March 17, 2008

Stand By Your Man

Over the past week, we have watched incessantly the indiscretions of now former Governor Eliot Spitzer played out on every media outlet. Today, there are new shocking allegations regarding former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey. Much of the media coverage mentions former Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Virtually every time any of this trio are mentioned, they are pictured with their respective spouses.

Like many others, we wonder what motivates these and other women to stand with their husbands after such a horrifying betrayal. Analysts say a political spouse is part of a team, and when she's standing before the cameras - even silently - she is taking one for the team. Part political theater, part open-air therapy, these excruciating public confessionals demand three things of the spouse: to hold her family together at a moment of crisis; to support the person she supposedly loves; and to provide a least a shred of future political viability for her man.

As one pundit said, "This is the scandal. As for how spouses behave during these crises, it's none of our business. Absolutely none of us can know how we'd react in that situation or judge others."

Whatever the reasons, many believe that these political wives deserve kudos for working through their difficult times, while others believe they're crazy for putting themselves through such a dog and pony show. Either way, it makes for great TV.


dark knight said...

I don't think we should assume anything about wives standing by their husbands. Maybe it's for the kids. Maybe she is just shell shocked and still in disbelief. Maybe she got married in a church and believes in for better and for worse and is going to actually try to repair the marriage.

I say good luck to these women for they have been thrust into the worst of all position through no fault of their own.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

I agree DK, I couldn't even begin to fathom what these women are going through. One couldn't help but feel for Mrs. Spitzer as she stood by Elliot's side. She looked like she had been through hell. And in reality, she IS going through her own personal hell. I also give them credit for standing by their men at such a difficult time. I also give them credit for evaluating the situation as it evolves and doing what they believe is the right thing later, like McGreevey's wife did when she dumped his ass.

gop shill said...

Silda ain't bad...I'd be willing to offer her some comfort once she kicks Eliot's behind to the curb.

Plus, if she gets half of everything, it's easy street.

rob clark said...

LOL, nice. All I know is everyones wife I`ve talked to wouldn`t have done that. Infact they said they would probably kill them for it. But we all know what money can do.

Anonymous said...

For every Silda, there's a Michelle Obama who can be a real thorn in one's side.

Anonymous said...

I guess the wives are thinking the same thing as all those friends, family and associates of Congressman Reynolds were thinking when they trotted their children out to defend the Congressman's conduct when some accused him of covering up for gay pedophile Foley because it might have affected an election outcome.

The motivation is to support someone that they care about, without necessarily thinking the whole thing through.

Personally, I think its OK for wives and others to stand up with their politicians as long as the politician is sporting a black eye and the wife/supporter has a knowing smile on their face.

If the tarnished politician has a need to have someone publicly display unconditional support. then trot out the family dog. Worked for Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to work in a shot on Reynolds. Good to see that the Dem talking points continue to get circulated. Christy good. Leffler good. Reynolds bad. Maziarz evil. Got it.

Now, how about actually winning a race in Niagara County rather than using the Dem county committee and employment by an Erie County heavy weight to fund Democrat races in the Erie County Legislature....ooops, what's didn't know that people knew about the laundering of contributions through the Niagara County Democrat Committee and back to Erie leg races?

Anonymous said...

Is that last post true? Hobbes you need to verify that. There are legal issues there.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, Hobbes, pray tell how someone can make unsubstantiated accusations of potentially unlawful money laundering and it be allowed to stand without challenge or further substantiation.

Anonymous said...

If contributions were made to the Niagara County Democrat Committee with the express purpose of redirecting that money back into Erie County Legislature races...essentially washing the money...that would be a legal problem.

That should be pretty easy to detect from campaign disclosure forms.

Anonymous said...

Checking out the accusation should be pretty easy except when I looked on the NYS BOE web site at Niagara County Democrats disclosures, I saw no large donations from anyone from Erie County nor were there any apparent expenditures to any Erie County leg races.

I did see from the tardy Niagara County Republican Committee disclosures that despite spending well into six figures in 2007, they are still carrying a $90K due bill: 12/06/07 6042 OLD BEATTIE ROAD
LOCKPORT NY 14094 $110,380.00 JAN-15-08 06:58 PM SUMMIT PRINT & MAIL CMAIL $90880 C

In an interesting twist, Summit is also a debtor to the Niagara County Development Corporation which hold a security interest in equipment used by that business according to a UCC Filing Statement filed in the Niagara County Clerk's Office.

For those that don't know the NCDC is an offshoot of the IDA.

So the Republicans are in debt to a company that is in debt to the County. And if the Republicans are so far into this company, has this company been able to pay its bill to the NFDC? Interesting. You can see perhaps some of the encumbered property here: