May 1, 2008

Happy Immigrant Rights Day

This one hasn't quite made it onto most calenders yet, but yes, May 1st is indeed Immigrant Rights Day. According to one web site, the day is celebrated because "Organizers in cities and towns around the U.S. are hoping to bring back the historical significance of May 1st in international labor and workers' struggles, and to reignite the labor movement by integrating recent undocumented workers' struggle for amnesty. Marches, rallies, and other gatherings on that date will focus on, among other things, amnesty for those who do not have current documents."

Well isn't that just fantastic. It's good to see that immigrants are stepping up their lobbying efforts of federal officials to protect the rights of those who shouldn't even be in this country. Simply amazing. At least gas prices and the economy have knocked immigration reform off the radar as the number one issue among Americans.

In other feel good news, ExxonMobil said record crude prices helped its net income grow 17% in the first quarter. Earnings for the first three months of the year rose to $10.9 billion up from $9.3 billion a year ago.

Thank God, I was was really starting to worry about ExxonMobil's viability to remain competitive in this dynamic world economy.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't we just attend the rallies, arrest all the protesters and deport them? That would be easy.

Anonymous said...

But then all the whackos who thought Tom C was denied his first ammendment rights would have to protest that the illegal aliens were denied their fourth ammendment rights, and Tom would not be able to help them because he is being sensored and...oh woe are we....

Poli Scick said...

I've actually heard of some forward-think police agencies "enticing" illegals to an event such as this then arresting them God love their thought process.

Oh, one other thing. Gas prices are high.

Larry Castellani said...

This is also the 50th anniversary of Law Day established by President Eisenhower, dedicated to the celebration of the principle of government under law. ... I'm sure the LCTV Board of Directors and most of the players in the local Republican party won't be celebrating that that 'day' let alone the principle. It doesn't seem to mean much to them unless of course it serves their own propaganda and power. But they can always hope for a law that outlaws democracy itself. Maybe even one that outlaws civic education, if not all public education.

pirate's code said...

I guess it if helps you to have a villain, Larry, go right ahead.

In doing so, please continue to ignore the history of this region and its slow, inexorable decline. A decline more than five decades in the making, through GOP control, Democratic control, various hybrids of the two, at the local, state and federal level.

Which party was it, exactly, that reduced the population of Niagara Falls by half? That stagnated growth in the entire region? That has driven our combined tax burden so high that businesses struggle to exist (forget grow) and citizens struggle to pay their bills? Is it just one, and never the other? Because if you really think that, I could ask the following:

Which party or party philosophy has had a virtual strangle hold on our big sister to the south, Buffalo, for the better part of those five decades and seen the Queen City of the Lake shrink and shrivel to a shadow of its former self?

Because you are obviously so much smarter than the rest of us, I'll have to concede that it is the current Republicans in this region that are the source of all that is wrong with Niagara -- and they are doing nothing but more harm with every breath they draw.

Perhaps if I had spent as much time in the halls of academia as you, I would see this as you do. A few more classes, and maybe I can have a one-size-fits-all philosophy of political analysis, just as you seem to.

Anonymous said...


Wow, that was epic! I couldn't agree more. Mr. C's never ending lectures are painful to read and impossible to rationalize. His lack of connectivity with the realities of our region is mind boggling and troubling to say the least, especially considering his status as a teacher. I must say that his one-sided rhetoric and conspiracy nonsense is getting quite old on this blog. If you don't suggest real solutions then keep your billion word essays for your underwear wearing tea clubs!

Anonymous said...

Underwear wearing tea clubs! Are we talking about the Wilson guys or Glen and Mike ?

Anonymous said...

Hobbs you are a simply minded hate monger!!!

Larry Castellani said...

