March 28, 2008


I've come to the conclusion that, in some areas of life, I must be pretty damn naive. You see, I've never solicited a prostitute. But after some of the past year's events, I'm beginning to think that I'm in the minority. Now, don't get me wrong. I know guys who venture off for a little foreign culture at the ballet from time to time, but personally I could take it or leave it.

But over the past year, we've seen our esteemed former governor toppled for his unquenchable thirst for high-priced hookers. Whether the money laundering and bank fraud allegations stand up is another story. We now have a governor who has admitted multiple sexual indiscretions. Locally, we've had multiple massage parlor busts with some high profile individuals not only patronizing the establishments, but local politicos providing material support for these establishments.

I never knew that there was a massage parlor in Lockport, not far from where I live. In fact, I would go by the location where the Lockport parlor was located multiple times a week. Never gave it a thought. But when these busts were announced, four locations were shut down. There must be a serious demand for these "services" if there are that many parlors in our community.

Some will say that prostitution is a victimless crime. Tell that to the women who are brought to this country and forced, yes forced, to work in the sexual slave trade.

As for me, I kind of like being naive on this topic. Although I haven't consulted her on this specific topic per se, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that my wife is also fine with it.


gop shill said...

I'd like to see all campaign funds tied to illegal prostitution rings turned over to groups that look to help women caught in this lifestyle.

Dan Rivera should go first by donating the $1000 he got from the massage parlor operation to some local group.

Anonymous said...

Hobbes, what's wrong with you? You've never solicited a hooker? Sheesh, come out of your shell, wouldya?

Larry Castellani said...

I guess most of us with half decent jobs wouldn’t notice the underground economy or choose to pay much attention to it. Even in a failing economy such as our own.

It’s easy to moralize about the damage done to women in the oldest profession. I’m just not so sure that their jobs are any more deleterious than some of the
so-called respectable jobs our economy provides. Without getting into the old chestnut argument about choice, some would rather choose various forms of the sex trade than debilitating factory work or debilitating paychecks at Burger King.

I had a student once who told me she could make $700 dollars a night on weekends just talking to a lonely rich guy in Canada at a strip club. Obviously not all such jobs are that easy. But if you can get it, the "assembly line" and Burger King just don’t match up. Spitzer’s favorite didn’t do badly either.

My point though is that I just don’t think we’re all that aware of the “forced choices” all too many people have to make in an economy of socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. My stripper student was more entrepreneurial than Bear Stearns getting a billion dollar bailout from the Fed. Massage parlors are fair trade businesses. Tax bailouts for rich businesses is a crime not to mention hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Larry, You can try to justify anything in life if you really want to, even being a hooker. But hooking in hooking and yes, you do have choices in life. That argument looks pretty silly when you say 'I had to rob the bank, I had no choice'. Just like I had to call you foolish, your comment gave me no choice. Everyone has a choice...we're on this planet to make the right ones...not to go hookin for easy cash

Anonymous said...

YOu should be a writer for Planned Parenthood had no choice but to have the abortion....

there is always another choice made before the choice someone 'has to make' (havin sex when you dont want the baby, chosing not to get a self-respecting job before you start stripping)

Larry Castellani said...

The 2 Anon’s:
You are both black/white thinkers, obviously terminally moralistic. You use your moralism to cover up a failed economy, a repressive, self-righteous hypocritical Christian arrogance and lack of any understanding of the limits of free choice, constrained action and the realities that face people who aren’t part of the bourgeois monied crowd, the crowd who have no sense of what’s happening in America beyond their white picket fences and right wing smugness.

Most people in America have to make hard choices faced with pressures, conditions and pasts that aren’t reducible to your whitewashed fantasy of abstract free-choice.

Wake up and smell the reality of third-world America. It might lead to your understanding what real politics involves beyond the defensive reactionary dismissal of actual issues and suffering.

I’ve heard your kind of overly simplistic pseudo-argument a million times before. It doesn’t solve our problems. It just makes the “holier than thou” feel self-justified in not doing anything about a barbaric political economy that marginalizes the poor and oppressed and inevitably blindly ends up blaming the victim. Ho hum! What’s new? Do you all feel better now that you’ve assured yourself that God’s on your side?

One day, probably sooner than you think, the “criminals” will see that they are objectively revolutionary. When they do, “crime” will stop and real radical political democracy will begin.

DS said...

Prostitution and forced labor are two separate issues.

It's like blaming serial killers that prey on prostitutes on prostitution.