June 18, 2008

Del Monte's Silence Speaks Volumes

The saga of Niagara County Democratic Party Chairman and former Vice-Chairwoman Diane Roberts continues to fester. Roberts, as you may recall, wrote a scathing letter alleging both physical and verbal abuse at the hands (and mouth) of Rivera.

In Sunday's Niagara Gazette, Mark Scheer wrote a piece about the now infamous nose-pulling incident. In the recent edition of the Niagara Falls Reporter, Mike Hudson delves further into the issue. Assembly candidate Paula Banks-Dahlke, a challenger to incumbent Francine Del Monte has also released a statement calling on Del Monte to speak on behalf of Roberts.

In the statement, Banks-Dahlke states, “I have heard Assemblywoman DelMonte often claim that she stands up and fights for women. Why then she is willing to look the other way when it comes to calling Dan Rivera to accountability?" We have to agree with her.

Del Monte's silence on this issue speaks volumes. Loud volumes. We all know that Rivera was fired from his job as an insurance investigator for using company assets to dig up dirt on Del Monte's opponent two years ago. Apparently Del Monte feels that she "owes" Rivera something and will not call him out on this, despite the fact that verbal and physical abuse have been alleged.

Del Monte is showing that she cares more about her political allegiances than doing the right thing. We all hear politicians say "It's time to put people before politics". In fact I heard former county legislator Harry Apolito say it on the radio this morning. Well you know what, Harry? You're damn right, it is time to put people before politics. It's time that people who volunteer their time for a cause that they believe in don't have to be subjected to verbal and physical assault, allegedly. And it's time that the highest ranking Democrat in Niagara County stop sitting on her hands on this issue and take a stand for what's right, regardless of her personal relationship with Dan Rivera.

That, my friend, is putting people before politics.


Anonymous said...

The niagara falls reporter is not a real paper you should be using quotes from. The paper is mostly rumors or trash talk, nothing of substance. Just look at Vince, the FBI are coming to get him any day now. That paper is just very hate filled and mike hudson is a very bitter person.

Anonymous said...

Sloma in the front row is not news to you huh hobbes? Write about what someone didnt do, but not what they do, great work. Sloma's ball washer gets job should be your next post.

Anonymous said...

What would the first poster say about Local 91. I bet you thought that the reporter had that wrong too. And you got to me the only gut in Niagara County that really believes that Vince is a saint.

Anonymous said...

Local 91 is still there, what do you mean, hudson gets his ass kicked in a bathroom and he blames the union? He would of never printed a word if Butch didnt die. Hudson loves crime, why else would he write every week about how great times were here when the mob ruled the streets.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

Del Monte is the epitome of a politician. Every decision she makes is based upon the political ramifications of that decision, not whether or not it is in the best interests of the people who put her in office. Not only should she be asking for Rivera's resignation, she should be offering her own.

Pete M said...

Sure, we can talk about Sloma, Local 91 & Mike Hudson, but are any of you willing to offer an opinion on the issue at hand? Do you condone Rivera's abuse towards Roberts and Del Monte's refusal to address the issue? I'm thinking you do condone it, otherwise you wouldn't be trying to change the topic.

Anonymous said...

Rivera must have a thing about balls because everytime he puts up a post he talks about them. I bet that girlfriend he is seen with is really a guy in drag and that he is always thinking about those balls slapping up against his chin.

Anonymous said...

pete, we are all know Del Monte's is not best, but the republican's want to control every seat, every media outlet and nothing is said. But there is never any reporting on sloma in front row getting his ball washer a job, you are control freaks and want to run the county like gotti.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the NC Legislature finally get rid of the Presidents mouth piece from the board at NCCC. Next they need to get rid of Mr. Wishey Washey Art Pappas and start putting some members in place that will question the decisions and ideas Klyczek proposes. Pappas sure doesn't have a very good track report from his days on the NT School Board and I would guess that is why he was defeated in his bid to return to that board and win a seat on the NT City Council.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the job Riveras two Mayors, Soos and Dyster, are doing, remember this Dan: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!

While Tucker in Lockport continues to get things done for the residents of his city. Must be nice to have good relationships with those county legislators who represent the City of Lockport. Dans boy Harry Apolito could not get the tax relief for the water line from the county but McNall and Nemi did with the help of Updegrove. Now all the sudden Harry flips and says it might not be such a good idea and it should be changed. Nice try but please Harry do yourself a favor and enjoy those two state pensions you and your wife have and visit your kids living out of state.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine if Dennis got his gooma a job, you would have a field day, but sloma's move, it was like tweeking the whole county's nose, not just some uptight bitch.

Anonymous said...

Why was bill ross kicked off the chair? can you answer that question? you never even atempt to take on that one do you?

Anonymous said...

I think he already did check the NCCC records and payroll, maybe Wolfgang took care of that for Denny and that is why he is supproting her now. The two of them are both wolves in sheep clothing.