Please don't hate me. And I'm not the arrogant son-of-a-bitch you think I am. Probably only half that. You are so obviously right. But the Repubs are presently in power, or so I hear. And they aren't doing anything nor suggesting anything new. The same old bullshit, no? What's new? Please tell me? What's the strategy? Just more bandaids and patchwork quilt. Maybe I don't have the kind of quick fix answers that this blog crowd would like but at least we need to go beyond this mutually masturbatory witchhunting, moralizing, etc. that passes as poltical discourse. There's nothing wrong with bullshiting about 'business as usual'. It's just not very interesting let alone productive of real change. Thinking is experimental. I don't at all and never have claimed that I have the solutions but I'm damned sure the local honchos don't either. So if my "theorizing", be it as it may, offends you or pisses you off too much, then just stop reading it. Of course it would break my heart but that's happened before and I'll survive. We need radical solutions and that requires radical discourse, new ideas and concepts that reconfigure our experience. Not more pseudo-critical cheap journalistic whining about which way the wind is blowing. Actually even good ideas about what ought to be done is not good enough if those ideas can't mediate the necessary social action that could bring change. Voluntarism doesn't work. Parliamentary politics as usual keeps everyone pretending that George Maziarz and company is some sort of latter day saint if not savior. So if ass-kissing the local politicos is where it's at, leave me out. Pirate, your history lesson is descriptively true, but so what? We are in dire straits as far as I can see and you are in effect suggesting a celebration of the history of shared failure. I have the greatest respect for anybody out there trying to improve our region and country but failure is failure, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Populist, Liberal Democratic, Socialist, Communist, etc. So why be conservative when there's not much to conserve around here but petty power and old useless ideas.

Larry Castellani said...

When you get done worshiping Pirate's butt, tell me what the "realities of our region" are?
Do you mean the obsession about taxation about which noone is doing anything? You people, "shills" I think you call them, are constantly accusing me of thinking I'm so intelligent but you are the one's who are so sure of yourselves that you won't engage or maybe can't engage in meaningful discussion. Why this obsession with my intelligence? You want everyone to "talk like you." Where's it getting you? "Another day older and deeper in debt" as old Tennessee Ernie Ford song goes.
So now Hobbes will move on to the next scintillating little tidbit of "real knowledge" and you can drool over that a while. Your ideas, if I'm so kind as to call them that, don't unite or move people except possibly for the next witchhunt you all may have in mind. Contrary to what Pirate says my aim is not about having a villian but about calling out "villainous ideas", so to speak, and actions on the part of people that are mere displays of local power and patronage as opposed to the hard work of bringing political power to all the people of this region. So if anybody has the balls, as opposed to the intelligence because it does take more balls than intelligence to try to find new ground to move forward politically, then try to answer some of my questions. Or are you in too much of a hurry to get on to Hobbes next posted tidbit???

Anonymous said...

Quote from our resident pseudo-intellectual, " I have the greatest respect for anybody out there trying to improve our region and country.....". Is he changing his stripes or is this just more hypocrisy? I hope the former, suspect the latter.

pirate's code said...

Larry -- In your last post directed to me you wrote, "...we need to go beyond this mutually masturbatory witchhunting, moralizing, etc. that passes as poltical discourse."

Agreed. Period.

Yet, your first post in this particular thread included this: "I'm sure the LCTV Board of Directors and most of the players in the local Republican party won't be celebrating that that 'day' let alone the principle. It doesn't seem to mean much to them unless of course it serves their own propaganda and power. But they can always hope for a law that outlaws democracy itself. Maybe even one that outlaws civic education, if not all public education."

Who is doing the witch hunting?

The reason for my brief history lesson was not to celebrate our "history of shared failure," as you put it, but instead point out what should be obvious that if blame is to be placed, there is plenty to go around. So, if your belief is that we need to tear down before we can rebuild, I ask that you recognize that such a bulldozer needs to cut a wide path. Not just GOP, not just Dem.

I have no fondness for the state of politics -- both in structure and in practice -- in our little corner of the world. I have no data to back me, but I'm going to guess that many (most?) share that view.

However, your broad assumption that I'm doing nothing about it (except spending time at a keyboard) is just assumption. And, you'd be wrong.

You also wrote, "Please don't hate me. And I'm not the arrogant son-of-a-bitch you think I am. Probably only half that."

