March 4, 2008

When Something Just Doesn't Seem Right

Like many of you, I peruse the local papers and try to catch television news to try to keep myself informed. Of late, I find my perplexed/disgusted/amazed yet not surprised/ by several things. So, I'm dedicating today's post to some of these things. Feel free to add your own:

1) This whole Lynn DeJac case. From what I can tell, at the very least her boyfriend was abusing her daughter, Lynn stayed out all night and left her daughter home alone and her daughter had coke in her system. Lynn ain't no Anthony Capozzi, a truly innocent individual. She shouldn't be lionized and I'm disgusted that she will profit from this episode.

2) Frank Clark. How in this day and age can you bungle so badly and then try to cover up? Crystalynn didn't die of a trace amount of cocaine. This is a disgusting abuse of power to save a faltering political career. Frank Clark is a bum who should be thrown out of office.

3) The State of the GOP: I almost feel bad for New York Republicans who to some degree are victims of changing demographics coupled with the disaster that is Bush/Cheney. As someone who has mostly voted Republican, I believe the GOP is now reaping what it has sowed. Robber barons in Congress more concerned with feeding corporate benefactors than working for their constituents, spending tax dollars at a pace that makes the most liberal of Democrats blush and a foreign policy that has blown through our nation's credibility like a crack addict with a $20 bill. If the New York GOP goes extinct, it can thank people like Tom Delay for the end.

4) This whole Dr. Williams, McKinley High, fired basketball coach, suspended player saga. The Buffalo News has this in their teeth and they aren't going to let go. Each day, more of this sordid tale becomes public. I don't pretend to know the truth...but when we people learn the cover-up is always worse than the crime.

Well, that's my initial thoughts. Let's see what you've got.


Johnny Paycheck said...

The old adage about not being able to look past a train wreck applies to this DeJac case. This whole mess is compiled of white trash mixed in with corrupt and/or incompetent public officials. I can't get enough of this story.

Larry S said...

I agree on Clark. He makes for good television, so the networks frequently interview his for news. But he is completely incompetent, and that has never been more evident than the Dejac case. That poor little girl was murdered, and if nothing else, the mother was an enabler. She's no martyr, she's a murderer.

Unshackle Upstate said...

The state GOP totally screwed up the senate race in NNY. If that's indicative of what Reps in this state have to look forward to, the Reps can kiss the senate majority good-bye. That being said, I can't even believe how anyone, Rep or Dem, could support turning all three layers of NYS gov't to NYC. But, like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

I know this issue was covered before here, but just in case anyone has forgotten what the NYC legislators think of upstate, watch the Kevin Parker Youtube video posted a few weeks ago.

Hondo said...

George Bush has destroyed the Republican party, plain and simple. It was never more evident than in the congressional races two years ago, and the tide hasn't subsided. Of course, Dan Rivera has been virtually the only county Dem Chairman in New York who has been unable to take advantage of this tide, but he's still running the show. One really has to wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Crystalynn seems to be forgotten in much of the media coverage. This poor girl was drugged, raped and murdered. Although Delano has superceded the chain of command of the Buffalo PD, I commend him on his efforts to point out that the OD ruling by Baden was complete and utter bullshit. Thanks to Donn Esmonde for his fine takes on this issue, like this one:

rob clark said...

I agree with the take on Frank Clark (no relation). He just strikes me as a whinny little weasle. There is no way that this case is ever going to e right to anyone involved. We as the general public are a soceity that can't seem to prey ourselves from the TV. We are watching the train wreck in awe. This is the kind of state we live in now.

The state GOP's current down fall is their own fault. No one else's. They could probably take a couple of lessons from the Niagara County party. Right now they seem to have all the answers. With them being in countrol of most seats at every level in the county. But stay tuned, who knows what could happend with the Democratic party contoling the state.