March 12, 2008

Day One

I imagine we're all getting a little tired of Client 9 stories and the continued relevations about Gov. Spitzer's double life. So, let's look ahead to Day One of the Gov. Paterson Administration.

I must admit, I'm not overly familiar with him, but word on the street is that he is genuinely liked and respected by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

So, in order to help Governor Paterson get his Day One started off on the right foot, we should offer him some advice. I'm going to give a few of my own suggestions and then want to hear from you.

1) Under promise and over deliver. Yes this is a cliche, but Paterson would do well to avoid the Spitzer "I'm gonna change the world on my own" sort of hubris. Instead, just get some stuff done.

2) Related to the first one, tone down the political rhetoric. David Paterson is a partisan Dem like he should be. But Spitzer made overt political warfare a 24/7 sport. Tone it down until after session.

3) This is the speech of your life, make it a good one. Talk about moving past bickering and warfare. Find a tactful way of saying you're not always the smartest guy in the room. Show some measure of respect for the Legislature while challenging them to do better.

There's my free advice.


Larry S said...

Paterson should not take any of Spitzers top staff with him. Many of the alleged shenanigans pulled off by the Spitzer administration, ie Troopergate, were supposedly initiated by Spitzer's staff. They are tainted. To simply bring them over to his (Paterson) office, sends a message of status quo. Guys like Baum & Dopp et al cannot serve in Paterson's administration. Just my two cents.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

I was watching Peter King being interviewed in Fox. They asked him who in Spitzer's inner circle would know about Spitzer's indiscretions. Is it possible that no one close to him knew about it? I seriously doubt it. With all of the crimes Spitzer could be charged with, including money laundering, would those who know be accomplices?

clemenza said...

Tough position for staff to be in. You might have an inkling the boss is involved in some extracurriculars, but you would have no idea of the complications Gov. 9 was going through to set this stuff up.

GOP Shill said...

Just watched the resignation. Very, very sad. Even as a Republican who admits to laughing a lot over the last few days, the press conference actually had me feeling down. Personal destructioun of a political foe in abstract political terms can seem gleeful, but when you actually see the personalization of the scandal, it's regretful.

rob clark said...

Paterson will differ in styles than Spitzer because he was a real politician. Not an elected lawyer, or investigator. He has the proper background( being a former minority leader in the Senate) to make the crazyness of Albany politics work.

I would have to assume he would want his own staff on hand with whom he can trust. But lets hope that he continues some of the progress the Former Gov. made in regards to WNY. This area needs it.

Rufus said...

Why do I have a feeling that even with the resignation this is far from over. There is going to be a chorus to give him jail time. I hope the GOP doesn't overplay their hand here. The public will turn on them on a dime if they think they are intentionally dragging this out.