May 20, 2008

New York's "Other" Senator?

Scanning the local periodicals this chilly Spring morning, a certain headline in the Niagara Gazette caught my eye. The headline is "SCHUMER: New York’s other senator talks WNY economy". What I found perplexing is the label of the "other" Senator, when referring to Senator Charles Schumer.

During the Schumer-Billary tenure in New York, Schumer has never been the "other" Senator, he's been the only Senator. He's been the most vocal, he's most definitely been the most visible, unless you count Hill's romp around the Niagara Falls airbase in her canary yellow jumpsuit after claiming her efforts saved it, and Schumer never promised 200,000 jobs to Upstate New York. Of course, when pressed during this year's Presidential campaign on her promise of the jobs, Hill added the newly found qualifier of "I meant it, but only under the right circumstances, i.e., if Al Gore had been elected Prez".

Right, and your life would have been in danger if there had actually been bullets flying over your head when you landed in Bosnia. You remember that death defying trip Hill took to Bosnia, after which she said, "I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

Just in case you haven't seen the dramatic scene in Bosnia captured on camera, here it is:

That looks like a really harrowing scene. Good thing she kept her head down.

Schumer, on the other hand, simply goes about his business. No dodging hugs, errr, bullets on foreign soil.

Let us not forget that Hill has been a virtual no-show in Washington since her now-failed Prez bid was launched.

So Chuck, you keep doing what you do, let Hill have the spotlight for now. In a week or two, she'll simply be Hillary Clinton, the former Presidential candidate and still junior Senator from New York.


Anonymous said...

Larry, I'll save you the trouble-it's a witch hunt I say, a witch hunt! Of course, in this case, since the post refers to Hillary Clinton, you might be accurate for a change.

Lancer said...

It still amazes me that anyone in WNY could even think about pulling the lever for Clinton. I mean really, please tell me one significant thing that this women has done. Broken promises don't count.

Mr. Wolf said...

Especially all of the women that say if their husband cheated on them he'd be out on the street. Slick Willy received oral gratification, from in intern, no less, and Hillary sat by while the whole thing played out in front of the world. Why? Because she knew then that all of this was simply a stepping stone to her run for the Presidency, and she didn't want to be a divorcee running for Pres. So basically she sold her soul, and the souls of every women who begged her to make a statement by throwing the bum out, just so she could have her shot. How's that working out for ya, Hill?

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love the look on Chelsea's face while Billary is hugging the little girl. You know she's wondering why Mommy Dearest is hugging this little Bosnian girl when she never hugged her like that. Poor Chelly.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill has shown his true colors during this campaign, the colors of a vindictive, impatient, intolerant man. He certainly has not helped Hillary, and that has shown in the numbers.

McCain is a shoe-in vs. Obama. You read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Here, here Mr. Wolf! As a woman, I'm appalled that she's trying to represent the first female President. There are women (not to mention young girls and teenagers) everywhere looking for strong women role-models and Hillary is certainly not one of them if she can stand by her man after that. I'd have more respect for her if she had left him and been the first divorced female President.

Larry Castellani said...

Did someone say "witch hunt?" No, it didn't even cross my mind, but now that you mention it... Nah, just kiddin' again. ... Actually there's nothing here for me to disagree with except that possibly I find Hill's more despicable than Hobbes does. I'll spare you the details. ... If McCain wins, however, I'm moving to Costa Rica; but I'll stay in touch. ... I confess I'll vote for Barak but I wish Nader were President.

Anonymous said...

hobbes is right all the democrats suck

Anonymous said...

Ted is almost dead, governor is in the hospital things are looking great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hillary will win in Kentucky with hard working blue collar Americans and Obama will win in Oregon with uppity, elitist, white guilt latte drinking liberal losers.

Obama wants to tell you how high you can set the heat in your homes, how much you can eat and what kind of vehicle you can drive.

More government regulation.

Obama also thinks he can sit down with terrorist leaders over some nice tea and talk to these scumbags. How naive can he get?

Yeah, the uppity liberals voted for CHANGE in 2006 and what did they get? NOTHING!

What have these lazy good for nothing liberals done in Congress for two whole years? They make the laws. They’ve done nothing. WORSE, in act!

You liberals yap about the ecomony which was fine except for the past year. Why? You liberals wanted food made into ethanol and that has raised the food costs of everything. You liberals don’t want to drill in ANWR and other areas in America, plus you won’t build new oil refineries.

How about blaming the stupid, naive America public for getting into the mess we’re in when they bought big fat, gas guzzling SUV’s and elected politicians that won’t drill for oil and build anything while saving the poor polar bear which has INCREASED in numbers and who can still be killed by any other country at will.

Kyoto was signed by Europe, but they have failed to meet each and every standard. You don’t hear much about those things or the INCREASING ice mass in the South Pole. Gee, why is that liberals?

Like I also said, read “America Alone” and see how Europe is dying off and being taken over by Islam. See how Muslims have increased their population (4.6% live births) and white Euporean have only a 1.4% birth rate.

Europes staggering social program is going to collape the entire EI within a decade and liberals here wan to follow

Stillwell said...

well that last post is quite depressing. But the biggest tidbit i got out of this blog is how UGLY Chelsea Clinton is. Wow!

Larry Castellani said...

Lay off the coffee, will ya'?
You really can't be serious can you? "...the economy which was fine except for the past year." This has got to be pure provocation! Read Kevin Phillips' Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics and the the Global Crisis of American Capitalism and tell me the Democrats are responsble for the state of the economy.