Anonymous said...

This blog writes more on nose pulling and cristy's hair than what really goes on in the county. So much waste, grift, and payoffs but nothing is said, oh he pulled a nose and we painted a barn. But dont worry your time will come, the tax cap is just the start.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 1 & 4

I knew you really loved the reporter. I bet you are the president of the book club.

Anonymous said...

So Dennis Virtuoso criticizes NCCC administration- hate the budget, hate the dorms, hate having security, etc.- then has the audacity to say that he OPPOSES a change to the Board of Trustees. So which is it? Do you love the Board or hate the Board?

It's almost as hypocritical as opposing every budget Greg Lewis has ever put together, and opposing Lewis' Mount View plan, and then voting to extend his contract. So which is it, Dennis?

opie said...

Gotti was damn successful Whats wrong with running Niagara County like him?

gop shill said...

The quality of the opinions expressed here are getting worse by the day, which is perhaps the goal of some of the anons.

On the subject at hand, why should we be surprised when political people do political things. Francine and Dan are allies. Diane Roberts didn't file any charges. Rivera stepped way over the line, but if Roberts is going to press the issue, what do you do? And if Francine is making a political calculation, well that's part of what politicians do.

And related to this, Jerry Wolfgang of all people cries politics when his wife doesn't get a political appointment? When your whole life and career is spent in the political process, you can't complain when that process works against you.

Grow up Jerry. You're not entitled to anything.

rob clark said...

Have any of you read the paper articles where Diane Roberts hasn`t pressed any charges. Its all internal party stuff that this site is fueling to make sound 10 times worse than it already is. Don`t you think that the Assemblywoman has more important things to worry about than this nonsense. Maziarz wouldn`t deal with this stuff either.

I also have to agree with most of what gop hill said. But lets not loose sight of the things that are never reported on this site. There should be some type of outrage about this appointment to the NCCC Board of Directors. When does the patronage STOP. I see that they also approved the lawyers. Add the Homeland Director and the revolving door for the clerks position ( the current one is clueless) one can tell that its not an election year. Next year the Legislature cut away something else and make all this look good when it really all just STINKS.

Sweaterman said...

Right on GOP SHILL. I could not agree with you more about the Wolfgangs. Jerry's comments were so hypocritical its funny. Live by the sword and die by the sword.

As far as Francine Delmonte is concerned, she is a politcal opportunist. Once this goes over the edge she will drop Rivera like a bad habit.

sweaterman said...

Mr. Clark,

Patronage has always existed and it always will. The Democrats would be doing the same thing if they had the majority.

U.S Cabinet positions = patronage
NYS commissioners = patronage.
Town Governent, i.e. Town Attorney = Patronage.

So stop the holier than thou attitude because I am sure you have done it too.

Turk 182 said...

I'm hard pressed to figure out how a former adjunct professor to NCCC who later served on two local school boards is somehow unqualified for a volunteer position as NCCC trustee.

First, it's not patronage when it's not paid. Second, Joan Wolfgang served for 25 years. When is it time to get some fresh blood in the mix.

Not to mention, Joan and Jerry did OK finding ways to make some money off the college (i.e. insurance premiums.) That issue deserved more attention.

rob clark said...

Sweaterman....Unfourtunetly I agree with your comments.To a point. I should have stated that I meant the Legislature as a whole. But to your comments about myself. No I haven`t.

sweaterman said...

So just so I am clear. You never voted for a town attorney or other types of summer help??

Larry S said...

Rob, just because Roberts doesn't want to make a big deal out of it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

It's like a beaten wife; when the cops show up, she doesn't want to press charges against her dear husband because she wants to protect him and make sure he doesn't get in more trouble.

In this case, Roberts is the abused wife and Dan is the abuser. Hiding from the problem doesn't make it disappear.

fat tony said...

As over the top as Larry S last post might seem at first reading, if you really think it through it makes a lot of sense. Roberts just once the issue to go away, even though she started all of this with her letter. If you don't want something to get out there don't put it in writing. Clearly, she wanted people to know what happened.

But, she quickly saw this was getting too much attention and began to back off because while she wanted to let Dan know he hurt her, she didn't want him to get into too much trouble.

And I believe it's completely fair to call out political supporters of Dan who have been on the sidelines during all of this. I mean, Rivera can't even bring himself to publicly apologize.

gop shill said...

Watch Dennis slam hiring a conflict attorney because one of his small conference of minority legislators makes money off getting asigned the cases....oops, you all didnt' know that. This conflict attorney nonsense had nothing to do with the merits of the idea. It had to do with a member of the Minority Caucus benefiting from the current process. Deny that one, Danny Boy.

Anonymous said...

