February 6, 2008

Worst Mayor EVER!!

Vince Anello took a lot of heat in different areas for being a terrible mayor, but Vince was at least trying to get some things dones. For pure ineptitude, is there a worse Mayor than Larry Soos in North Tonawanda?

Seriously, you would think he would have learned something in November when voters picked essentially every candidate NOT backed by Soos. You would think he would have learned something from his bungling of the concert series that hopscotched over to Lockport. But nope, Larry Soos keeps stumbling along.

If you read today's Buffalo News, there is an article about how the N.T. Common Council finally got fed up with Soos delaying signing onto a state-funded study of how NT, Lockport and the Falls could merge their water operations.

Eveyrone knows water in NT is ridiculously expensive and some structural changes are needed to reduce the "water bureaucracy." Unfortunatley for all H2O users in NT, Soos has a lot friends that benefit from the high cost of agua and so he's been trying to run out the clock on this study.

Last night, the Council had enough support and overrode his veto so they could engage the contract with the other cities. Good for them.

As for Soos, his unblemished record for ineptitude continues.


Fawn Leibowitz said...

Soos is inept. That's like saying water is wet, grass is green, sky is blue. Some things are simply a given. I still remember when he was on LCTV chewing on a wad of gum like a pig while answering his cell phone, during a live call-in show! He's a classless barkeep who one day had the stars align for him. It won't happen again.

johnny walker said...

This story is exactly why all the talk of consolidation is just that-talk. I don't know about NT, but the water rates in the city of Lockport are outrageous. And we're a damn stones throw from the greatest supply of fresh water in the world!!! What the hell is wrong with this picture? FOR ONCE, put the dam politics aside and start working together for the benefit of the PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about getting screwed by water rates, try living in Niagara Falls.

big daddy said...

I cringe for the people of North Tonawanda when I see Soos on TV. That's the best your historic city has to offer. And I'm not being partisan here.

Think Paul Dyster. Think Mike Tucker. And then think Larry Soos. NT voters really drew the short stick here.

While Dyster and Tucker engage in progressive agendas to actually accomplish something, Larry Soos whens to create a trailer park in one of the few areas of greenspace in the Lumberjack City.

He's a class A putz.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with striving to be the best- even if it is the best at being lousy! btw, Soos spelled backwards is still Soos.

Anonymous said...

now thats funny

Anonymous said...

why do I think that same person posted all those comments?

Paul Weller said...

It's not that the same person posted all these comments, it's that the overwhelming consensus here in NT is that Larry Soos is a public embarrassment.

BTW Fawn, you missed the crassest thing that he did on LCTV, he lifted up his butt cheek and farted on the air. Now that's class!!

Anonymous said...

hobbs would love to smell a wet juicy fart