May 26, 2008

Coming Soon, Same-Sex "Marriage"

The New York Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling that mandated the state to recognize all same-sex “marriages” performed outside its borders.

The new measure became law after the court declined to hear arguments concerning the appeal of the decision by a State Supreme Court in February that recognized full marriage benefits of two state community college employees who legally “married” in Canada.

The February ruling, which threw out the State Supreme Court’s 2006 decision that state law "currently defines marriage as limited to the union of one man and one woman," argued that same-sex “marriages” performed legally in other states or countries be allowed barring legislation that would specifically prohibit it.

Alan Van Capelle, executive director of Empire State Pride Agenda, said the recent ruling was progressive and a step toward the goal of giving same-sex couples full marriage benefits.

"Despite today's good news, the state of marriage for same-sex couples in New York is still unsettled," he said, according to

"Until a law is passed by the New York State Legislature, there will always be the possibility that another court decision could undo [this ruling] and strip away from otherwise legally married same-sex couples all of the 1,324 state-based rights and responsibilities that come with a marriage license in New York,” he added.

Currently, although Massachusetts is the only state to recognize same-sex “marriage,” several other states, including New York, recognize same-sex unions or “marriages” performed in other states or countries.

Since 2004, when the Massachusetts State Supreme Court made its ruling to recognize gay “marriage,” 26 states have passed a constitutional ban on the practice, while over a dozen others have passed laws limiting or outlawing it.

New York Governor David Paterson is expected to decriminalize same-sex "marriage" if the necessary legislation reaches his desk. Upon receiving the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Award on April 9, Patterson pledged to work to bring "full marriage equality to New York State."

"If you will join with me and if we work hard enough we can change the face of New York, which will be the catalyst to changing national policy," Paterson assured his listeners.


Anonymous said...

At what cost to taxpayers? Every time a public employee marries, taxpayers pick up the benefits for the spouse, straight, gay or otherwise.

But most importantly, more marriages means more divorces and the taxpayers pay for those as well. Every contested divorce means time spent in front of a judge, law clerk, or referee, on the public dime, in a courthouse built, maintained, staffed, guarded and heated by the taxpayers with papers filed by and maintained by the county clerk in a building built, maintained, staffed, guarded and heated by the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

That means some day George will be able to live in bliss. Good for him. He deserves to be happy.

Rhonda J Mangus said...

Hobbes - thanks for posting this story. No doubt, I am in favor of same-sex marriage. I might mention however that even though Governor Paterson has been a strong supporter of gay rights, it is wise to note the key words here "if the necessary legislation reaches his desk."

I don't see much hope in obtaining the necessary legislation, including legislation for GENDA and DASA, as long as Senator Maziarz remains in the Senate along with Rath, and other noted opponents who openly refuse to support this much needed legislation to protect the dignity and rights of the GLBT Community; that includes children and adults.

By the way, The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, one of the leading gay rights organizations in this country failed, along with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to organize even one single event to promote "International Day Against Homophobia"(IDAHO). The United States was one of the world's few remaining democracies who failed to participate.

I think this failure by the Gay & Lesbian Task force and HRC to recognize and participate in IDAHO speaks volumes! In other words, they have not yet "pushed the envelope"! The question then becomes, "Why?"

Thanks again!

Rhonda J Mangus said...

Hobbes - where I indicate Human Rights Commission, it should read: Human Rights Campaign.

Anonymous said...

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