March 5, 2008

Davis' Love/Hate With Powers

Congressional candidate Jack Davis is off to a roaring start, and he hasn't even announced if he is going to seek a third attempt at the 26th Congressional District seat currently held by Tom Reynolds that he has spent $5.6 million dollars of his own money to capture. It seems Mr. Davis cannot seem to make up his mind when it comes to potential Democratic primary opponent Jonathan Powers.

Davis recently stated about Powers, “I like the guy; I’d be proud to have him as a son". A hell of a compliment to state about your possible opponent. Unfortunately for Davis, things got a blurry when he followed up that statement with, "But my sons would be disinherited if they were pulling the stuff he did.” Huh?

Davis went on to say of Powers, other than his Army service as a captain in Iraq, Powers “has never had a real job. He’s unemployed”.

Talk about covering the full spectrum. Davis would be proud to have Powers as a son, but would disinherit him and he goes out of his way to point out his perspective that Powers has never had a real job. What a ringing endorsement for our young men and women who serve in the armed forces. In Davis' eyes, apparently military personnel never held a real job. So if I was a 20 year military man, is Davis saying that I never held a real job as well? An interesting perspective to be sure.

Davis has made strong indications of his intentions to once again enter into the race for the 26th. Davis, who turned 75 over the weekend, reiterated his commitment to spend $2 million of his own money on the race this year.


Fawn Leibowitz said...

Interesting duality. I read the story about this too. People forget that for 50+ years Davis was a Republican. All of the sudden he switches parties to run for Congress and the Dems think he's their savior. As the old saying goes, a leopard doesn't change its spots, and either has Davis. He's a Rep in Dems cloting.

Call'em as I see'em said...

Congressman Reynolds has to be loving Kooky Davis doing a hatchet job on a veteran. This is the best news Tom has had since the October snowstorm saved his candidacy.

Davis is a bitter old man and his schtick has gotten old. Obama represents the hope of the progressive left for the future...there's no room left for has beens/never weres like Davis.

rob clark said...

Davis had his chance. He wanted to do things his way. Powers represents the future of our country. He`s my choice for congress.

DS said...

Davis will do anything to get his name out there. Why else would he happily go on Lou Dobbs, and blame EVERYTHING that's wrong in Buffalo on imported products.

rob clark said...

I got the chance to meet Mr. Powers at a fundraiser this weekend. He struck me as a well rounded Young man. He has military exprience from serving in Iraq. But more importantly he showed me that hs is committed to this race as opposed to his counterparts. He made it a point to talk to everyone in the room. It didn`t matter if they lived in his district or not. He wanted to talk and moreover, he listened. He carried his conversations over to others for more input.

Meanwhile his current and possible Democratic opponents seemed content to just sit on the sidelines if you will. They acted disconcerned with anything that was going on. Like they didn`t want to be there to begin with. I understand that the weather outside was terrible. But to me they should have made a better attempt to be there than just showing up.

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