments earlier this week. At least he knows enough to call it the way it is. The only way we're going to get a true consolidation of massive redundancy of services is for NYS to step in and force it. Otherwise, you're right, it's a nice little buzzword that sounds good at election time.

Lancer said...

I think Dennis is going to get caught with his pants down on this one. He is famous for trying to make himself look like the hero at the expense of the majority. This time, the majority should take Dennis' lead and vote no on the budget altogether.

rob clark said...

I think Delmonte took the right stand on the casino issue. The city is the one who lost out on the deal. They are the ones that had the state come in and “GAVE AWAY” 50 acres of land to a tax-free separate nation. The businesses downtown cannot compete with the advantages the casino has.

Pete M said...

Rob, if Francine Del Monte hadn't denied the people of NYS the right to allow legalized casino gaming to go to a referendum, we wouldn't be having this conversation. There would be casinos in Niagara Falls, but they'd be run by taxable corporations. Del Monte has cost Niagara Falls and Niagara County what will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes by denying that referendum and kowtowing to the Indians.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again bois, gambling is illegal in NYS according to the state constitution, but repubican's like using that parchment to wipe their ass's anyway.

clemenza said...

Hobbes, you are a complete idiot if you think Dennis did anything to reign in the faculty gravy train. The faculty have iron clad contracts that they will not even consider negotiating and Dennis has always jumped when former union honcho Tony Gullo told him to.

No, Hobbes, Dennis' actions will only come at the expense of student programs. Period. He didn't take a courageous stand, he punished those least likely to be able to afford it, all so he could make himself like pseudo-responsible on county finances.

I'm upset with Dennis and shocked you fell for this Hobbes.

Johnny Paycheck said...

Bill Buddes is a lazy piece of crap who has always been against countywide assessment because it means more work for him. The guy is all about raising taxes and makes no apologies about it.

Countywide assessment is the most fair way to ensure we are all being treated equally. I live in Pendleton and get screwed by the fact that our manical assessor wants to punish the people who pay her salary while those Wheatfield residents who live in the Starpoint district get off scott free.

And don't give me b.s. about equalization rates.

Anonymous said...

Happy fathers day weekend everyone, except Fawn, if you go to the arts festival watch out a homo doesnt brush up against you .

Anonymous said...

To the idiot that made the comment that gaming is illegal in New York- of course, moron, that is precisely the point. Francine could have allowed the voters of New York to decide if they want to keep ALL the casino money by amending the State constitution, or allow a foreign nation to make hundreds of millions of dollars a year instead. If there was a county casino, there would be no county property tax!!

Anonymous said...

Hobbes is right on with Dennis Virtuoso- he is working to kill the NCCC budget and sticking it to the people who benefit from it- the faculty. Less money means less jobs and less leverage at contract time. I for one say good job Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Come people, where is the love?