March 13, 2008

Is Beilein's Appointment in Trouble?

Is Sheriff Tom Beilein's apppointment as Chairman of the State Commision on Correction now in jeopardy? This could be one of many casualties of Governor Spitzer's fall from grace.

Sources have told us that incoming Lt. Governor Paterson has put a hold on all and everything that Spitzer had in the pipeline, including appointments. As a matter of fact, while Beilein's new position requires Senate review and approval, the appointment had not yet been sent from Spitzer's office to the Senate.

Certainly this is unfortunate and has nothing at all to do with the Sheriff's record or qualifications.

And of course, one would expect that Beilein will still be the choice for the post, the question is just how long will it now take. I don't see how Beilein gets in before summer.

Plus, incoming Governor Paterson has not exactly had a warm and fuzzy relationship with the law enforcement community so who knows if he will appoint a Sheriff to post or if Beilein even wants to be part of that administration.

The bottom line is that Beilein, at least for now, is collateral damage of Client #9.


rob clark said...

I wouldn`t begin to think that Beileins appointment would be in trouble. His past accomplishments speak for themselves. So lets not try to conect Client #9 troubles to the sheriff.

Fat Tony said...

I think you missed the point Rob. It's not that Beilein has done anything wrong. It's that all business has ground to a halt and everything in the pipeline in froze. I thought Hobbes was clear that this isn't about Tom's record, per se.

Grease Monkey said...

As a Republican who has voted for Beilein, all I have to say is that this sucks. Tom is a stand up guy and deserves this. The steamroller appears to have flattened Tom's future plans, at least for now.

GOP Shill said...

Boo Hoo for Tom. He's cost taxpayers a ton in lawsuits by using the sheriff's office as a patronage mill. And now he can't retire and collect his big fat taxpayer funded pension while also collecting an additional six figures in a plum patronage job.

I'm crying for him.

Grease Monkey said...


Does Tom really collect a six figure penison and then get another six figures for his job. How is that even legal and possible?

GOP Shill said...

Monkey, you'd be amazed at the number of people double dipping. It's perfectly legal and it amounts to robbing taxpayers blind.

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