March 19, 2008

Hillary's "Super" Problem

The following is a NY Post story on the potential impact of Spitzer's resignation on the Clinton campaign:

Just when Hillary Rodham Clinton finally got her own wandering husband reined in, another man's catting around ensnares her campaign. With Eliot Spitzer's fall from office, Clinton will lose one of her most famous superdelegates - those party bigwigs across the country who could ultimately determine the outcome of this too-close-to-call primary fight.

As governor, Spitzer was automatically one of these free-agent delegates to the Democratic convention. He has always been included in the Clinton campaign's superdelegate tally. If he's out of office, he loses that privilege, and it goes to his successor. But since Lt. Gov. David Paterson also is a superdelegate for Clinton, his vote is already included in Clinton's total.

In addition to narrowing Clinton's slight 247-211 lead among superdelegates, Spitzer's hooker scandal also reopens Clinton's own history with sordid philandering. "This is a distraction sandwich. This is the worst thing that could happen to her," said Arnie Arnesen, who hosts a political radio program in New Hampshire.

The talk of impeaching Spitzer only reminded people of the grand impeachment trial of Clinton over his relations with intern Monica Lewinksy, observers said. "The men in her life - her husband and her governor - caused her the same problems with all these distractions and they both have the same problem," Arnesen said.

As far as Clinton joining the chorus of those who demanded Spitzer's resignation? "She can't because of Bill," Arnesen said. "She knows the story too well. When it comes to sex and man, what can she say?"


Frank DeGeorge said...

I no big HRC fan, but so much of this is unfair. Look, vote for he based on whether or not you think she can do the job better than the other people running.

She really does have bad luck, though.

rob clark said...

Thats not a very fair assessment of whats happening.