March 11, 2008

Spitzer Should Resign

We've been critical of Governor Eliot Spitzer on the pages of Niagara Times before. His bully tactics and self-proclaimed "f-ing steamroller" approach have gotten him into more than a few disputes during his first year in office. But he went to Albany with resounding support from the people, and he deserved the opportunity to change the dysfunction of Albany.

That opportunity is gone. With the sordid details of Spitzer's personal life coming to light, Spitzer must resign. It's not "only" that he solicited a high-priced hooker. He has broken the law, allegedly, by paying the prostitute to cross state lines.

The bigger problem for Spitzer, politically at least, is if he should try to weather the storm, he has become politically impotent. As one Assemblyman said yesterday, no one would dare to stand with Spitzer. He cannot govern.

While we have disagreed with Spitzer's approach and some of his policy decisions, we take no joy in what has transpired. Whether you like him or not, this is a very sad day for New York. The coverage that this story is not the kind of attention we need.

One cannot help feel bad for Silda Spitzer and their three teenage daughters. To see your husband's and father's personal life played out all over CNN, Fox News and every other news outlet must be devastating.

All three of NYC's tabloid newspaper are calling for Spitzer to resign. If he doesn't impeachment proceedings will begin.

A sad day indeed.


Frank DeGeorge said...

This is a sad, sad day in the history of this state. The unfortunate end result will be more cynicism from voters toward politicans of all parties. People wonder why voter turnout is so have your answer.

Anonymous said...

It just shows how corrupt our political leaders are and it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican. Spitzer, Bush (pick one), Clinton (pick one), Giuliani, Maziarz, Soos. Boy, talk about corruption and it doesn’t matter at what level.

Pete M said...

Excuse me, but of the names you mentioned, only two have been/will be charged with a crime, Clinton and Spitzer. If you have specific facts about Bush, Maziarz, Soos or Giuliani, state them. Otherwise we know this is nothing but an attempt to divert attention away from the fact that Spitzer is a scumbag who should to to jail.

His whole life he forced other people to live by HIS ethical standards. Now we truly know what a POS hypocrite this guy is.

rob clark said...

I have to agree with pete on this one. What a let down.

Fat Tony said...

I'm tired of people saying this is a tragedy. It's nowhere close. A tragedy is when terrible things happen to innocent people. At the end of the day, he's just a failed politician who will fade away into obscurity while NYS moves on.

dark knight said...

I'm actually surprised at the restraint Republicans have showed so far. I'd thought they'd be gloating and hammering away, thereby turning Spitzer into a sympathetic figure. Senator Bruno has been particuarly reserved and respectful in his comments.

pirate's code said...

Dark Knight -- I hope the reserve being demonstrated by some GOP leadership is just that...respectful reserve. Cynics might say they are worried about the spotlight being turned toward them. Either way, I'm more interested in what the electorate has to say about it.

If, in the end, Spitzer's "crime" is one of infidelity and poor moral/ethical judgment, or it is more serious crimes like violation of the Mann Act and the rumored money issues -- it makes no difference to me.

Gov. Steamroller raised his profile and, one might say, his career on his role as flag bearer for ethics and good judgment in government.

I suspect nothing short of a miracle can save that career, but this is NY. Who knows? On the lighter side, though, you have to admit that the the name of the escort service fit Eliot's self-image perfectly -- -The Emperor's Club.

Excelsior, indeed.

Larry Castellani said...

frank degeorge,
Spitzer's behavior may explain low voter turnout but low voter turn out better explains Spitzer and the like.

sick & tired said...

Spitzer was caught with his pants down, apparently making one phone call from the parking lot at Shorty's in NF. The place got national exposure on the Tucker show.

As bad as this is, and it will most probably result in resignation, the story of how he was nabbed may prove to be provocative in and of itself. The Feds initially have tried to portray this as having stumbled upon the GOV., but reading between the lines it looks like an invasion of privacy by some banker types who flagged a series of bank transfers under the reporting threshold of $10K just because the account happened to belong to the Gov.

Not there is anything right about what Spitzer has apparently done, but the implications upon the privacy Americans seem to hold dear is enormous when a nosey banker with perhaps an axe to grind serves up otherwise legal looking transaction to the Feds on some "suspicion" of corruption. Add to the mix the politically tainted Justice Department built by Ashcroft and Gonzalez and a secondary scandal coud be brewing here.

Remember where your heard it first.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the connection many on here are making about voter apathy and loss of faith in our politicians.
fat tony --
You might want to rethink your limited explanation. A tragedy is by definition the ruin of a person b/c they ARE flawed; hubris seems to be Spitzer's tragic flaw at any rate. Although you are unsympathetic to his woes, his fall is reminiscent of a number of Greek tragedies, which is who we borrowed the term from in the first place! Once again, power corrupts...