Rob Clark:

Did you know that the work performed by conflicts lawyers would have to be performed by lawyers from private practice and that the county is billed $75 per hour by these lawyers? That is an important thing to overlook before you judge and criticize. You are not concerned in the least for saving money for taxpayers. In fact, I just learned that a Democratic legislator was actually performing some of this very work at taxpayer expense! Ouch.

Lancer said...

Right. So now we know with all of Virtuoso's bitching about Harris Beach, the only county legislator working for Harris Beach is Kyle Andrews.

And for all of Virtuoso's bitching about conflict attorneys, the only county legislator actually working as a conflict attorney is Jason Cafarella, a member of Virtuoso's minority caucus.

Well, well, well. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Dennis, all you're showing with all of your showboating is what a piece of shit hypocrite you are. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Your right, Dan owes Diane an apology.

The funny thing is that he will never do this because he believes that he did no wrong.

And if you look at the last Gazette article; Mark Scheer is started minimizing the event as well.

He made light of the situation and even goes as far as to use Dan’s spin – specifically referring to the "grab" as “tweak”.

Maybe Del Monte is pressuring someone - the media.

Clark Griswold said...

You're right on, Lancer. Virtuoso loves to bitch and stir the pot, but it seems that most of the time, like in this instance, theres little substance behind his outrage. Perhaps he should start feeling so strongly about issues within his own district, things in that area may start to improve.

Anonymous said...

As an elected official you are actually condoning what Dan Rivera did to Diane?? Or is it your inability to put together an complete sentence? What if it was your wife? Didnt comment earlier about what you would do? Did we read the paper?? The Gazette? now that's a good one. Seems like youre aligning yourself with a particular side? Hoping to run for re-election??
GOP Shill.. By not calling for Dan Rivera to step down, you only make the GOP look better. Futhermore, are you saying it was ok that he physically harrassed her simply because she isnt pressing charges? When are you guys finally going to throw the garbage out? After his third, fourth, fifth offense?

Anonymous said...

Francine DelMonte, 46, of Niagara Falls, was charged with loitering at 8:18 a.m. Thursday. DelMonte was walking on 19th Street Thursday morning and offered a motorist oral sex in exchange for money, according to the driver, who alerted police. DelMonte also was taken in on a warrant for a previous loitering charge.

Anonymous said...

Francine DelMonte, 46, of Niagara Falls, was charged with loitering at 8:18 a.m. Thursday. DelMonte was walking on 19th Street Thursday morning and offered a motorist oral sex in exchange for money, according to the driver, who alerted police. DelMonte also was taken in on a warrant for a previous loitering charge.

not_over_it said...

Ohhhhh...look what I found!

How cool is it that you have a bunch of Rivera and Del Monte apologists hanging out on your blog?

I'd love to know how the NF Reporter is any less of "a real paper" than the Niagara Gazette, a place where Francine used to work and where she can still count on them to rush to the defense of her and her friends in the in-crowd!

I had a question that has still not been answered to my satisfaction by Dan, Diane, the Gazette, or any of their cheerleaders, which is "Did he put his hands on her?"

Of course, the answer is yes, and none of the excuses are acceptable to me, and they shouldn't be for anyone who has any respect for women.

The protest was not about standing up for Diane Roberts, since she made her decisions for her own reasons. It was about standing up to a bully and a thug who has taken the opportunity to lead the Niagara County Dems with a clear plan for the future that includes putting forth candidates that aren't his BFFs and used it as an opportunity to pretend that just being the NC Dem Chairman makes him an important man instead.

I wouldn't trust Dan Rivera to lead me out of a paper bag, not even a wet one, and it's no longer a secret that he has no respect for women, let alone one who doesn't agree with him. Letting him get away with this leads to serious implications for any woman in the Democratic party that wants to run for office or has any kind of position under Dan (heh) where she might need to speak her mind.

I didn't have a lot of respect for Del Monte before she stood behind Dan and his right to physically assult a woman who didn't agree with him, and I have even less now, so I guess you could say I have negative support for her.

If you want to know about what kind of influence Francine has for her friends, maybe you should look at the mess with the Barton Hill Hotel and Spa, the taxpayer money they received, how they haven't even lived up the the sweet deal they got, and how numerous members of the Lewiston Board resigned over this absolute corruption of a system that's been made a mess by the privilaged few.

Full disclosure: I was at the protest. :-)

not_over_it said...

By the way, I wish someone would explain to me why Paula isn't even mentioned on the NC Repub Website, where Henry talks about supporting our "worthwhile legislators."

I'm not a Republican by any stretch of the imagination, but I personally take offence at how the local Republicans ignore their female contenders for office. I talked to an informed, articulate woman running for NF City Council on the Repub line last year, and, as far as I could tell she received no support from the people running her party of choice, and now we have Paula Banks being ignored, even on their own Website.

Please, preach to me about treating women equally when you start to do it, people.

Paula might have a shot against Francine if they treated her like a viable candidate instead of a sacrificial lamb.