April 8, 2008

Beilein Out

As we first broke several weeks ago, it appears that the appointment of Niagara County Sheriff Tom Beilein as the chairman of the State Commission of Correction has been derailed. Beilein had been tapped by former governor Eliot Spitzer to head the commission, garnering a salary of $101,600 per year during his four year appointment. However, Beilein's appointment had taken place prior to Spitzer's resignation and the well-documented escapades of now governor David Paterson. The appointment required the approval of the full state legislature, which had not happened when the Spitzer scandal broke.

It also appears that Beilein is a victim of the scandal involving Coroner James Joyce. Beilein's picture had been prominently displayed in a Wheatfield business which was later discovered to be a front for a prostitution ring. Joyce allegedly has a business relationship with one of the individuals charged with running the ring, Alan Tsui.

This is a sad day for Niagara County. The opportunity for our area to have someone as well respected as Tom Beilein in that position would be very good for our area. It certainly seems that Beilein, obviously through no fault of his own, was a victim of circumstances. We wish Beilein the best and hope that Gov. Paterson will reconsider his decision.


Larry Castellani said...

Not that Hobbes, transparent mop up operation for Beilein needs to be exposed, but, God help me, I just can’t stop myself. Oh dear, I think I’m developing a taste for scandal. Screw real politics. Let’s talk dirt!

Ok, let’s! So, do you think Beilein would jump off the Rainbow bridge if Joyce “urged” it? Do you think maybe, just maybe now, Beilein ‘hung’ more than his picture in said business? Did Beilein hang his picture in every other business in NC? Why would the top cop hang his picture in a “massage parlor?” Pretty na├»ve for the “top cop”, no? Beilein, a “victim???” Ok, now I’m starting to blush. Hobbes, stop it. You’re killing me.

But, yes, as Hobbes says, it is a “sad day for Niagara County” but only because now we know how deep the corruption may well go.

Now I’m getting obvious. Sorry, I’ve got to go to confession and then see my addiction counselor and then my cynicism therapist.

rob clark said...

Nothing ha been announced yet here guy`s. Lets not have this be, this weeks episode of "WHITCH HUNT on Niagara Times". Most times that what happends with these post. I`m not replying to this topic as a DEM. defending another DEM. Beilein is a good man.

Larry S said...

Clark, are you a complete idiot? The post said Beilein is a good man! My God, get away from Rivera's talking points and think for yourself once. And try to come up with a new phrase besides "witch hunt". You've used it 216 times this month. Just because someone pints out that someone else did somthing wrong, doesn't make it a witch hunt. And this site has been pretty friendly to Beilein in the past, so who knows what the hell youre talking about anyway.

rob clark said...

Come on now,you know what i`m talking about Larry. Just read some of Hobbes past topics. But as far as the " Rivera`s talking points " line. Do you think that he would want me talking as myself on this site. I think not. Not all my views here are slanted. Besides whitch hunt just seems to fit right.

Mr. Pink said...

Larry and some of the other articles on this topic do raise great points. Rob, you're right that people should not jump to conclusions, but again, much like the Joyce stuff that has been made public, the public stuff on Beilein is enough to sink him.

Think about this: Given how Paterson became governor, do you think he has any interest in appointing a person to a job who had his picture taken with what turns out to be a prostitution ring and said photo was hanging in the whorehouse?

Beilein might not (and I believe almost assuredly did not) do anything criminally wrong. However, he may be a victim of having been marginally associated with something that, given the way the political winds are blowing right now, makes his appointment politically undoable.

After all, he has no god-given right to the appointment and Paterson just may not want another political headache.

Too bad for the sheriff, seriously.

pirate's code said...

LC -- "Do you think maybe, just maybe now, Beilein ‘hung’ more than his picture in said business?"

Why, Larry, you ol' pervert! Apologizing for character assassination in one thread, and making dick jokes in the next.

I'm hoping Hobbes' telling of the tale was a slip and not fact. Did Joyce really urge that Beilen's picture be, um, displayed at the business?

Or is it more likely that Beilen posed with these folks at some mundane fundraiser, and the Tsuis decided to hang the picture themselves in their business...like probably thousands of other political donors do?

And, Rob...none of us is perfect, least of all me. But please, man, for the love of god and country, proof read your posts before submitting. Spelling and grammar are becoming increasingly less important on the internet (sadly), but it sures help a poor soul like me figure out what the hell you are trying to say.

Frank DeGeorge said...

While I don't completely disagree with PC, from what I've read Joyce has a bit of a checkered past and hangs out with Mike Gawel who has been in and out of trouble.

At some point, the Sheriff should have been a little more careful.

rob clark said...

PC......Sorry most of the time I just type and run.

Anonymous said...

Larry and Rob,

Take a look at the Reporter write up:


Their is more to come with Beilein.

Frank DeGeorge said...

Funny, I was asking myself the same question about the photos. If Beilein agreed to have his picture taken with the massage parlor folks...like any politician would have...what right does he have to send an on-duty deputy to the place of business to remove the photo...espeically since this supposedly happened BEFORE any news of the hooker ring broke?

Something does not add up here....Sheriff, you're a good man, what have you gotten yourself into?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely know for a fact that Beilein was warned two years ago to get that picture down. It was common knowledge back then that this place was rub & tug outlet.