May 27, 2008

Variety Check

One of the city of Lockport's most prominent attorneys says he and developer Dave Ulrich should be paid by the federal government for the defaulted mortgage they held on a recently closed whore house.

Niagara County Democratic Committee Chairman Dan Rivera gets crushed by a former NCDC Executive Board member in a story in the Niagara Falls Reporter.

Jay Gallagher writes an excellent piece about the little known but increasingly visible Public Service Commission, which oversees the companies that provide electric and natural-gas service to citizens of the state as it makes a crucial decision next month.

The era of the Clintons is soon to be over.

Niagara County Legislator Dennis Virtuoso's hypocrisy continues to run deep as he chastises the current majority for doing what he tried, unsuccessfully, to do in in December 2003.

The New York State Senate is to approve a ban on text messaging while driving.

Friends and family continue to reflect on the life of political icon Jimmy Griffin.

The Troopergate scandal continues to claim victims as a second State Police Trooper takes his own life.

How George W. sold the war in Iraq.

A well-written local blog with a variety of topics, blogonweck.

With Upstate economic development advocates expressing their concerns with the possible departure of Dan Gundersen, Downstate has a different take on their ESDC guy.


Anonymous said...

It's time for the cops to put down their cell phones when they drive. There is no reason to be on the phone and they are just as distracted as other drivers.

Dan Rivera's "leadership" during the last election speaks for itself. Attack, mislead, harass, embarrass and, at the end of the day, pick up NO seats in the legislature. Great job if you're a Republican!

Denny V. wanted to create the conflict lawyers department when the cost was only $25 per hour for attorneys. Now it's $75 per hour. How can he now oppose this plan with a straight face? He is relying on a misinformed public. Of course, the local media is certainly helping him.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

I thought the Prohaska piece on conflicts attorneys was pretty unbiased. It was a nice change of pace for Tom.

As much of a muckraker that Jimmy Griffin was in his day, he'd be accused by the US&J of being the problem, not the solution.

And Rivera? Well, I'm thinking that his actions constitute assault. Unfortunately for the NC GOP, Danny's days are most likely numbered.

Anonymous said...

That Rivera story is something. She is essentially alleging physical abuse. Where are Prohaska and Scheer on this one.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should leave Dan alone as he is only trying to get the Democratic message to the voters and is getting frustrated that they are not listening. I wonder if the real problem is local committee chairman are not on board with his message and trying to undermind his authority.

Lancer said...

It's pretty sad that NYS Troopers are killing themselves over idiot politicians like Pataki and Spitzer. The two of them should be held accountable in some form.

As for Jimmy Griffin, he was a whacko, but he was our whacko and the world was a better place with him in it.

Like your format today, Hobbes.

April said...

Rivera once referred to politics in Niagara County as a "blood sport". Apparently the county Democratic committee vice-chairwoman didn't get that memo; until she was assaulted. That's one way to find out what a punk the Chairman is. And if I'm that woman's husband and this piece of shit laid his hands on my wife? Well, let's just say I'd be sure that he has a really, really, really bad day coming.

Anonymous said...

Where are the womens groups on this? A woman publicly states that she's been assaulted by a visible member of the committee and there's no outrage?

Anonymous said...

Their got be some sort of mistake - her nose looks fine here.

In fact, I bet it was nothing more than a playfull tap.

You guys are making to much of a small thing.

Anonymous said...

Where Rob Clark on this one? I can't image you missing the fundraiser?

So did Dan do the Dirty deed or not?

Does he have a nose fetish?

I think it's rooted in his childhood - just take a look at his snoot.

Anonymous said...

it is me or does George look like a PUG?

rob clark said...

Yea I missed it. I had to work. Not to sure what that crack was supposed to mean.

You ever notice that it seems that only the Democrats have there dirty laundry aired out in public. It’s because the GOP control the local media. I’m not going to say that the whole story is true or not. I haven't talked with the parties involved. But no matter how you read it, it just sounds terrible.

I did find Senator Maziarz comments about Chris Srock utterly disgusting. You would think that the Senator, a man of his stature would have made more appropriate comments. Where does he get off putting down a persons job. Were you that insulted that the man decided to run against you? Why, because he works in a kitchen? He is a cook by the way George. Not a "dish washer". Do you feel that you are that much ABOVE the rest of us that you can just put a person down because of there honest employment.

