April 23, 2008

Beilein Appointment Back On Track?

Despite previous reports to the contrary, it now appears that the appointment of Niagara County Sheriff Tom Beilein as the chairman of the State Commission of Correction has been resurrected. Beilein, who had been tapped by former governor Eliot Spitzer to head the commission, was said to have been removed from consideration for the position after it was discovered that Beilein's picture had been prominently displayed in a Wheatfield business that was later discovered to be a front for a prostitution ring.

From what we have learned, State Senator George Maziarz has continued to lobby Governor David Paterson for Beilein's appointment. The two have apparently reached an agreement in which Paterson will move forward with the nomination if Maziarz assures him that the Senate will confirm Beilein. This certainly makes sense, as Paterson would not want to make a nomination on behalf of Maziarz and then have the Senate reject it.

These are certainly positive developments for Niagara County. Anytime one of our own is tapped for a high profile position in Albany such as this is good for our area. We hope the nomination is moved forward and confirmation is not too far behind.


Opie said...

Thats cool.

Larry S said...

I hope Beilein gets the job, he's a very respectable guy who got dragged into this mess because of Jim Joyce. I bet there would be no one happier about this appointment than Joyce. Even though his ass is fried, at least he won't be dragging Beilein down with him.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I'm happy, but surprised that this is back on track. I would have thought anyone at all tied to even a hint of prostitution would be red-flagged at this point...fairly or unfairly.

The governor deserves credit for looking beyond that.

Anonymous said...

Larry, if Joyce does down he's taken your buddy Beilein with him.

Anonymous said...

Larry, if Joyce does down he's taken your buddy Beilein with him.

sick & tired said...

There were no credible reports that the appointment was in jeopardy at any time. Other than Paterson putting a hold on ALL major appointments for further review, credible news sources never reported an issue with the Sheriff;s prospective appointment. (And I would appreciate being corrected if I am mistaken in this conclusion).

Another source on the net, at least a reliable as this blog, reported that the rumors appointment was in trouble were spread by Maziarz for political reasons, speculating that a vacancy in the Sheriff's office will not automatically go to George's chosen candidate, Ernie Palmer, if there is a Republican primary with Brian Grear.

Now with the unofficial NC GOP blog pronouncing smooth sailing for Beilein, one has to wonder what political deals were made to grease the skid? What prompted the change of heart?

Although I often criticize the Senator for his mechanizations in promotion of his seeming boundless appetite for power, I do admire his political skill at achieving his political goals. When it comes to his own promotion, GM is visionary, cunning and strategic in his thinking. Like a Mafia Don, he keeps himself one or two steps removed from the real dirty work, acting as the benevolent Senator while surrogates attend to business.

In assessing what the "new deal" is with the Sheriff and the Senator, look for the timing of the Senate confirmation to throw the nomination process outside the primary and into the hands of the local party chairs.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

Very insightful, S&T. But I think you're oversimplifying the hold put on the appointment. Not that I have any idea of the inner workings of the Paterson camp, but I seriously have to think that they took a look at any potential political fallout from appointing Beilein. I'm not insinuating that there would be any, but this massage parlor situation, given the indiscretions of the past Guv, would make any sane person make sure all of the bases are covered.

sick & tired said...


I would hope that in the review of all prospective appointments that the Gov considered the massage parlour connection as well as other considerations such as whether Paterson's own patrons were more suitable for political or other reasons.

But I am not necessary convinced that the spa photos were the primary reason for the delay, as reported, or should I say, as rumoured by Hobbes, although I could be persuaded that this factor was highlighted as a way of leveraging some political advantage.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

And you could quite possibly be right, but its purely speculative on everyone's part, including Hobbes.