I hate peas. I hate it when my knee acts up. I hate it when I flub what should be an easy chip shot. But I don't hate you. I don't know you, so how could I? You do, however, leave me scratching my head sometimes. Because it seems that you are developing a pretty good-sized hate for a very narrow band of the local political spectrum that, in the end, may or may not have the ability to make substantive changes in the quality of our world.

GW Bush has been, in most every way, a disaster. But because he's a Republican and I'm a Republican doesn't mean we are the same.

By making that assumption, you fall into the very narrow-think you profess to despise.

As for people worshipping my butt...well, for my age, it's not a bad butt.

Anonymous said...

More quotes from Mr.C

“my aim is not about having a villain (sic) but about calling out "villainous ideas".”.

“I’m beyond character assassination, strategic cynicism and generic political partisanship”


“I heard it was the Wilson baseball team that did it.”

“So if you took my courses that could bring your IQ up to about 65.”
“The Board of Directors are mere operatives, hitmen and are truly moral and political scum, equivalent to the likes of Spitzer”

And you expect to be taken seriously Larry.....?

gop shill said...

Larry you express disgust with the politics that simplify complex policy issues into meaningless rhetoric and even less meaningful action, which I can appreciate.

But then come clean and denounce your own NCCC faculty union which is directly responsible to the most hate-filled and negative campaign mailers sent in County Leg races last year and was completely (and thus illegally) done in coordination with the local Democrat gang.

At least be intellecutally honest about that.

Anonymous said...

Mr. C

You must have me confused with another anon, because I certainly am not obsessed/infatuated with your intelligence. I don't want people/you to "talk like me", just put out a real idea that is backed with a real plan for implementation, and I could take you more seriously. As it stands, you've got a cute way of spending a thousand words to accomplish nothing other than taking shots at whom you refer to as "currently in power". I would encourage you to develop a concept, an idea of sorts to address one, just one critical issue for our region and put it out there for discussion. Let's together, stimulate problem solving rather than target practice. Otherwise, just sit back and wait for the next post......

Larry Castellani said...

Ok, here's one idea: let's propose to secede from NYS. Western NY could and should be an autonomous region. What do we have to gain in being so associated with Albany, NYC, and possibly much of downstate. Let's begin the discussion about the maximization of local control. Why not make a move for real sovereignty in the face of corporations, state bureaucracies and federal exploitation and neglect if not domination. This wouldn't be merely a regionalism only about cooperation within, but a "regionalsim" first determined by separation from without. This would change the conversation. Why struggle with a sclerotic if not cancerous state bureacratism and a failed parliamentarism, when we could begin talking about a move toward a real autonomy based on the abundance of the region when empowered in real autonomy as opposed to being dominated by our business oligarchies and effete autocratic "representatives." In this proposal the real politicians would be the one's who could emerge and organize and lead such an undertaking. Call it the great state of New Niagara. Pie in the sky? Only for those with their heads firmly planted in the sands of the past and their tongues hanging out to catch the crumbs of trickle down economy and government. ... More to come.

gop shill said...

I see you conveniently ignored my post about the NCCC faculty union's political activities, Larry.

Larry Castellani said...

Gop shill:

I’ll have to plead ignorance regarding the activities of my union. No excuse; it’s just a fact. I know they do recommend a given candidate during elections but I don’t know in fact that they’ve been involved in virtual “dirty tricks.” If you can tell me what they are supposed to have done, I’ll try to comment. I’ll take responsibility for not being up on what the union is doing. But the sad fact is that I just don’t know. Tell me what you heard/know and I’ll do my best. ….. But you and others have also avoided my suggestion that Western NY secede from NY State and form its own state. Why isn’t that possible? desireable? Feasible?

Anonymous said...

Francine DelMonte, 46, of Niagara Falls, was charged with loitering at 8:18 a.m. Thursday. DelMonte was walking on 19th Street Thursday morning and offered a motorist oral sex in exchange for money, according to the driver, who alerted police. DelMonte also was taken in on a warrant for a previous loitering charge.