April 1, 2008

Sommer To Seek Congressional Seat

Niagara Times has learned that North Tonawanda Council President Brett Sommer will be holding a press conference later this week to announce his candidacy for the 26th Congressional seat on the Republican line. Current Congressman Tom Reynolds has announced his intention to retire at the end of his current term. Sommer plans to make his announcement at the Third Ward Club in North Tonawanda.

Sommer, reached by phone last evening by Niagara Times, was noncommittal. "At this time, I am reviewing all of my options", said Sommer. "Obviously the decision to seek a United States Congressional seat is not a decision to take lightly."

Asked if the jump from North Tonawanda Councilman to Congressman was unrealistic, Sommer stated, "Some may say, but should I decide to move forward with my candidacy, I feel that the experience I've gained and the relationships that I've developed will go a long way."

North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos was skeptical of a Sommer candidacy. "Brett as a Congressman? Come on, what the hell does he know about dealing with the sub-prime mortgage crisis?"

Sources close to Sommer indicate that this has been a long-time dream of his. "Brett's always wanted to be a Congressman", said one insider who requested anonymity. "He actually has a very close personal relationship with Senator Schumer. They worked together to save the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station during the BRAC hearings."

Okay, no more. Happy April Fools Day. Yes, none of this is true.


Anonymous said...

you should have just ran with this all day.

Pete M said...

LOLOL...I was believin'!

gop shill said...

I was ready to put his lawn sign in my front yard.

Brett Sommer said...

LOL- maybe I should announce my candidacy. And I am familiar with the sub-prime lending crisis

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Brett, You run to washington, I will just sit here and play spaceinvaders on niagara times! Thanks Dave.

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see him get slapped down!
*Personal bankruptcy
*Too many graduated female students whom he gave the creeps.
*Inability to work with opposing party.
*Might as well just waste party cash on Henry (the marionette master)

Pete Mitchell said...

Obviously Dan Rivera has chimed in. Too bad the punkass little coward doesn't have the courage to put his name to his post. I mean really, just because you continue to get bitch-slapped by the Niagara County GOP, doesn't mean you have to harbor such resentment.

Anonymous said...

good to see Danny boy is up to his old tricks personally attacking people he can't beat in elections. Hey Dan, how'd those NT election results work out for you?

One day, maybe the Dems might wake up to the fact that elections aren't about tearing individuals down, but coming up with better ideas to govern.

Anonymous said...


As my grandmother used to say, people who get fired for illegally snooping in people's personal files, take money from known hooker rings and use their committee as a front for their employer's Erie County election schemes shouldn't throw stones.

Sweaterman said...

This would have been funnier if their was a another headline:

Paula Banks-Dahlke beats Francine Delmonte.


Talk about the Twighlight Zone

paula said...

Dear Mr. Sweaterman Sir,
In the words of the Infamous
Rod Serling, "You are about to enter the Twilight Zone." Watch
for the Headlines on Wed.
November 5th.
Have a very nice year, Paula