April 16, 2008

Unified Leg Acts On Greenway Rules

Kudos to the Niagara County Legislature for putting up a unified front in sending a message to the New York Power Authority that this county is not going to continue to be dictated to by interests from Albany.

In rare case of bipartisanship at the Leg, the rules for determining which projects will be funded with Niagara River Greenway money were unanimously rejected. Those rules, or protocols, would have determined how the Power Authority’s $3 million a year is to be spent on recreational and tourism projects. To be approved, a project had to receive six votes of the eight members on the Host Communities Standing Committee. However, any member on the losing side could take the case to arbitration, potentially tying up project funding for years.

While the Leg often gets caught up in the petty politics that is so often Niagara County, this rare show of harmony proves that while they may fight amongst each other at times, it's encouraging to know that they have the ability to come together for the greater good.


pirate's code said...

Good for the Legislature...all of them.

It is simply remarkable that the Power Authority cannot see the wisdom in simply writing the check they've promised everyone and then getting the hell out of the way. Staying in the game means they continue to be the target. For the life of me I can't see what they stand to gain by their current stance.

Is it arrogance or ignorance? Or worse, both?

Larry S said...

I want to know how the Power Authority became a "Host Community" to begin with. As far as I recall, the Greenway money was part of the NYPA settlement to the seven entities. All of the sudden they want to tell us how to spend that money? Something doesn't add up, and I think it's that clause that allows disputed requests to go to arbitration. It's simply a mechanism for NYPA to hold up payouts because they don't want to make the payments. Then again, maybe I'm just being cynical and paranoid.

dark knight said...

NYPA will do anything they can to screw this community. They want to dictate where the money is spent and limit the amount.

Good for Maziarz and good for the Legislature.

Anonymous said...

I've attended many protocol meetings.

It may appear that NYPA is deciding, but, from my perspective and after a telephone conversation with NYPA, they're doing a good thing holding up the funds, at least where it concerns the Power Coalition, excuse me, the Host Communities.

What NYPA is doing is ensuring the little guys, the non-municipalities, will have a better than zero chance at receiving funding.

A conversation with R.Belue revealed, so far, the only standing committee that has "their s**t together" (direct quote) is State Parks. They voted on their protocols and have released funds. Would you agree that disproves the statement NYPA wants to "hold up the payouts?"]

I hope NYPA continues to act in the parental role. The Power Coalition/Host Communities has a 14 year, less than stellar track record with money management. In fact, I believe the local papers have reported they are currently in the red due to legal fees. Guess who picks up that tab at three different tax levels: school, municipal and county...

NYPA is on all four standing committees...thankgod.

Pete M said...

Anon said "What NYPA is doing is ensuring the little guys, the non-municipalities, will have a better than zero chance at receiving funding."

Okay, that needs a big-time further explanation. What "little guys"? What are "non-municipalities"?

There are seven entities in the agreement. How are there now all of these stakeholders? And if they're not part of the settlement, what bearing on this issue do they have?

rob clark said...

Why should the Power Coalition have to deal with this nonsense. We already have an agreement in place. One that could not get done fast enough for them. They were in such a hurry to get it finalized so they get there Licensing renewed.

I for one am totally against this new wrinkle. Even with the Power Coalitions past difficulties, NYPA got alot of nerve. Their are parts of this agreement that could bring
arbitration if not enough of the groups membership okays a plan of use.

But why should NYPA have a seat at the table in saying how the money is spent. Once again there is already a deal signed and in place.Its time for the NYPA to suck it up and pay.

rufus said...

Good to see NYPA reps, posting as anonymous, have released their talking points on the topic.

Since when has NYPA ever looked out for any little guy in WNY. They single handidly killed their huge manufacturing plant from coming to the Falls by not releasing power that wasn't even being used.

No, the only people they look out for are the patronage hires that fill their ranks.