June 13, 2008

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A sad day for Buffalo, WNY and anyone who appreciates quality journalism.

NBC News' Russert dies at 58
Tim Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of “Meet the Press,” died Friday after collapsing, NBC News said. He was 58. Russert, the recipient of 48 honorary doctorates, joined NBC News in 1984 and took over the helm of “Meet the Press” in December 1991.


Frank DeGeorge said...

What a sad, sad day. It was always great having a hometown guy hosting one of the most important political shows in the country. And he was never bashful about being from Buffalo.

God Bless Tim and his family.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I'm shocked that two hours after Tim Russert passes there is this type of nonsense. Honor the man for his terrific work at a very high profile job.

Anonymous said...

RIP, Tim Russert. Both sides always said you leaned the other way which is a sure sign you were fair and honest. You leave us way too soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm in total shock.

fat tony said...

I just came on the blog and saw this story and didn't believe it. I just got off the NBC site reading about. This just happened a couple of hours ago.

Anonymous said...

yea frank your right, he was the most famous buffalo joe since the guy that used to say Mr Speaker...

Anonymous said...

Jes’ sayin. It’s sad that he died; I feel especially bad for his dad- no father should have to bury his son. It’s a deep and sudden personal tragedy for many people- and sort of a shallow, rah-rah-Buffalo tragedy for everyone else. So, let’s not ascribe this guy to be something he wasn’t, like a real journalist. He was a former Democratic press secretary turned mainstream talking head. Definitely more praiseworthy than career gas station attendant; not exactly Nobel laureate, either.

rob clark said...

Some of you gutless, anonymous pieces of shit are disgusting. A man dies and this is what you do.

Tim Russert seemed like a good man. He was a great ambassador for Western NY. My heart goes out to his family.

Anonymous said...

Certainly 58 is too young; absolutely it is sad for his family.

But I am mystified about all this “great journalist” stuff. Tim Russert was a toadying television talking head who I never ever saw ask a tough question– unless the person being questioned was someone out of power. I never saw him stand up to a soul in the Bush administration, but he was always quick to try to spring a trap on a Democrat.

In this he was not unique– one of the reasons we are in this horrible war is that the press in general failed to do what it tells us its job is. It didn’t dig into the background, it didn’t ask the hard questions, it didn’t follow up. Most of all, it didn’t report. Russert and his colleagues merely regurgitated the disinformation they were fed.

I heard Cokie Roberts talking about how Russert’s program made her program better, because her people had to go out and get “guests” (which is what they call interview subjects) that were as good as those on “Meet the Press”. Russert was able to book his subjects in one of two ways– if it was a high powered official who had an agenda, MTP was a great forum. Russert would ask fawning questions, and never press a point. Notwithstanding his law school background he couldn’t cross-examine his way out of a wet paper bag. If the sought after guest was someone like Howard Dean, Russert would avoid discussions of substance, and instead ask about matters of perception. He’d follow up with those sort of questions sharp enough. People would go on MTP notwithstanding this because it was a valuable platform, but it wasn’t valuable because Russert brought any sort of intellectual rigor to it. His performance in the Clinton/Obama debate was a disgraceful example of exactly what I’m talking about.

Being from Buffalo doesn’t automatically qualify someone for sainthood, and going to a Jesuit high school doesn’t mean that one is an intellectual. The world has lost a high profile Bills fan. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hobbes, for cleaning up the nonsense from some of the anon posters.
I think the last anonymous has a good point that Russert was not hard-hitting enough w/ the big names. Yet, I can't think of another journalist who I respected as much as him. This does not say much for the level of journalism in this country.
At any rate, I shall miss his "Go Bills" sign offs on "Meet the Press." He seemed like a great family man, which is something we should all hope to be.
Morgan P.

pirate's code said...

Anon # 4 -- "Jes’ sayin. It’s sad that he died; I feel especially bad for his dad..."

And, Anon # 4 -- "Certainly 58 is too young; absolutely it is sad for his family."

Either you can't think of anything original to write on this site and copy your own work, or you are simply stealing other people's comments from a nearby blog. Which is it?

See: http://buffalopundit.wnymedia.net/blogs/archives/6615#comments

Specifically, a comment attributed to one Snarky Snarkmore McSnarkamaphone and another posted by Bill Altreuter.

But, shopping your snark around to see if someone bites is a bit desperate, dont'cha think? The only thing worse would be stealing someone else's snark.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I saw this post and thought, finally, one post that won't create any drama....wrong.
Tim Russert's death will be a great loss for many.

NY Conservative Campaigns said...

RE: Tim Russert

Tim Russert was a great man and a Devout Catholic.
He put his money where his money was - To many Charities.
He did so without fanfare.

He will be missed.

Jim Kelly - NY Conservative Campaigns