Does that mean that some one like me a security guard is next for an asinine comment like that? Perhaps he is in the same situation as me or most of us in this area are in. I was a cable tech. before my current occupation. But thanks to Adelphia, those jobs are harder to come by. My point is this, there a lot of good people working in lower paying jobs due to the current job environment in this area. As a Senator, you should be helping create jobs, (other than your patronage ones) not put down people who work hard to have one. For all the good work that you have accomplished, you should get over it

sick & tired said...

Bravo, Rob Clark.

The Senator should apologize for those insulting remarks.

Anonymous said...


How can you ignore the "elephant in the room" - the leader of your party is abrasive and abusive. I can only hope that he is a drunk, because at least he can get help for that.

You profess that you’re a man of integrity, do the right thing and ask Dan to step aside. If you and peers stay quite on this, then you silently endorsing his actions.

What you position on this? Do we need to speak up your next board meeting to lean your disposition?

rob clark said...

anon...The subject is a political one. Therefore Iwont bring it up at a Town Board meeting. However it is a subject to talk about at the next comittee meeting.

Anonymous said...

Let me pose a simple question, do any of us want a Dish washer, Cook, sous, exec or prep for that matter, or a cable technician representing us? I for one will tell you absolutly not! There is no need to explain, it's very simple to understand. Less the exception to the rule, the reason many people become cooks, dish washers or cable techs is they simply do not possess the intellectual ability to comprehend these matters. Rob, you're in way over your head. Stick to installing cable. Furthermore, I does the Democratic Party now condone domestic abuse in an attempt to sway the vote?

Anonymous said...


I've been waiting for two hours for my morning DVR install - stop playing with our power link and get to my house.

Anonymous said...

While I admire Rob Clark for posting under his own name, I am shocked at the stupidity of his comment that the GOP controls the local media. It's almost like he has never read the local paper or listened to WLVL.

Go back just one month and read the editorials written by the Lockport Journal Board, and then listen to the last several Scott Leffler shows, and read the assinine ramblings of Tom Christy, which for some reason are printed in our local paper, and then tell me that the GOP controls the media with a straight face. Idiot.

Anonymous said...


My undertanding is their is a public comment time at the board meeting. This is a public matter, we Citizens would like your thoughts on the matter. This is someone that you and your peers speak to and work with on a regular basis, is it not?

rob clark said...

Maybe what we all need is more people with plain old common sense. Or someone who knows what its like to live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe thats the type of leadership we need to Represent this area. If not the entire state.
We have had enough of OVERPAID REPS FROM DOWNSTATE calling all the shots.

sick & tired said...

I for one would rather have a hard working citizen represent me in the legislature than a career politician who only knows how to gather power. What's Senator Maziarz ever done in the real world? He's a career politician who, based on his disrespect for one of his constituents who works hard for a living, is out of touch with what it really takes in this world.

As for Rob Clark, that you post in your own name is a grand idea, but hopelessly naive. To think that you could put your views out into public and expect not to be viciously verbally assaulted simply for stating a point of view is idealistic, to say the least. To expect civil discourse just because that is what Hobbes claims in his banner shows a failure on your part to appreciate just how deep the heat can run.

The only thing that remains is to see if you will rise to the bait, and discuss in public that which is a party matter, to be dealt with in the party. I hope not.

Its too bad that those who leaked Ms. Robert's resignation letter to the press did so not to protect Ms. Roberts or some ideal, but to promote their own agenda of harming Mr. Rivera and the NC Dem committee.

Anonymous said...


I disagree with your last point. I think in the long run the Dem Party will benefit from this. It really clear that a leadership purge is necessary, and one that occurs the healing can begin.

If not, I'm sure their will be more problems. For example If Fred Newlin wast to move on to higher office. Does not the this issue between the two chairs complicate this or even make it impossible.

I think whomever leaked the letter - knew it was time for a change and took advanatage of this opportunity.

Larry S said...

Sick wrote, "Its too bad that those who leaked Ms. Robert's resignation letter to the press did so not to protect Ms. Roberts or some ideal, but to promote their own agenda of harming Mr. Rivera and the NC Dem committee."

What you fail to acknowledge is that the leaking of the letter came from within the NC Dem party.

You make it sound like the GOP did it. They didn't. The divisiveness comes from Rivera's own people. That is indicative of a whole different set of problems for Rivera outside of his repeated ass-kicking at the hands of Henry Wojtaszek.

Take your blinders off for one second and see that Rivera is his own worst enemy.