March 26, 2008

Rumor Mill

Niagara Times has learned that a piece is being worked on by a member of the media that will expose the significant philandering that has become part of the Albany culture. The story is said to focus on unseemly behavior by both Democrats and Republicans, as well as members of the State Assembly and State Senate.

But we have to wonder-is this the world we now live in? Is this what is now perceived as commonplace in a post-Spitzer and current Paterson world? Watching Fox News last week, they said that most people don't really care about extra-marital affairs.

But are our elected officials not held to a higher standard? Or when they screw up, is it simply sloughed off as them being human? This is not a gender issue, women are just as guilty as men, but in Albany, where the number of men greatly outweighs the number of women in office, it seems as if the men are the only ones getting busted.

Personally, I don't have any remorse for people who are caught doing things they shouldn't be doing. After all, they've made their bed, now they have to sleep in it.


Frank DeGeorge said...

There's an ebb and flow to politics where at times we can look beyond personal flaws when other issues are more important and more pressing. Unfortunately for elected officials with skeletons, this year's national elections are shaping up to be character elections and that's always a bad time to have your dirty laundry hanging in public.

Anonymous said...

Hobbes, if they're sleeping in their own bed, there's probably no problem. It's when they're sleeping in other people's beds that it's an issue. :)

Anonymous said...

Philandering (and the party culture) has long been part of the Albany culture. A male dominated power structure who are away from their hometowns and a town where young subordinate women far outnumber men (secretaries, aides, etc) as well as influence peddlers and seekers (lobbyists) spending freely and you have the makings of allot of hanky-panky.

The biggest difference between the"good old days" and today is that reporters are reporting that which would not go reported in the past.

Based on the various stories and rumors that this writer has heard over the years, many of our fine elected officials and their key men have led what might be termed as a double life in Albany. Paterson, Cole, Spitzer, etc are not rare anomalies, they just got caught with their pants down.

Anonymous said...

The voyerism which pervades the public today is as much the differrence as anything. Fed by the media which prints what sells, it has made "reporters" as much prostitutes as the purveyors of the sex trade.

Larry Castellani said...

The personal morality question is proper within its own context, namely the family and community. But when it’s permitted to intrude in the political context, then it becomes a diversion from the real issues few want to talk about.

There are moral standards to be talked about relevant to the character of a politician as politician. But they aren’t the same standards and issues to be talked about between husband and wife.

So the underlying diversion that is a disservice to democratic or political discourse is when private matters of familial morality are treated as the stuff of public politics while real and pressing political matters are dealt with privately if not surreptitiously.

Anonymous said...

anon #1: The real difference between the good ole days and today is that today many more people think the behavior is ok. Combined with other anon's posting, where stories like this make the front page...= daily news.

larry, ur nuts. I bet u openly approved of bill clinton's actions in office. I am sure glad you arent running for office. But actually, I would like it if you were running against me if I ever ran, B/c I'd wipe your disgusting mind all over town. To have a public official representing the people, including me, my wife, and my children, acting immorally in office in ANY manner is unacceptable. THeir behavior, whether in a job capacity or not, is a DIRECT reflection upon their constitutents. You should hold your politicans and yourself to a higher std. Start with finding your faith.

DS said...

Unless someone is a total two-face, private morality does play a part in public morality.

And if you're a total two-face, I don't trust you either.