April 2, 2008

Please Help Judges Put Food On The Table

Once again, New York judges are crying about their paltry $136,000 annual salary, decrying how they are being punished by New York State legislators. Considering gas is now $3.40 a gallon, the rest of us should be so lucky to have the judge's' predicament.

In reading the article below, the audacity of Judith Kaye and others is astounding. Working families in this state are getting pinched at every corner, and Kaye is acting as if judicial pay increases are the most important issue facing the state. Outrageous!!!!

Maybe judges deserve raises and maybe they don't. But given the current fiscal climate in this state, is now the time to be crying? And you can bet we're not talking about two or three percent raises the rest of us are lucky to get. I bet we're talking 20 and 30 percent pay increases.

Kaye gives us the old saw about first year lawyers at big firms making more than judges. Here's my suggestion: Tell your whinny, lazy, work three half-days a week, unaccountable, stuffy compatriots that they knew what the job paid when they ran for it and if they don't like it...gasp....leave the bench to work for the private sector. Of course, the fact that they would actually have to work hard and produce results probably dissuades most of them.

The article....

Kaye presses for judicial pay hike
Chief judge says she'll sue if the state's judges don't get first raise in nearly a decade

By ROBERT GAVIN, Staff writer
First published: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ALBANY -- Calling it a "shameful" embarrassment, Chief Judge Judith Kaye threatened to sue state leaders Monday if New York's judges don't get pay raises for the first time since 1999. "We have achieved a record -- and it's a shameful, disgraceful record," Kaye, the state's top-ranked judge, told an estimated crowd of 125 at the New York State Bar Association. "Never again should the judges have to endure this."

Kaye, chief of the state Court of Appeals, said first-year associates at large law firms make more money than do seasoned judges. She said New York ranks near the national bottom in judicial compensation. Meanwhile, she noted that federal judges, who make considerably more than their state counterparts, consider their own situation a "crisis."

State Supreme Court judges earn $136,700-a-year, while those at the federal level make $169,200, supporters of Kaye's cause said.

Kaye questioned why state lawmakers have consistently tied judicial pay raises to their own salary hikes, effectively holding the proposal "trapped in Albany politics."

"The legislative pay raises are none of my business," Kaye said. "Let them figure that out for themselves."

Kaye expressed exasperation with state lawmakers constantly telling her they support her cause, only to do nothing. There are proposals in both houses of the legislature to increase jurists' pay, but lawmakers haven't reached an agreement.

Bernard Nussbaum, a lawyer working at zero cost on Kaye's behalf, said he's prepared to argue a lawsuit -- and place Gov. David Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Joseph L. Bruno all on the witness stand.

"Let them explain this hostage-taking," he said.


Frank DeGeorge said...

HOSTAGE TAKING?!?!? These friggin judges and their six figure salaries have the gall at a time of war to say their salary increases are being held hostage. These third-rate losers who can't make it in real law firms or don't want to work hard should see how the rest of the world lives.

Fat Tony said...

Right on the money, Hobbes and Frank. This state budget hammers everyone a little a bit, gas prices are going through the roof and the judges are crying poverty. No one forced you to run for this cushy job. If you don't like, leave the bench.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could start a charity drive for the judges.